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Leto Haven
Perparing the memorial site
Sat Apr 18, 2009 11:57

Welcome to all that wish ot remember our fallen comrades. They would want us to remember them with joy, instead of sorrow. Here`s a glass of *beverage of choice* to them. Now, lets party!

*note* Leto and his wife Jane are open to anyone who want to use them (the owners of the store). Leto is an average modern day human for Canada and Jane is a Dragon from the Rifts universe. Jane can be whatever form she wants to be, she also has a tremendus amount of magical energy.

The staff of the store are minis from the various contunuii. Head of Staff is Smeagul the mini-balrog. He likes shiny things.

I will be posting under the name of Milask for the rest of this thread. So whatever you do with Leto and Jane is canon. Their children (the triplets) are off limits. Anything else goes. (Please, don`t make Jane want to devorse Leto!!!)

    • Deryn had managed to procure a trumpet.wingnut, Fri Apr 24 18:07
      She wasn't getting very far with playing it, though. Leas sighed. "I think perhaps we should just recite the Ode to Remembrance and observe the silence," he said as she blew another fouled note.... more
    • Leto went to storage again.WikiMaster, Wed Apr 22 05:02
      When he returned, he brought out several high-quality fireworks. Jane was surprised, and was about to ask Leto the reason when she saw the change that had come over this part of HQ. The Ceiling had... more
      • Ignoring the sounds, even those of fireworks...Rilwen Shadowflame, Thu Apr 23 10:50
        Agent Shadowflame slipped in silently. She'd felt that it wasn't her place to come here. After all, she had not been here for the event being remembered. She was a little surprised at the party... more
        • "I wasn't expecting to see you here."Lycaenion, Fri Apr 24 18:32
          The voice was low, calm, and familiar, sounding from just behind her. "To be fair, I was not directly involved in the circumstances either. Even after the viruses had been eliminated and the... more
          • Rilwen turned, halting her departure.Rilwen Shadowflame, Fri Apr 24 20:29
            She gave an almost delighted smile upon seeing him. "I wasn't expecting to see you here either. I promise not to tell Teek if you don't." Her smile turned faintly teasing for a moment. Rilwen nodded... more
            • His thin lips twisted in a wry smile.Lycaenion, Fri Apr 24 20:45
              "Oh, I think she'd be astounded to hear I actually seem to have some vestige of respect for the dead." Crelmos paused, and put his head to one side. "No, silly me," he added, "she'll only accuse me... more
              • She looked at him thoughtfully.Rilwen Shadowflame, Fri Apr 24 21:00
                "It does, a little," she admitted. "I refuse to lie to you. But your reactions are your own, and scarcely my business to judge." Rilwen met her Cardassian friend's eyes, her expression remaining... more
                • He looked at her thoughtfully.Lycaenion, Fri Apr 24 22:46
                  "I see. I... appreciate your clear thinking," he said at last, his voice completely flat and calm. It was closer to sincerity than he had ever been, perhaps was actual sincerity. "Well," he added,... more
                  • "If you're staying, I'll keep you company."Rilwen Shadowflame, Fri Apr 24 22:54
                    She shrugged. "I see no reason to leave you here." Rilwen looked around. "Of all interesting combinations to create, I think they have Bleepanar over there, right next to the Bleepulan ale." "If, of... more
                    • He smiled again.Lycaenion, Wed Apr 29 19:09
                      "How thoughtful of you. But I must admit, I had only stopped by out of curiosity, and the atmosphere is beginning to wear on my nerves somewhat." He narrowed his eyes slightly, adding, "That moment... more
                      • Rilwen lowered her eyes briefly.Rilwen Shadowflame, Thu Apr 30 12:03
                        She gave a demure smile before looking back up at him. "Yes, I rather think we shall, even if you are likely to win yet again." Her smile turned wry. "At least I win more games of dejarik, for now.... more
                        • "That depends on how much you particularly care to know," he said at last. "I'm not very loose-tongued when it comes to my past. That, at least, you ought to know by now." One corner of his mouth... more
                          • She shrugged and smiled slightly.Rilwen Shadowflame, Fri May 1 21:53
                            "I know. It's why I don't intend to pry. But you hand me fragments of it now and then. If I appreciate those, why shouldn't I provide time where you needn't glance over your shoulder and censor... more
        • "Wait!" Said Leto.WikiMaster, Thu Apr 23 15:08
          "There are others who feel the same way as you, and yet they stay here. This is an occasion for all, not just for those who fought. Will you stay?"
          • [[No. Just no. She never said a word.]]Rilwen Shadowflame, Thu Apr 23 20:03
            [[And as far as I know, Leto's not telepathic even one tiny single bit.]]
            • Sorry, I tought she was within sight.WikiMaster, Fri Apr 24 04:09
              She was, wasn't she?
              • Also, it's ovious what she's thinking.WikiMaster, Fri Apr 24 04:11
                However, if you disapprove, then i'm sorry. Love, Wik.
                • [[Am Ignoring it.]]Rilwen Shadowflame, Fri Apr 24 04:39
                  [[Because it is not obvious exactly what she's thinking. You went beyond reasonable guesses into mind-reading. ;) ]]
                  • Sorry again.WikiMaster, Fri Apr 24 07:02
                    Also, that attitude was shared by at least half of the participants. I coudn't help it if the character who suddenly left after placing a candle on the table was likely to think this way.... more
      • Deryn yelped as the first ones went off…wingnut, Thu Apr 23 06:26
        -and dived for cover. "Will someone tell whoever's doing that that this is not a good time for a re-enactment?" she yelled, to the room at large. (What, precisely, might be being re-enacted she left... more
        • What' saw Deryn's reactionkhajidu, Thu Apr 23 06:47
          "I guess half the room has issues with fireworks... What is FicPsych doing?" he said to nobody in particular.
          • Leas shrugged.wingnut, Fri Apr 24 03:31
            "Testing everyone's response to loud noises would be my guess," he said. "Or how they'd react to similar situations," Deryn grumbled. "Some 'Sues do seem to fancy guns, after all. Or they could just... more
            • "They should know better...khajidu, Fri Apr 24 04:09
              ... than testing the reactions of people who lived through WW2 or anything similar," said What'. "Unless they want to give FicPsych extra work, that is." "Like there ain't enough work for everybody," ... more
              • "Exactly," Leas said.wingnut, Fri Apr 24 16:33
                "I do think that there really are times when it's inadvisable to use loud noises."
