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Re: Question about 4th street building
Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:44pm

I remember this building you speak of as a single family residence in which Dick Currie's twin boys lived in. One was married. They were all sitting in the front room one night and the man who did accounting around town {I've forgotten his name}were having a drinking session and the one Currie twin shot and killed the accountant. He was ultimately prosecuted and did time in the State Prison for his actions.
This was an extremely small residence with only three rooms .Ted Villaran renovated this building to accommodate his Mexican restaurant.

  • Question about 4th street buildingLilbelle, Thu Jun 20 9:02am
    I understand from word of mouth that the building across the street from Schieffelin Hall (formerly Poker Palace, 15 N. 4th Street) was at one time a school? I have some historical research on the... more
    • Re: Question about 4th street building — Anonymous, Thu Jun 20 4:44pm
      • Re: Question about 4th street buildingLil Belle, Wed Jun 26 3:09pm
        Thank you for putting a name to the incident. We did hear about someone being shot there, but couldn't get a name. Do you a happen to know the approximate year of that incident? I'm assuming it's in... more
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