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Keith Davis
Murdered on the Streets of Tombstone
Fri Oct 11, 2013 2:41am

Four men waited and four men walked…clearly a confrontation was coming.

But what triggered the clash between these two groups? One side the Clanton brothers, Ike and Billy along with the McLaury brothers, Frank and Tom, local cattle ranchers in the Territory of Arizona, 1881. The other side, approaching with purpose, representatives of the law in Tombstone, Wyatt, Virgil, and Morgan Earp backed up by their volatile sidekick, Doc Holliday.

The resulting explosion of gun smoke obscured the definitive truth for over one hundred and thirty years. Is it possible to find out what really happened the afternoon of October 26th, 1881? We were not there, but many were. What can we glean from the documented eye witness testimonies available to us after all this time?

In Murdered On The Streets Of Tombstone, Joyce Aros carefully examines an almost minute by minute evaluation of the events as they unfolded before the eyes of the startled townsfolk that chilly October afternoon in 1881. Citing the Inquest and Hearing testimonies and comparing them to the various Legends that have surrounded that fateful day for over a century the author's presentation may just lead you to concur that Tom McLaury, Frank McLaury and Billy Clanton were Murdered on the Streets of Tombstone.

ISBN 978-1-939345-00-4
Softcover - 360 pages
$24.95 + shipping/handling

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