      • "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FIREWORKS !!!"khajidu, Wed Apr 22 09:05
        Krisp was excited again. "There ain't enough for this guy," said South. What' couldn't but agree. All three watched the fireworks.
        • The fireworks had hardly started when...khajidu, Wed Apr 22 12:56
          ... What' found Krisp and South holding each other. "I thought I was used to it, but I guess I'm still afraid of these," said Krisp with a shivering voice. South wasn't saying a thing: he was too... more
          • The Trio watched the fireworks.khajidu, Thu Apr 23 16:34
            After it was over, What' said: "Wow. I think Banzai would have loved this party." "Quite. A pity he's not there. This is much more epic than any tall ship gathering. The Columbus Race was nothing... more
    • Filling a glass with some Bleepka, Leto shouted:WikiMaster, Sun Apr 19 09:20
      I propose a toast to the fallen! Jane agreed, and filled her glass with Bleepka as well.
      • "So many people we won't ever get to know..." said Krisp.
        • -Agents that came by. His head cradled in his hands, he didn't bother finishing off what was left of the drink, trying to gather his thoughts. Of course, with the alcohol in him that wasn't easy, but ... more
          • Luke patted his shoulder.Cassie Cameron-Young, Mon Apr 20 09:47
            "'S all... sad, innit. To the fallen!" he added, holding his own drink up briefly before downing it. Over on the other side of the room, Cassie and Nat added their voices to the shouting, Cassie's... more
            • and almost fell right off his seat. Managing to right himself and stop from shouting several drunken obscenities at his old friend, he took a few breaths as Leto called over some people to have a... more
              • Luke reached out a hand to help steady Marcus.Cassie Cameron-Young, Mon Apr 20 16:18
                "Hey, it's okay, man," he replied, making himself comfortable and eyeing the vodka bottle. "You sure you're all right? Never seen you drink before. 'S not like you." He nudged the bottle away, a... more
                • Marcus eyed Luke warily for a moment.kgarrett, Mon Apr 20 16:38
                  "F'r a sec, thought ya were gonna preach a'me like th' other 'un," he said, reaching for the bottle again only to realise that it was now totally empty. Sighing, he set the bottle down again. "'Ey,... more
                  • "What d'you mean, preach?"Cassie Cameron-Young, Mon Apr 20 16:58
                    Luke asked, then decided he didn't want to know. Probably something to do with the girl Marcus had been yelling at earlier. "And... Leto, don't give him any more," he added in an undertone to the... more
                    • "'Lumia...? Yeh, I 'member that'un,"kgarrett, Tue Apr 21 15:40
                      Marcus replied, having not heard Luke whispering to Leto and his assistant bartender, before taking another drink of the vodka bottle. It was awfully strong stuff, but that was why he'd asked for it. ... more
                      • Luke looked over at the sound of a new voice.Cassie Cameron-Young, Tue Apr 21 15:55
                        When he saw the man who'd approached them, he debated whether or not to reply. He'd heard of the formidable Operations Agent, but hadn't met him before. Still, the guy had no right to be having a go. ... more
                        • "You might want to sit back down, before you do something stupid. Oh, Leto? As I was saying, I'll have a brandy, if you have any." "Believe I do," Leto said, starting to look through his supply as... more
                          • Biting back the first impulse to say something harsh...Cassie Cameron-Young, Tue Apr 21 16:30
                            Luke shrugged. "I'm not going to do anything stupid," he replied, remaining standing but relaxing his stance somewhat. "Believe me, the last thing I want is a fight." After a moment, the older man... more
                            • Osbert was about to say something...kgarrett, Wed Apr 22 11:49
                              However, he was cut off by the sudden display of fireworks, the loud bangs and crackles making the Agent jump. He knew a firefight hadn't suddenly erupted in the store, especially with the bright... more
                              • Having jumped sharply when the fireworks went off...Cassie Cameron-Young, Wed Apr 22 12:16
                                Luke quickly regained his cool and shook his head slightly, surprised that the entire place hadn't started freaking out at the racket. Turning back to Osbert and Marcus, he suddenly noted the... more
                                • "Shuddit," Marcus said, taking his seat again.kgarrett, Wed Apr 22 14:27
                                  He was mildly alarmed to find the vodka bottle gone, looking around the bar to see if it had fallen. "Wha? Wheredit git to?" he asked, more to himself than anything, sounding rather frustrated.... more
                                  • Not even trying to restrain his laughter...Cassie Cameron-Young, Wed Apr 22 14:38
                                    Luke made himself comfortable and shook his head at his friend. "Maybe it's for the best," he said consolingly, patting Marcus' shoulder. "You're going to have one hell of a hangover as it is." He... more
                                    • If Osbert was amused by Luke's little trick, he didn't show it, instead nodding sternly. "Celinus is right, Langston. Not to mention whatever horrors you just inflicted upon your liver," he said,... more
                                      • "Dunno, mate, I'm happy enough here,"Cassie Cameron-Young, Wed Apr 22 15:30
                                        Luke shrugged, before turning his eye on Osbert. "Hey, I have a first name, you know," he objected mildly. "Just 'cause you prefer your surname doesn't mean everyone does. It's Luke, 'kay?" After a... more
                                        • The heavily intoxicated Agent resisted at first, meaning Osbert's efforts almost knocked him over, but eventually he seemed to give in, taking his seat and gripping the bar to keep his balance.... more
                                          • Luke nodded, keeping his eye on Marcus.Cassie Cameron-Young, Sat Apr 25 16:52
                                            "Jeez, and I thought I'd been here a long time," he replied, rubbing at his eyepatch in an effort to regain his cool. He hadn't expected a simple two minutes' silence to affect him like that. "I've... more
                                            • "They said I was getting too old."kgarrett, Mon May 4 11:48
                                              Osbert scoffed, treating what had been a decision made by the Flowers years ago with visible contempt. He still remembered treating the decision with total incredulity, even if he'd taken his... more
                                              • Luke just shrugged.Cassie Cameron-Young, Mon May 4 12:07
                                                "I suppose when you're working in here it tends to get a bit frustrating. Not like being out roaming the Canon worlds. But look on the bright side, eh? You don't have to get soaked, frozen, roasted... more
                                                • "Suppose so," Osbert said, taking a seat.kgarrett, Mon May 4 12:26
                                                  By now, Langston was singing something to himself, but Osbert really couldn't understand many of the words due to the alcohol muddling the Agent's brain. The tone was recognisable as Eric Bogle's... more
                                                  • That made the big man laugh.Cassie Cameron-Young, Mon May 4 12:44
                                                    "Sounds like you really do know your stuff," he replied. "Don't use Bleeproducts much myself, I got used to coping without them except for the really horrible stuff. Fortunately, I don't get much of... more
                                                    • Osbert nodded.kgarrett, Mon May 4 12:50
                                                      "Not to brag, but I think it'd be safe to say I'm one of the better Agent trainers; a lot of them just stick something pointy in the recruit's hand and throw them into an RC. Just who would your... more
                                                      • "You haven't met her, then. You'd know if you had."Cassie Cameron-Young, Mon May 4 13:03
                                                        "She's called Jessie Lancaster. Red hair, damn near indiscriminately homicidal, and tries to kill me on a regular basis. And if a guy so much as looks the wrong way at her... well, it gets messy."
