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  • The PPC Agent mailboxSeaTurtle, Tue Mar 19 14:43
    As discussed on the main Board, this is an AU game in which we get to have a Q&A session with some of our favourite PPC agents. We'll be using Huinesoron's amended mailbox style for this game,... more
    • Lily Winterwood's Agents' MailboxLily Winterwood, Tue Mar 26 19:28
      That's Christianne Shieh and Eledhwen Elerossiel (DMS).
      • Questions for both agents:SeaTurtle, Wed Mar 27 07:53
        What is the closest scrape you've ever been in? How would you describe your partner? What is your favourite pairing, be it canon or fanon? If you had a choice between a Japanese restaurant and an... more
        • Re: QuestionsLily Winterwood, Thu Apr 4 15:25
          What is the closest scrape you've ever been in? E: There was a vampire Sue that bit me once, and I was near the threshold of death. C: And there was this other time when we landed on the bad side of... more
    • Antigone's Agents MailboxAntigone68104, Thu Mar 21 12:53
      Intern Lynn Gillies, Agent Arthur Briggs, both in the DMS (Freelance), RC 8345.
      • Random questions.Neshomeh, Sun Mar 24 14:45
        5.1. Where do you call home? Where do you feel safe? What sort of place spooks you? Are there any places you refuse to go? If so, where? ~Neshomeh
      • Question for CarolineCyba Zero, Fri Mar 22 06:26
        Has your mini-Discord, Flutteryshy, ever met Q? In fact, have you seen a mini-Colossus wandering around anywhere near your RC? Joke's been exploring HQ a few times since the pillow-fight incident,... more
        • Dear Cyba Zero:KittyNoodles, Fri Mar 22 18:39
          No, I don't think the two have ever met - but then again, I don't always know where Flutteryshy is, so maybe they have. I do know I've never seen any mini-Colossi wandering around near the RC. I'd... more
      • Question for VeralynCyba Zero, Fri Mar 22 06:19
        Have you ever visited, or do you ever intend to visit, the Official Fanfiction University of Azeroth? (I would presume, of course, to help tutor or simply study the curious specimens known as... more
        • Cyba Zero:KittyNoodles, Fri Mar 22 18:36
          There is an Official Fanfiction University of Azeroth? Why hasn't Caroline told me about this? Or... maybe she has been trying to? She has mentioned an 'au revoir' or something like that, quite a few ... more
      • Question for Veralyn AmberwingShatteredSanity, Thu Mar 21 16:52
        I understand that your home continuum has a holiday called "Pirate Day", and you have a missing eye. Have you ever considered, or actually, worn an eye patch on that day?
        • ShatteredSanity:KittyNoodles, Fri Mar 22 18:27
          That is not funny. -- Agent Veralyn Amberwing, DMS I snuck my answer in when she wasn't looking. I suggested it to her a few days ago, and she tried to beat me to death with a pillow. I'm guessing... more
          • SorryShatteredSanity, Fri Mar 22 18:55
            Terribly sorry. It WAS kind of insensitive of me.
            • Think nothing of it!KittyNoodles, Fri Mar 22 19:25
              Seriously, Veralyn's just a stinker - she probably says WAY worse stuff about me all the time! --Caroline
      • Question for both.Ellipsis Flood, Thu Mar 21 04:51
        Now what exactly was on these no-drool tapes? Characters in speedos who really shouldn't be in speedos?
        • Dear Demonspawn Ellipsis Flood:KittyNoodles, Fri Mar 22 18:19
          I'm not entirely sure what all was on those tapes, but Veralyn came back shaking like a leaf and muttering under her breath. And she still has nightmares, and for some strange reason when I mentioned ... more
      • Question for Veralyn:SeaTurtle, Wed Mar 20 16:12
        So I've been hearing rumours that you and your partner are interested in becoming the legal guardians of a certain Orion of Cloudsdale. Is there anything you want to say on the matter? Speaking of... more
        • SeaTurtle:KittyNoodles, Fri Mar 22 18:24
          Yes, my partner has expressed an interest in adopting the little pegasus. She hasn't stopped pestering me since the pillowfight incident. Quite frankly, I think our Response Center is crowded enough... more
    • doctorlit's agents' mailboxdoctorlit, Wed Mar 20 10:21
      For Vania and Doc, and how about Miss MacKinnon, too?
