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Keith Davis
Re: Thanks!
Fri Jul 11, 2014 5:18am

Well, after looking through what I have and asking a couple of fellow researchers about it, I have come up empty. Perhaps you should post your question to B J's Tombstone History board at

I wish you well on your search!

  • Thanks!Mer, Tue Jul 8 6:23pm
    Thanks! I'm an armchair historian at best, but that sounds like it would be a great story.
    • Re: Thanks! — Keith Davis, Fri Jul 11 5:18am
      • Thanks anyway!Mer, Tue Jul 29 12:14pm
        I did post there, upon your suggestion...but the post seems to have been taken down instead of answered. I did accidentally post twice (all the forums are different, which gets confusing!), so... more
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