                                                        • "I see. No, I haven't dealt with her, then."kgarrett, Mon May 4 13:12
                                                          Osbert went quiet after that, thinking better of making his true opinion known. Giving Celinus a look, though, he thought of something. That black scarf around the eye, the large build, the red... more
                                                          • "Operations? It's... possible, I guess."Cassie Cameron-Young, Mon May 4 13:21
                                                            Luke rubbed his eyepatch reflectively, thinking back to the whole thing. "When I got the Sub Rosa's message I came out fighting. Didn't pay too much attention to where I was most of the time; it was... more
                                                            • Osbert seemed sobered by this, but not overtly upset. It was hard to be, after forty years on the job. Asking for another glass of brandy, he sipped lightly, being careful not to let it go to his... more
                                                              • "You did better than me, then."Cassie Cameron-Young, Mon May 4 13:50
                                                                Luke debated whether or not to get another drink, but on regarding Marcus' current state, he decided against it. He might be able to hold his drink all right, but if he was going to carry his friend... more
                    • "Don't worry, I wont." Said Leto.WikiMaster, Tue Apr 21 03:59
                      I still have some of the Beverages from the future, though.
      • To the fallen! (nm)Milask, Sun Apr 19 09:43
    • More commemoration.WikiMaster, Sun Apr 19 02:26
      Leto, noticing that several Agents can't grieve on drink alone, brought some Sandwiches, Salads and Chocolate cake. At the same time, a portal suddenly opened and a box came out of it. On the Label,... more
      • Re: More commemoration.khajidu, Sun Apr 19 04:15
        The Infernal Trio took roughly half the food before going to the bar to eat their stuff and have PG2B2s. "Chocolate. Yummy," said Krisp.
        • This time he distributed it to invididual Agents, taking note of their dietary needs (no Bleep-Sandwhiches for Avians). Jane also brewed some calming tea, thinking it a beverage fit for the occasion.
          • South and Whatev fed Krisprolls half the tea. He needed it. "When are they going to make Bleeptea?" he said.
            • Suddenly, another portal opened.WikiMaster, Sun Apr 19 06:21
              A small parcel came out, with the words: A gift from the future, containing several new Bleep-Products, including Bleeptea, Bleepgreentea, and Bleepcofee. Enjoy. "Well, that's certainly fortunate",... more
              • Re: Suddenly, another portal opened.khajidu, Sun Apr 19 07:15
                As usual, half of it mysteriously disappeared. "Krisp, will you stop stealing half of whatever is available? And please stop drinking coffee." Krisp was already too coffee high to listen.
                • A few seconds later, yet another portal appeared.WikiMaster, Sun Apr 19 08:32
                  It contained a second parcel of future beverages, as well as another note which said: This box contains a small Tesla Coil that will activate whenever an Agent takes more than his fair share of our... more
                  • "I guess I'll end up inventing this thing just to make sure we get something after Krisp," said Whatever. "I knew it. You're really turning Vulcan." What' took some of the drinks for himself and the... more
                    • "BLEEPOODWINE! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!"khajidu, Wed Apr 22 04:59
                      Krisp went all excited when he saw there was Bleepomulan beer and Bleepanar too. "The Star Trek geek is back again," said What'. "Watch out, people." "And who's watchin' the watchers, I wonder."... more
                        • The Trio turned around, surprised.khajidu, Wed Apr 22 13:47
                          "Who. The. Hell. Is. This. SAVM. Guy," said Krisp. "How does he know we were tall ships before? Because now we're humans, as far as I know." "Dunno," What' answered. "Well, I'm Whatever, and these... more
                          • SAVM didn't say anything for a moment.kgarrett, Wed Apr 22 13:57
                            However, it wasn't long before his voice system booted up again, having waited for the Trio to finish. "EXPLANATION: I RAN A DIAGNOSTIC SCAN ON THE THREE OF YOU IN ORDER TO DETERMINE IF WE HAVE... more
                            • Krisp added:khajidu, Wed Apr 22 15:53
                              "If you see no mess in this area, your scanners need serious revising. There have been some fights, heavy drinking, not only on our parts, bantering, the same, and what have you. And I think saying... more
                              • The vending machine regarded the Trio coldly.kgarrett, Wed Apr 22 21:48
                                • "We weren't threatening you"khajidu, Thu Apr 23 05:51
                                  said What'. "Say whatever you want, I just wanted to point out whatever effects it could have on some people. We ourselves do not mind. And we're having enough fun here as it is, you're not... more
                            • Whatev explained:khajidu, Wed Apr 22 14:44
                              "Well, I thought we were humans but this explains why we look half our age... and the mess was us bantering, we do that all the time." "Like it matters, 'cause we do the same as regular 'meatbags'... more
                  • Looking at the note.Milask, Sun Apr 19 08:52
                    "Is that scorch marks on that note," Milask said to no one inparticular. There were a couple of ideas that ran through his head about the origins of the party gifts, some of them Leto would not like.