      • Some questions for Doc.PPC Nursery Class 3 (Ages 5-6 std.), Wed Mar 20 11:48
        (The children heard there was a mailbox to ask agents questions, I'm afraid they rather let it go to their heads... ~Elanor Laison, Nursery Teacher) Is yur namm really doc? Arr you the Docktor from... more
        • answer from Docdoctorlit, Thu Mar 21 01:40
          Ugh. Vania won't let me go back to reading until I answer this mail, so . . . What the? Uh . . . Hi, kids . . . Uh, yes and no. I think I have a real name on my birth certificate, but as long as I... more
    • the Irish Samurai's Agents' Mailboxthe Irish Samurai, Wed Mar 20 08:13
      RC1984, DMS Agents Skeet and Amelia.
      • More random questions.Neshomeh, Wed Mar 20 18:02
        From pages 18-19: What is your normal daily routine? How do you feel when this routine is interrupted? 5.4.1. What are your most annoying habits? ~Neshomeh
        • I just read what that meanie-head Skeet wrote!Agent Amelia Renner, Thu Mar 21 17:07
          He makes the days sound so boring ! He also has no idea what the word ‘healthy’ means. With all those cooked breakfasts he eats I’m surprised he’s not spherical! I mean, they are yummy, but I don’t... more
        • AnswersAgent Skeet, Thu Mar 21 17:02
          My daily routine? Well, on a good day I’ll be woken up by my alarm, otherwise it’s the [Beep] of the console, and that’s never a pleasant thing to wake up to. Either way, the first thing I do is sort ... more
    • Ellipsis Flood's Agents' Mailbox (nm)Ellipsis Flood, Wed Mar 20 07:13
      • TooManyQuestionsNeshomeh, Wed Mar 20 17:59
        Despite the play on words in the subject line, these are for everyone. {= ) From page 13: 2.4.0. Do you have a criminal record? If so, what for? 2.5.0. When did you decide to become [a PPC agent]?... more
        • Re: Mailbox questionsGreg and Julien, Thu Mar 21 04:46
          Julien: 2.4.0. No. 2.5.0. I needed to do something new. My old job had become too stressful, and I wanted to retreat from the busy world. I was a DIC licenced MtG tournament judge. As I... more
        • Priyala wanted to.Priyala and Saline, Thu Mar 21 04:33
          2.4.0. Saline: Dark City doesn't really have criminal records, nor does Heron City. Other than that, I never really stayed in one place for long. Priyala: I don't remember. But I was mostly in... more
        • Re: TooManyQuestionsEllipsia and Nathan, Thu Mar 21 04:21
          Hi. Nathan thought this would be a good idea. :D 2.4.0. Ellipsia: I don't think so... I hardly remember anything, but I'm a Paladin and generic BFF, so... Nathan: No. I was kind of a square back... more
        • I see what you did there.Anonymous, Thu Mar 21 04:06
          Since you have no way of reaching me otherwise, I think I can disclose some of this. 2.4.0. I used to have an entry for data fraud. Good thing that can be fixed. Other than that one time, the only... more
    • HerrWozzeck's Agents' MailboxHerrWozzeck, Tue Mar 19 21:25
      RC 1810, DIC Agents Florestan and Eusabius RC 2183 Agents Anneli Rodriguez, Xanthus Garkaran, and Cinderella
      • Question for FlorestanSeaTurtle, Thu Mar 21 21:46
        Out of sheer curiosity, which Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut ending did you choose: red, green or blue? What was your reasoning behind that?
        • Easiest question in the world.Agent Florestan, Thu Mar 21 23:26
          I ended up going with red all the way. Here's my problem with the other two: Blue: You're just setting yourself up to be the Catalyst 2.0, and turning yourself into the Illusive Man with no reason to ... more
          • Let's not forget...SeaTurtle, Fri Mar 22 00:01
  's the only ending where one very important character survives.
      • Exactly what species is Shumann, or if he doesn't correspond to a species, what World One creature does he closest resemble? What is his body type(humanoid, quadruped, insect-like, etc.)? What... more
        • Oh boy...HerrWozzeck, Wed Mar 20 18:02
          Florestan: Oh, great, someone actually cares about the mini enough to ask about it. Eusabius: And why not? I may remind you that we have gone on several missions and most people do not know what... more
      • Question for XanthusSeaTurtle, Tue Mar 19 22:40
        Have you ever been to Earth in the ME-verse or in World One? If so, where? If not, do you have any intention of going there?
