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Question about 4th street building
Thu Jun 20, 2013 9:02am

I understand from word of mouth that the building across the street from Schieffelin Hall (formerly Poker Palace, 15 N. 4th Street) was at one time a school? I have some historical research on the real estate (thank you, Russ) and have done online archive searches through various places but can't find confirmation about this. I would love to hear stories from anyone who has lived or worked here prior to 1950s. Anyone out there got some good stories?

    • Re: Question about 4th street buildingAnonymous, Thu Jun 20 4:44pm
      I remember this building you speak of as a single family residence in which Dick Currie's twin boys lived in. One was married. They were all sitting in the front room one night and the man who did... more
      • Re: Question about 4th street buildingLil Belle, Wed Jun 26 3:09pm
        Thank you for putting a name to the incident. We did hear about someone being shot there, but couldn't get a name. Do you a happen to know the approximate year of that incident? I'm assuming it's in... more
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