    • "Okay, we've been here. Can we go now?"PitViperOfDoom, Sun Apr 19 02:02
      Adder fidgeted nervously. "Seriously, Deuce, I'm getting that mall feeling." Her partner gave her a strange look. "'Mall feeling'? You consider that a bad thing? From what I've heard, most Real World ... more
      • Re: "Okay, we've been here. Can we go now?"khajidu, Sun Apr 19 04:13
        The Infernal Trio was currently having PG2B2s too at the bar. Krisprolls's idea. "That's Infernal Trio for you, people," Krisp said. "Well, doesn't matter. I see we're already famous. Good." "Oh. My. ... more
        • Deuce shrugged indifferently.PitViperOfDoom, Sun Apr 19 13:09
          "Infernal, Abominable, same blighting thing," he responded. "They're just spelled differently." He shot his partner an insolent grin. "Like 'Adder' and 'annoying'." Adder raised a fist as though to... more
          • Re: Deuce shrugged indifferently.khajidu, Sun Apr 19 14:17
            The Trio was giggling. "Oh, I think we're nothing new here, looks like you'll get used to us very fast," said Krisp. "I'm also stuck with this fraking Vulcan and this kriffing fake Southerner." "The... more
            • Adder watched, amused.PitViperOfDoom, Sun Apr 19 17:00
              Swallowing her mouthful of Bleepolate, she nudged her partner. "Say Deuce, what would you say about this Infernal Trio?" Deuce snerked. "Vulcans my arse. They're a bunch of zarking idiots." Adder... more
              • Re: Adder watched, amused.khajidu, Sun Apr 19 17:11
                "Zarking. I must write this down," said Krisp. "Don't worry about the Vulcans, it's a joke between us. What' is the oldest, so he often get to be called a Vulcan." "I think I'm old enough to qualify, ... more
                • Deuce shrugged.PitViperOfDoom, Sun Apr 19 19:11
                  "Truthfully, I was being kind," he admitted. "I'm not usually so polite, but I think it would be disrespectful to say something like..." Here, he let loose a stream of profanity that made Adder stuff ... more
                  • Re: Deuce shrugged.khajidu, Mon Apr 20 04:09
                    "Well, I think you got quite the gist of what we've been called," said Krisp. "It's even been worse from some of our friends. Cute animal, by the way." "Krisp... Are you encouraging them, or what?"... more
    • Walks over the the stereoMilask, Sat Apr 18 23:49
      Milask was not in the best of moods. This party was not getting off it feet. He was hoping for more dancing, and stories of the fallen comrads. What it looked like was a bunch of beings drinking in... more
      • If Milask were to turn around, he'd pretty much instantly see who had spoken. While Montgomery Osbert III didn't leave Operations and his training area terribly often, the 79 year old man was still... more
        • Umm.. no...Milask, Sun Apr 19 08:48
          "nfortunatly I was not there for the fighting. Leto had roped me into helping him install a new portal stabilizer here in the store. When we heard about it, it was too late to help or even bring the... more
          • "That explains it," Osbert said.kgarrett, Sun Apr 19 11:25
            "Montgomery Osbert III, at your service. Most call me Osbert. I'm one of the Agent trainers in Operations, probably why we haven't met. It's a pleasure," shaking Milask's paw, he gave a small nod... more
            • "I did have friends in the ranks," Leto said. "Here, let me get you a drink." Milask walked over to the bar. "What are you drinking?"
              • Nodding, Osbert started to follow Milask over to the bar, thinking over what he should get. It had been a while since he'd touched spirits, but it would help him loosen up. When Leto asked them what... more
      • A small, mousy-haired teen stuck her head through the doorway, and her eyes lit up as she saw the stereo. "It is 'Sgt. Pepper's'!" she cried gleefully to someone behind her. "C'mon, guys, it's 'The... more
    • Trojie and Absinthe wandered in ....The Trojanhorse, Sat Apr 18 17:37
      'Hey guys,' said the Bad Slasher, smiling round the room. She perched on the edge of a set of shelves, sniffer-dog settling down beside her. 'Happy Anniversary, I guess.' She pulled a bottle of... more
      • The procession of Agents continued...kgarrett, Sat Apr 18 21:19
        In the middle of it all, a short and fairly rotund Irishman made his way inside. Smoothing down hia hair with his hand, Gerald Murphy, best known by most as "Small Murphy" due to the fact that he was ... more
        • ...and continued...Sara, Sat Apr 18 21:47
          Dragging her partner by his shirt, Sara entered the store and looked around. "Is this really necessary?" the taller Agent grumbled, readjusting his skewed glasses. "Yes. You need to socialize more,"... more
          • "Eh? Wotcha want?" He asked, upon noticing the female Agent behind him. When she asked what was up with Marcus, he took a few seconds, and then shrugged. "No bleedin' idea. 'Oomie's been like dis all ... more
            • The woman sobered.Sara, Sun Apr 19 00:33
              "Yeah, I was there. Awful..." she was lost in reverie for a moment, then suddenly jerked and looked up at Zodfang, surprised. "If I remember correctly, he wasn't here at the time. Why's he all worked ... more
              • Zodfang couldn't help but chuckle.kgarrett, Sun Apr 19 01:30
                "Awful? Sounded like a right an' propa fight, t'me! Only bad ting wuz dat da Orkz wuzn't dere!" Zodfang, having a completely incompatible view of warfare from most humans, genuinely didn't see what... more
                • ...but kept her thoughts to herself. "Thanks, Zod." The woman made her way to the bar, where she sat next to Marcus. Picking up his bottle, she sniffed the contents and took a tentative sip. "Ugh.... more
                  • However, the veteran wasn't on the attack. Instead, he merely snatched the bottle out of the woman's hand, filling up the glass again before downing it all in a couple swigs. The bottle and glass... more
                    • Sara thought about it for a moment.Sara, Sun Apr 19 02:05
                      "I want you to tell me why you're trying to drown your sorrows in the worst-tasting alcohol known to sentient life." She snatched the bottle back and took a swig, glaring over the rim at him and... more
                      • "Looked like the strongest stuff 'e had," Marcus replied, placing the bottle on the opposite side of the glass from Sara. "'Sides, not that bad. Otherwise ya wouldn' be drinkin' it!" Snickering to... more
                        • At this point, Jessie decided to join the dance floor.Cassie Cameron-Young, Wed Apr 22 10:08
                          She didn't feel too great about the idea, having been thinking about the friends she'd lost last year (not to mention the scar running across her back that she'd picked up in the fighting), but maybe ... more