        • Agent GarkaranHerrWozzeck, Tue Mar 19 23:37
          Agent DeGrasse, I have not been to Earth actually, neither in the Mass Effect continuum nor in World 1. I imagine Anneli might drag me to World 1 Earth, but in that event I wouldn't mind. But as for... more
    • Neshomeh's Agents' Mailbox — Neshomeh, Tue Mar 19 19:25
      • Question for Supernumerarythe Irish Samurai, Sun Mar 24 08:20
        In your opinion, what is the most dangerous foe you've ever faced?
        • Another one?Agent Supernumerary, Sun Mar 24 11:26
          Dammit, you've got me thinking now. Fine... I have been up against more than my fair share of dangerous crap. The one that came closest to killing me, personally, was the ficubus, f***ing Archir the... more
      • Question for Nurse RobinsonSeaTurtle, Thu Mar 21 21:50
        Out of all the patients you have treated, which one had the most bizzarre ailment? I know that Agent Bulldog was admitted into FicPsych in sometime in 2003. Did you ever meet him? He's tall, black,... more
        • Interesting question!Nurse Robinson, Sat Mar 23 12:21
          Sadly, answering it the way I think you're hoping for would put me in breach of confidentiality, so you're out of luck there. Sorry! Anyway, the truth is that Dr. Freedenberg or folks with more... more
      • To Ilraen:hermione of vulcan, Thu Mar 21 12:58
        1. On the subject of your morphs, which everyone seems to be asking about, what Trekverse morph would you want to acquire? 2. On the subject of Trek, it appears from your journal that you have seen a ... more
        • My goodness, so much mail.Agent Ilraen, Thu Mar 21 19:05
          I am really not sure what to make of it, but thank you for your interest! 1. Yes, everyone does seem to be asking about my morphs. It is a fascinating subject, and something I have spent a great deal ... more
      • Time to torture Nume!hermione of vulcan, Wed Mar 20 12:24
        Dear Nume, Have you heard of the 'shipverse? It's Lux's home continuum and the continuum in which the Shipfic Fest takes place. If you have, then what to do you think of it? Also, I dare you to read... more
        • Oh, goodie.Agent Supernumerary, Wed Mar 20 13:27
          Dear "Fan," Yes, nothing, and no. Why the hell does everyone find it so amusing that I have a sense of propriety? — Agent Supernumerary P.S. We will consider your request. Don't call us, we'll... more
          • ((I am going to die of laughter. You are awesome. ))hermione of vulcan, Wed Mar 20 16:36
            It's amusing because sarcasm is amusing, and you turn it up to eleven when your sense of propriety is offended. Don't ask me why sarcasm is amusing, you'll sound like Data and then I'll start... more
            • Yeah, please don't drool on my fandom.Agent Supernumerary, Wed Mar 20 17:37
              Nobody wants that. And, by the way, of course sarcasm is amusing. Why would I not get that? I'm not a moron, or an android, and I certainly don't have any hangups about just wanting to be a real boy... more
              • I apologize.hermione of vulcan, Thu Mar 21 15:52
                Just because you look like Spock doesn't mean you are Spock. Or his TNG equivalent. Now, here's a question that isn't specifically designed to torture you. If you take it as such, I didn't mean to.... more
                • Good.Agent Supernumerary, Thu Mar 21 19:51
                  Those other schmoes aren't Spock, either, and don't you forget it. ... Are you seriously asking me about my personal life now? In an effort to not offend me? Jesus Chr—okay, you know what?... more
                  • Sorry, again.hermione of vulcan, Fri Mar 22 09:31
                    I thought you were proud of your antisocial tendencies and that you would be willing to talk about the time you decided that we were all idiots for trying to make friends. Obviously, I misjudged your ... more
                    • You are very persistent.Agent Supernumerary, Sat Mar 23 15:15
                      I admit, it is tempting to explain to you in excruciating detail exactly why you're an idiot for thinking that, but that's such an obvious trap I just have to do this: Now, the next time you're... more
                      • *glomps*hermione of vulcan, Sat Mar 23 23:26
                        I kid, I kid. Please don't turn on the sarcasm. For the record, I am in charge - I'm the author/course coordinator. You can call me Miss Gloria if you like. Certainly the minis can be arranged,... more
                        • Not funny.Agent Supernumerary, Sun Mar 24 12:41
                          Lady, the sarcasm doesn't ever get turned off . I'd do it just to disappoint, but it can't be done. If you don't want sarcasm, don't talk to me. But equally, don't lie to me. You told me you enjoy... more
      • Questions for Ilraenthe Irish Samurai, Wed Mar 20 08:30
        Of the morphs you've picked up so far, which one is your favourite? Are there any morphs that you particularly want to pick up?