                          • At first, James didn't recognise the person speaking, but after the fireworks settled down enough for him to actually focus on her voice and what she looked like, he grinned. "Good to see you're... more
                            • The red-headed woman looked up at him.Cassie Cameron-Young, Wed Apr 22 12:50
                              Despite his size, she'd never felt intimidated by the oversized Irishman. "Thanks. Same here," she replied to his first statement, grinning and adding, "Not that anything could do much damage to you, ... more
                              • "No worries, it's my job."kgarrett, Wed Apr 22 13:49
                                Shrugging as the much smaller woman apologised for the inconvenience, he snickered a bit at Jessie's description of her partner. He'd met the man a few times, especially since Luke had a particular... more
                                • She stretched up on tiptoes, but....Cassie Cameron-Young, Wed Apr 22 14:00
                                  couldn't see Luke, so accepted what her companion said with a shrug. "Can't see him doing that. He's always been after girls as long as I've known him." Shifting her weight from one foot to the other ... more
                                  • "Aye, probably for the best," he admitted.kgarrett, Wed Apr 22 15:36
                                    "I understand that we should respect the dead, but that also means we shouldn't be letting ourselves get down in the dumps about it. I don't think they'd have wanted us to waste their sacrifice like... more
                                    • "Hm? Yeah, leg's fine. Bit of cramp."Cassie Cameron-Young, Wed Apr 22 15:47
                                      She shrugged it off. "I suppose you're right. I just think too much about that kind of thing, especially when I keep remembering I could have been one of them." With that, she shook her head, not... more
                                      • James allowed the woman to pull him along.kgarrett, Wed Apr 22 15:58
                                        Though he hesitated for a second, before long he had also started to dance, trying to make out what music the stereo had changed to as he started moving to the beat. He had never been much of a... more
                        • Sara glared viciously at Marcus.Sara, Sun Apr 19 02:37
                          "Do our dead friends and comrades a favor and let the past be the past. You're disrespectin' them by dwelling on it and not livin' the life that they gave theirs up for. And give me back the damn... more
                          • That finally got a rise out of Marcus.kgarrett, Sun Apr 19 03:40
                            "The hell do you know?!" He asked, forcing himself to his feet and rounding on Sara. Justified or not, her comments only served to push his buttons, which he had already been making a good showing... more
                            • Sara just folded her arms.Sara, Sun Apr 19 03:57
                              "I was there, idiot. I lost some of my best friends. People I grew up with. And as your friend I'm telling you, keep going the way you are and it'll kill you. And their deaths will go to waste. But... more
                              • At this point...Cassie Cameron-Young, Mon Apr 20 09:40
                                Seth also left the room, not really in the mood for a crowd of people, and wandered down the corridor. He came across a young woman sitting against the wall, looking rather less than happy, and... more
                                • "I'm...fine..."Sara, Mon Apr 20 18:53
                                  Sara grumbled, rubbing her eyes. "Just frustrated. Y'know when someone's being reeeeally stupid, and you just wanna bash some sense into them because you know they know better? ...Yeah..."
                                  • Seth chuckled a little and sat down next to her.Cassie Cameron-Young, Tue Apr 21 08:53
                                    "Yeah, I know the feeling, believe it or not. Last time it happened... well." He lost his smile immediately. "Well, maybe I shouldn't go into it now. Let's just see about getting you sorted, shall... more
                                    • Sara sighed.Sara, Tue Apr 21 10:30
                                      "I'm Sara. Sara Knight. I have this friend...Langston? Dunno if you know 'im. Anyway, he seems to think that he's a terrible, worthless person 'cause he wasn't here for the fighting and lost some... more
                                      • "Nice to meet you, Sara... wait, Langston? Marcus?"Cassie Cameron-Young, Tue Apr 21 10:59
                                        Seth was mildly surprised. He'd known Marcus for years, had been his partner at one point, but he'd had no idea the guy had even been at the party. Still, maybe it wasn't all that surprising. "Yeah,... more
                                        • "Eh."Sara, Tue Apr 21 15:52
                                          "It's not really anything he said, it's just that he's being so stupid and he's not a stupid person, y'know?" she scratched her head. "I mean, yeah, he got a little violent, but violence is part of... more
                                          • "Hey, don't worry about it, hon."Cassie Cameron-Young, Tue Apr 21 16:10
                                            "Pretty girls bending my ear makes a nice change," Seth smiled, trying to make her feel better. "It's not like him, though, especially getting violent. If I'd known he was going to feel this bad... more
                                            • Sara grabbed his hand.Sara, Tue Apr 21 18:06
                                              "Thanks." She took a deep breath, deciding that this was someone that she'd like to get to know better. She gave him a small smile. "Where to?"
                                              • "That's more like it." Seth's smile grew bigger...Cassie Cameron-Young, Wed Apr 22 09:16
                                                as he pulled her to her feet. "Is there somewhere you like to hang out when you're not on a mission? I'd offer my RC, but it's not in the most cheerful area of HQ - well, DAVD generally isn't." He... more
                                                • "Hm, coffee."Sara, Wed Apr 22 11:30
                                                  Sara nodded. "Don't think I've ever been there. Heh, I probably need the coffee. Lead the way, then, yeah?"
                                                  • "It's just down this way. Shall we, milady?"Cassie Cameron-Young, Wed Apr 22 11:48
                                                    He offered his arm, playing a bit of an old-fashioned gentleman in an attempt to make her laugh. Once she'd taken it, they strolled off down the corridor together.