        • Well...Agent Ilraen, Wed Mar 20 12:39
          It seems I have already answered the second question in my reply to Agent Kayleigh. Perhaps that will satisfy her request to swap? As for the first part, it comes down to a choice between my human... more
          • Follow up questionthe Irish Samurai, Mon Mar 25 18:27
            You say that your human form doesn't feel strange now, out of interest what was the hardest part about getting used to it? Was it simply walking on two legs instead of four, or were there... more
        • Ooh! Good question!Agent Kayleigh, Wed Mar 20 11:43
          I like this question. I wish I'd asked it. Can we swap? *~~~~ ~*~~~ ~~K~~ ~~~*~ ~~~~*
          • Sure, why notthe Irish Samurai, Wed Mar 20 12:21
            If we swap questions, do we need to swap answers too?
      • To Ilraen:Agent Keyleigh, Wed Mar 20 04:11
        Wheee! Blue horsey! Do you know you're blue? I hope that doesn't mean you're sad! Also, your tail is awesome. *~~~~ ~*~~~ ~~K~~ ~~~*~ ~~~~*
        • Erm... thank you?Agent Ilraen, Wed Mar 20 12:25
          I am aware that I am blue, though I was once purple for a few seconds before my morphogenic field stabilized. Also, it is interesting to note that there is no way to be certain that we all perceive... more
      • To Gall:World-Jumper, Wed Mar 20 00:21
        We know the multiverse is full of dragon riders. My questions for you are: 1. What makes your ways of dragon riding different from those of other continuum? 2. What makes your dragon different from... more
        • Well, Bob—Agent Gall, Wed Mar 20 12:14
          I can call you Bob, right? Nice ta meet ya, Bob. The answers to your first two questions are the same: mine is more awesome. The end. As for number three, you gotta remember our dragons took care of... more
    • DawnFire's Agents' MailboxDawnFire, Tue Mar 19 19:20
      (Heaven help us) Questions can be sent here for: Agents Brenda and Charlie of the DMS (Freelance) (First mission forthcoming...) Agents Edgar and Agen____t of the DIC Agent Dawn of the Department of... more
      • Questions for all!Neshomeh, Wed Mar 20 17:54
        Again drawing randomly from the D&D Character Questionnaire, we have, from page 17: When you wake up screaming in the middle of the night, what do you see? Do you have any great... more
        • The many replies...DawnFire, Sat Mar 23 09:46
          (As there are, indeed, so many agents, I've let them each choose one or both questions to answer.) Suethors. I see Suethors. And Sues. Many, many Sues. Occasionally, I see myself being forced to work ... more
    • Cyba Zero's Agents' MailboxesCyba Zero, Tue Mar 19 18:35
      Please send questions here for Cyba and Eagrus (and probably Phi and Sigma, too).
      • Question for CybaSeaTurtle, Thu Mar 21 21:52
        How many suits of armour are on display in your RC? Which ones are your favourite ones and why? Do you ever wear them?
        • Thanks! Glad you asked!Cyba Zero, Fri Mar 29 13:21
          Well... let me see... first there's the powered combat armour you gave me; then there's the anime-style samurai armour I salvaged from Eagrus after the whole anime-HQ thing. The only other one I've... more
      • Cyba Zero, Sigma One, Phi SixBorg Queen, Wed Mar 20 12:17
        Would you consider joining the Borg Collective? You already know how to use your implants. You are already used to working together, so the Borg simply provide a larger community. Besides, it must be ... more
        • MAAASSSS PAAANIIIIC!Cyba Zero, Wed Mar 20 15:32
          We don't know how you found us, but we assure you that we are most certainly not here, and there is absolutely nothing here to assim- Hold on, did you say perfection? Hmmm... CLANG! This is Eagrus... more
          • I suppose I should apologize.Q, the Great and Powerful, Thu Mar 21 16:04
            I decided it would be entertaining to scare you, but all I got was an angry weed and an angry Esterling (frying pan, very creative). Mildly entertaining, but it's much more fun to have her at OFAS... more
            • Hey, it's Q!Nurse Robinson, Fri Mar 22 07:47
              Man, I have always wanted to meet you! I'm pretty sure you're on my author's list of people I'm never allowed to meet, but since this is an AU RP-type situation, I guess we're making an exception.... more
            • Why, thank you!Eagrus Khan, Fri Mar 22 04:52
              It is a great relief that there won't be an invasion after all. Also, those three drive me mad sometimes, and I would be lying if I said knocking Sigma over the head with a frying pan to stop... more
              • That wasn't the Borg Queen?Sigma One, Fri Mar 22 04:57
                EAGRUS!!!!! IT WASN'T EVEN HER!!!!! ... AAAAAAARGH!