      • "S'pose so."wingnut, Sat Apr 18 20:39
        "Weird, the way we do this sort of thing, innit?" Deryn took a sip of her drink and grimaced. "No, thanks, think this is enough alcohol for me for now." "I might have one, if that's all right," Leas... more
        • Trojie handed out the glasses ....The Trojanhorse, Sat Apr 18 20:43
          ... and started fiddling with the cork on the bottle. 'Actually,' she said after a few seconds. 'If anyone actually wants to drink some of this, can someone else please open it? Otherwise I'll just... more
          • "Sure."wingnut, Sun Apr 19 00:32
            Leas took the bottle and considered for a moment. "Let's see… if I remember correctly, it helps to hold it like this -" this being a forty-five degree angle- "and hold the cork instead…" Not that it... more
            • Re: "Sure."khajidu, Sun Apr 19 03:45
              "US!" shouted the Trio.
              • "All right."wingnut, Sun Apr 19 07:45
                Leas poured out a reasonable measure for each of the Trio, and handed them out. "Here you go." He poured another one for himself, and smiled. "I don't think I've seen you three before. I'm Leas.... more
                • Re: "All right."khajidu, Sun Apr 19 12:37
                  "I'm Whatever, and these are South and Krisprolls. Nice to meet you. Thanks for the drinks. Krisp, your glass is already empty?"
                  • Leas nodded to each of them.wingnut, Mon Apr 20 03:02
                    "If you don't mind my asking, may I ask why those names?" he asked, adding by way of explanation, "I'm curious. They seem a bit unusual. "There seems to be a bar over there. Maybe we could relocate... more
                    • Whatever answered Leas's question.khajidu, Mon Apr 20 04:24
                      "Well, I have this nickname because not many people outside Norway can pronounce my real name. In fact, that's what they say when they give up, and Krisprolls had this stupid idea of nicknaming me... more
                      • "You're from Norway, then?"wingnut, Mon Apr 20 09:18
                        Leas started towards the bar. "I suppose Norwegian looks more difficult than some languages, but… sounds faintly Germanic." He nodded at the names, then blinked. "The Infernal Trio… because your... more
                        • Re: "You're from Norway, then?"khajidu, Mon Apr 20 10:00
                          "Yes, we're from Norway. 'The Infernal Trio' is just because we're..." "A bunch of zarking idiots." "Thanks, Krisp. Well, I guess people could practice saying our names, but they usually don't make... more
                          • "Might be easier if it was part of learning the rest of the language, too," he mused. At this point, Deryn wandered back over, looking somewhat discontent. "Hey," she said, less than spiritedly.... more
                            • "Guess so," said Whatev.khajidu, Thu Apr 23 06:52
                              "Or more people would be able to write 'Statsraad Lehmkuhl' the first time. I'm afraid none of us can play the trumpet," he added when Deryn asked.
                              • Deryn drooped as best she could in HQ.wingnut, Fri Apr 24 03:39
                                "Dangabit," she muttered, then looked up hopefully. "Don't suppose you'd happen to know anyone who does?"
                                • "We just arrived," said What'khajidu, Fri Apr 24 04:12
                                  "We don't know everyone, much less someone who plays the trumpet. Sorry."
                                  • "I see," Deryn said.wingnut, Fri Apr 24 16:35
                                    She did her best not to droop again- wouldn't want What' to feel bad. "That's all right. I think we can make do."
                                    • "What is it for?khajidu, Fri Apr 24 17:45
                                      Just curious." "Curiouser and curiouser," said Krisp.
                                      • "The Last Post," Deryn said, simply.wingnut, Fri Apr 24 18:11
                                        "With Anzac Day in a week back home, it seems… well. Sort of appropriate. Something. Just can't play it myself, not yet. And it's not the same on clarinet, of course."
      • Re: Trojie and Absinthe wandered in ....khajidu, Sat Apr 18 17:46
        "YAY!" said Krisp. "We're here!" The Infernal Trio approached and took a glass each. It wasn't time yet to borrow an entire bottle for them three. Just kidding.
    • A number of Agents wandered into the store.Cassie Cameron-Young, Sat Apr 18 17:17
      First were Cassie and Nat, accompanied by Kelvin as usual. Although the two girls couldn't really say they knew anybody from the Invasion last year, they'd taken the opportunity to meet people and... more
      • Zach stumbled over to their group.Sara, Sat Apr 18 21:44
        "Bloody nag," he grumbled over his shoulder at his brightly grinning partner. He adjusted his glasses and smiled sheepishly at Cass and Nat. "Hey there. It's, uh, it's been a while."
        • Nat nodded, a small smile appearing.Cassie Cameron-Young, Mon Apr 20 09:28
          "It 'as, yeah. 'Ow 'ave ya been?" She couldn't help but grin widely on remembering the last time they'd met up with him at a party. "Plannin' ta stay sober this time, I 'ope?" Cassie, on the other... more
          • Zach grinned.Sara, Mon Apr 20 19:02
            "Yeah. More sober'n that one, anyway," he said, nodding towards his partner. He bit his lip when he noticed her and Marcus fighting, but relaxed as soon as she left the room. Eying Cassie's face, he... more
            • Cassie turned from pink to red at this.Cassie Cameron-Young, Tue Apr 21 08:51
              "No, I only... I've only h-had one drink, and I'm still on it..." she stammered, holding the glass up as evidence. She reached up to her brow self-consciously, but yanked her hand away when it... more
              • "Hm..."Sara, Tue Apr 21 18:03
                "Well, then, you're either sick or a lightweight," Zach grinned, barely containing laughter. He slung an arm over Cassie's shoulder. "It's okay, join the club." He looked back at Nat and Kelvin. "So... more
                • Nat stifled a giggle at Cassie's expression.Cassie Cameron-Young, Wed Apr 22 09:30
                  The shorter Agent was looking both embarrassed and bewildered at Zach's behaviour, and evidently unsure of how to respond. After a moment, though, the Welsh girl paid attention to Zach's question.... more
                  • [[Afterthought. I need to think before I post. -_-]]Cassie Cameron-Young, Wed Apr 22 11:45
                    Having finished her drink, Cassie ducked away from Zach and backed off a bit. "I'm going to get another drink," she stated firmly, ignoring Nat rolling her eyes. "Won't be long." With that she headed ... more
                    • Troy made his way through the crowd.kgarrett, Wed Apr 22 13:12
                      So far, the party was just starting to get fun, far as he was concerned. He still hadn't found that girl, but he was working up a good sweat dancing, had managed to put away a few nice drinks, and... more
                      • Stopping abruptly as somebody nearly walked into her...Cassie Cameron-Young, Wed Apr 22 13:25
                        Cassie looked up at him, still feeling sheepish about Zach. Examining the guy, who for some reason was wearing sunglasses indoors, she wondered why the heck all the guys she seemed to run into were... more
                        • "Nice name," Troy said, grinning. "I'm Troy."kgarrett, Wed Apr 22 14:52
                          Straightening himself up after introducing himself, he had another look at Cassie. She had blonde hair, and a pair of rectangular glasses that framed her face nicely, in his opinion. Not exactly... more
                          • "Um." She glanced over at her friends...Cassie Cameron-Young, Wed Apr 22 15:06
                            and then back up at Troy, smiling. "Nice to meet you too. And yeah, I've been enjoying the party. Up till my friends starting taking the rip out of me for something that happened ages ago," she... more
                            • "I've tried a bunch of different kinds, can't say there's one I prefer over every other," he said, following Cassie towards the table. "Never tried a Sonic Screwdriver before, suppose I'll try one.... more
                              • Taking one of the cocktails herself...Cassie Cameron-Young, Wed Apr 22 15:22
                                Cassie quirked her eyebrow at Troy, then smiled and raised her own glass in a reply. "To canon," she echoed, before downing the glass's entire contents in a single gulp. A few moments later, she... more
                                • Troy barely managed to hide his amusement.kgarrett, Wed Apr 22 15:38
                                  "That what your friends were ripping on you about?" he asked her, drinking his own cocktail more carefully before setting down the empty glass and exhaling. "That's pretty good stuff," he said. "Not... more
                                  • Cassie laughed and nodded.Cassie Cameron-Young, Wed Apr 22 15:55
                                    "Yeah. Getting drunk too easily, among other things... but I won't go into that now." She eyed the table for a moment, debating whether or not to get another drink, but turned her attention back to... more
                                    • "Fair enough."kgarrett, Wed Apr 22 16:11
                                      Taking another drink, Troy downed it a bit less carefully than the last, closing his eyes for a moment before looking back to Cassie. "Just think you should be careful," he said, smiling again.... more
                                      • Taken slightly by surprise at the compliment...Cassie Cameron-Young, Wed Apr 22 16:23
                                        Cassie ducked her head slightly for a moment, a rather shy smile spreading across her face. "Um, thanks," she muttered, taking a sizeable swallow of her drink despite her earlier decision to take it... more
                                        • Even as the silence ended, and the party was hesitantly picked up, it took him a short time before he continued to speak, looking at the young lady. He hadn't seen her during the Invasion, but it... more
                                          • She nodded and looked up at him again.Cassie Cameron-Young, Sat Apr 25 17:20
                                            "Yeah, I'm fine," she replied, giving him a small smile. "Just got a bit caught up in it all, you know? It gets... a bit emotional." Then a wry smile crossed her face. "And of course you're right,... more
                                            • "Yeah, we should probably get you off your feet," he replied, grinning again. "Good to see you're alright though, if you're getting too worked up we should find that RC I was talking about." Making... more
                                              • The young woman laughed a litle sheepishly.Cassie Cameron-Young, Sat Apr 25 17:50
                                                "That's good... honestly, I keep overestimating my alcohol tolerance," she added, stumbling slightly, but with Troy's supporting arm she righted herself quickly. Maybe it was just the booze, but it... more
                                                • Troy hadn't expected this.kgarrett, Mon May 4 12:03
                                                  However, he couldn't argue that it was a very pleasant surprise. Holding the woman closer, he nodded, leading her out of the Store. It took a few moments to locate the proper room, but once he found... more
                  • "Eh, the usual."Sara, Wed Apr 22 11:28
                    "Missions, keeping the minis under control, keeping ourselves relatively under control," the tall Agent shrugged. He glanced back over at Cassie as she chugged her drink and raised an eyebrow. "I'm... more
                    • [[We'll say this carries on from both posts of mine.]]Cassie Cameron-Young, Wed Apr 22 12:36
                      "I wouldn't bother tryin'," Nat advised Zach, looking rather amused. "If she wants ta get plastered, let 'er. I'll just make sure she doesn't get 'er 'ands on you again." "Seconded," Kelvin added... more
                      • As the moment of silence was called...Sara, Sat Apr 25 13:49
                        ...Zach found himself unconsciously rubbing his arm where it had been broken in the fight. He knew he had been lucky, pulling through with only a broken arm when many of his friends had lost their... more
                        • Kelvin blinked and looked gratefully at Zach.Cassie Cameron-Young, Sat Apr 25 14:03
                          He'd had no idea Nat even knew how to cry - nothing ever seemed to touch her feelings in that way. Fortunately, their companion seemed to be at as much of a loss as he himself was. For a short while... more
                          • "'S not stupid."Sara, Sat Apr 25 14:12
                            "D'you want me to get you a drink or something?" Zach offered, knowing from experience with his own partner that a sudden change from weepy to smiley didn't necessarily mean everything was okay. "I... more
                            • Nat shook her head when he offered to get her a drink.Cassie Cameron-Young, Sat Apr 25 14:23
                              "I don't want ta get off my face, thanks. An' ya probably wouldn't want me ta, I get stupid when I'm like that." Zach offered to go and make an idiot of himself, and she couldn't have stopped the... more
                              • "Oof."Sara, Sat Apr 25 14:55
                                Zach grinned and hugged Nat back tightly. When she released him, he held her by the shoulders and smiled at her, noting amusedly that they were about the same height and that she had a nice face.... more
                                • Nat let out a giggle at his antics.Cassie Cameron-Young, Sat Apr 25 15:06
                                  "If ya so desire, m'lord," she replied, trying to dredge up the old-fashioned language she remembered from watching old costume dramas at home. She took his arm, grinning hugely, and examined him as... more
                                  • Zach chuckled.Sara, Sat Apr 25 15:25
                                    "You should smile more often. It suits you," he laughed as the stereo began playing Jack Johnson's "Banana Pancakes". Meanwhile, a small girl bounded out of the dancing crowd and grinned up at... more
                                    • [Afterthought! Brain, you fail.]Sara, Sat Apr 25 15:40
                                      Perhaps he should have been embarrassed by the kiss, but, high on adrenaline and dancing with an attractive woman, it only served to elate Zach.