                • Tsk, tsk, so many exclamation points.Q, the Great and Powerful, Fri Mar 22 14:17
                  You misunderstand. You see, I let her escape from OFAS and told her about the PPC and that there were Borg agents. As I suspected, it was amusing to watch you get upset by her presence. But it is... more
            • ((Q says the multiverse needs discord.))World-Jumper, Thu Mar 21 23:12
              ((I feel like this was a purposeful actor allusion. If so... I see what you did there.))
              • Of course it was an allusion.DisQord, Fri Mar 22 08:10
                But not to an actor, to moi . One of my favorite forms -almost as fun as my human form that torments Jean-Luc. That De Lancie fellow does tend to play me, though.
        • Who let you in here?Captain Dandy, Wed Mar 20 12:57
          Don't they remember the Assimilation Crisis, and all that fuss last time you lot learnt we exist? I'm telling you, if my Weeds have to face down a Borg invasion , we're not going to be the... more
      • Re: Cyba Zero's Agents' Mailboxesfiremagic, Tue Mar 19 18:57
        To Cyba, Phi, and Sigma: How's that exonet thingie working out? No weird glitches between it and your Borg-tech?
        • The ExonetCyba Zero, Wed Mar 20 05:17
          Well, the three of us decided that I (Sigma) should have the exonet until it spawned, so after it took, we rushed off to my RC to keep an eye on proceedings. My resident Borg implants did detect the... more
    • Pretzel's Agents' MailboxPretzel, Tue Mar 19 17:35
      * Ian Nahinu and Lee Keaton [RC 6237, DMS] * Kaliel/Maeryn and Orion [RC 404, DBS]
      • Mini Question for OrionOuthra, Thu Mar 21 13:02
        Is your mini-Lincoln, Abe, the same individual as Lincon , the mini-Lincoln found by Agents Laura Dukes and Danny Richardson? They both hail from the Fallout universe but are minis of a World One... more
        • Orion's AnswerPretzel, Fri Mar 22 00:27
          Yes, he is, though he prefers Abe (and steals all the fresh fruit; it's starting to get to be a problem). --Orion
      • Question for LeeHerrWozzeck, Tue Mar 19 21:28
        How did you encounter the PPC, anyway?
        • Answer from LeePretzel, Wed Mar 20 01:15
          Hello, Herr; thanks for the question. I encountered the PPC a few days after my layoff at the police department in my home city of Desay. I wasn't in the best of places then, since that had been my... more
    • Desdendelle's Agents' MailboxDesdendelle, Tue Mar 19 16:40
      My Agents are Agent!Des and Anebrin. They reside in RC log 10 e and are both currently serving in the Floaters Department. Ask away!
      • Questions for each agent:SeaTurtle, Wed Mar 20 12:25
        What bothers you the most about your partner? Do either of you have good luck charms? Would you rather be blind or deaf?
        • Answers, or lack thereof.Desdendelle, Thu Mar 21 09:23
          1) The fact that Anebrin cannot stomach Bleeptea greatly bothers me. 2) I'd consider my coat one if not for the fact that it is constantly being desecrated by Sue blood, burns and the like. 3) Deaf.... more
        • Answers you shall have.Anebrin, Wed Mar 20 17:55
          1) Des' tendency to bash his head on various walls - in fact, his tendency to harm himself while in the presence of badfic - is more than a bit irritating. 2) A good-luck charm...? Even if I had one... more
    • Sergio Turbo's Agents MailboxSergio Turbo, Tue Mar 19 16:26
      My Agents are Sergio Turbo, Nikki Cherryflower and Corolla, all from RC #1587 and Special Operations Division.
      • Question for Sergiothe Irish Samurai, Fri Mar 22 08:01
        You seem to know quite a lot about weapons. If you could have any weapon, from any continuum, what would it be, and why?