                                      • The Elf looked down at the small girl.Cassie Cameron-Young, Sat Apr 25 15:48
                                        "Hello," he replied with a smile, taking the proffered hand. "I'm Kelvin. It's a pleasure to meet you, Bree." Still feling rather embarrassed, Nat nevertheless smiled at Zach again and began swaying... more
                                        • "So you're an Elf, huh?"Sara, Sat Apr 25 16:05
                                          The inquisitive Bree gazed up at Kelvin with awe. "That's pretty cool. I've always wondered what it'd be like to be an Elf. Then I could sneak up behind people and set things on fire and it'd be... more
                                          • Kelvin had to stop for a moment at this.Cassie Cameron-Young, Sat Apr 25 16:14
                                            "Set things on fire? I... can't say I've ever done that. But I do get accused of sneaking up behind people on occasion, yes." He smiled at the perky girl. "Can I ask what you do here, then?" On the... more
                                            • "I burn things!"Sara, Sat Apr 25 16:32
                                              "Technically me an' the Dannys are in DOGA, but sometimes we take other missions, too. Krotket says that we're like the Justice League, but more fun," Bree chirped. "Whattabout you? D'you kill Sues... more
                                              • It took him a moment to recall what DOGA did...Cassie Cameron-Young, Sat Apr 25 16:43
                                                and nodded. "That must be interesting. Oh, er... I'm in the Department of Mary Sues, so yes, I kill Sues. Well, when my partners aren't arguing over which of them gets to do it..." He sighed and... more
                                                • "Oh, he's one of the Dannys!"Sara, Sat Apr 25 17:00
                                                  "They're misspelled Davey Crocketts! There's Danny Krocket, Danny Krotket, and Danny Krochet! We all kinda work as a group. I burn stuff, and they're supposed to keep me out of trouble," she... more
                                                  • "I see... that sounds very interesting."Cassie Cameron-Young, Sat Apr 25 17:10
                                                    Kelvin was less than fond of the idea of what sounded like indiscriminate pyromania, but he figured that if the PPC allowed it, it couldn't be all that dangerous. "Well, Bree..." He cast a glance... more
                                                    • "...holy bugger."Sara, Sat Apr 25 17:17
                                                      Bree turned to see what Kelvin was staring at, only to find her foster brother snogging a woman she didn't know. "...I thought he didn't have a social life..." Zach was in heaven. That was the only... more
                                                      • Kelvin just didn't know what to say.Cassie Cameron-Young, Sat Apr 25 17:36
                                                        This was Nat . She just didn't do this kind of thing. And as for Zach... well, he wasn't going to speculate, but the bespectacled young man hadn't seemed particularly impressed last time he'd been... more
                                                        • "No, I'm sorry."Sara, Sat Apr 25 17:47
                                                          "Either I'm dead or I'm rolling on the floor in severe pain and having a really realistic hallucination, in which case would someone please take me to Medical?" Zach rambled, flushed. Then he... more
                                                          • Nat processed his rambling for a moment...Cassie Cameron-Young, Sat Apr 25 17:55
                                                            and then laughed. "Right now, ta be honest-" Zach's kiss cut her off, and she decided not to argue. She was obviously insane, but apparently Zach thought he was too, so she was in good company.... more
              • [OOC]Sara, Tue Apr 21 15:53
                Sorry for rather sporading posting, Cass. I'm at school at the moment and am trying to get as many posts in while you're on as possible. :-P I'll continue this thread when I get home.
        • And if there was a group, there might be a higher chance of finding the sort of person she was after. Besides, people! "Hey," she said, her accent a little less precise than usual. "Any of you play... more
      • Meanwhile, the Infernal Trio tried to forget the incident by drowning in Bleepka, Bleepsinthe, Bleepnapps and Bleepquila. Krisp was busy socializing with everybody he could find, especially if they... more
        • feckkhajidu, Sat Apr 18 17:25
          drowning IT in Bleepka. Whatever.
    • Really? That's cool!WikiMaster, Sat Apr 18 15:54
      Leto Haven, owner of the PPC General Store;was having an unanticipated good day. The flow of Agents was more tranquil (if it can be called that) than it had been in recent years. He had also managed... more
      • Sorry! Anyway... Being Genre Savvy, he didn't inquire about the cause of this fortunate turn of events. Best not to catch the Ironic Overpower's attention , he tought. He told himself to enjoy... more
        • Okay, made a mistake there.WikiMaster, Sat Apr 18 16:45
          It should be 'He told himself to enjoy it while he can', rather than 'He told himself to enjoy himself while he can'. Especially as he is within the sight of curious Agents...
        • Then, once he had finished...WikiMaster, Sat Apr 18 16:39
          Agents began coming in large numbers, ready to commemorate their desceased friends and companions. Since he was the one who suggested that his store should be the site for said commemeoration, it was ... more
    • The Infernal Trio comes bykhajidu, Sat Apr 18 14:44
      As long as they were many people at one place, Krisprolls was happy. Now, Krisprolls was very happy. He approached the very large crowd near the store. "Hey, people! What are you here for?" Some guy... more
      • They're free,
        • Deryn peered over at the roses.wingnut, Sat Apr 18 20:18
          "Poppies is more traditional," she remarked. "Or rosemary."
        • "Why not," said Whatever. "Krisp, South, you can take some too." They did. "And Krisp, if you could avoid saying something stupid this time." "Like what? 'If only I'd been there,' for example? Like... more
        • Preview is your friend...WikiMaster, Sat Apr 18 16:54
          Anyway, Jane said: Would you like some cloth-and-plastic roses to commemorate the fallen? They're free, even the black and Anti-Lustin ones. We also have other cloth-and-plastic flowers, if you'd... more
          • Re: Preview is your friend...khajidu, Sat Apr 18 17:12
            "Well, I'll take the white ones. Sorry, Krisp is being unstable today, I don't know what happened. Krisp, are you OK?" What' took three white roses and gave one each to South and Krisprolls. "Well, I ... more
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