        • Sergio's answer.Sergio Turbo, Fri Mar 22 12:08
          That's quite of a challenging question, actually. I tend to choose my weapons according to mission needs, and in spite of what Corolla says I see them only as tools. Dangerous and powerful ones,... more
      • Questions for Corolla and NikkiOuthra, Wed Mar 20 17:13
        For Corolla: I've noticed that you enjoy eating large amounts of Sue-flesh at any opportunity. Where do you, for lack of a better term, put it all? You're six inches tall, and probably only a... more
        • Corolla and Nikki's answersSergio Turbo, Thu Mar 21 13:56
          Corolla's: 1) Large amounts? What did they tell you about me?! I obviously can't eat a whole Sue, and in fact I eat very little compared to an human, my meals's size being roughly on par with those... more
      • Question for SergioSeaTurtle, Tue Mar 19 18:53
        Do you ever take the planes you own out for a joyride? Also, do you ever spend some time at the shooting range?
        • Sergio's answersSergio Turbo, Wed Mar 20 09:44
          1) No. F-22s are expensive stuff, so both Corolla and I tend to use them on a need-to basis. The bills for fuel and maintenance can be killer, even in the PPC. We do bring them out on the annual PPC... more
    • Huinesoron's Agents' MailboxHuinesoron, Tue Mar 19 16:09
      Which includes the following active agents: -Takua (Department of Geographical Aberrations) -Jareth (Department of Geographical Aberrations) -Terri Ryan (Department of Personnel, DOGA Archivist)... more
      • This is a CSS test. (nm)Huinesoron, Thu Jul 11 09:42
      • Questions for Mortic WentwayOuthra, Wed Mar 20 17:51
        About how many other agents are there in your department? Who or what has been running the Department of WhatThe after the Snowthorn's death? How is it determined if a mission gets sent to the... more
        • Ah. Aha.Mortic Wentway, Thu Mar 21 04:30
          I'll answer the last one first, because it's the easiest... Improbabilities deals with strange occurrences in fics - extremely weird examples of normal fic types. So a Gollum Mary-Sue would probably... more
      • Question for Nita Kerys the Irish Samurai, Wed Mar 20 08:37
        As a member of Building Maintenance, I'm guessing you've seen more of HQ than most action agents. Is there any truth to the rumours of an HQ swimming pool?
        • Ah, well, about that.Nita Kerys, Wed Mar 20 16:06
          I haven't actually been in Building Maintenance that long; I stared out in Mary-Sues, and then spent a spell in another department before events conspired to move me to BM. I can tell you I've never... more
          • Sort of convincedthe Irish Samurai, Thu Mar 21 20:14
            You have at least managed to convince me that I'm not going to get any info out of you. The wall of silence surrounding this mysterious pool has me intrigued, although going by how little is actually ... more
      • Silly question for Nita Keryshermione of vulcan, Tue Mar 19 17:07
        Is your name's resemblance to that of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 's Kira Nerys purely coincidental? Or is there some circumstance that explains this? This Trekkie would like to know.
        • AnswerNita Kerys, Tue Mar 19 17:34
          Why do people keep asking things like this? No, I'm not named after Kira Nerys. No, I'm not named after Nita Callahan. No, I'm not named after Cerys Matthews. No, I'm not particularly neat, or... more
      • Question for KyarisSeaTurtle, Tue Mar 19 16:20
        How long does it take you to clean your teeth? Y'know, being a hydra and all...
        • Answer from KyarisHuinesoron, Tue Mar 19 16:41
          ... I'm not sure I understand the question. When I eat something (not some one , those rumours are vicious lies) particularly stringy, it takes a little while to pick all the bits out of my teeth...... more
          • Ah, sorry.SeaTurtle, Tue Mar 19 17:45
            Talking brushing-and-flossing-just-before-going-to-bed wise. You do floss, right?
            • Errrrr...Kyaris, Wed Mar 20 04:09
              Brushing is something you do with fur - I have scales, if you've somehow missed that. I'm pretty sure you made that 'flossing' word up... _\|/_ KYARIS
    • hermione of vulcan's Agents' Mailboxeshermione of vulcan, Tue Mar 19 16:05
      They have no missions yet, but Tanya Verde and Joani Verde will answer questions. You can find their bios here . Messages to Tanya will be answered by yours truly, and messages to Joani will be... more
      • Question for Tanya VerdeEagrus Khan, Fri Mar 22 06:41
        Firstly, you have my sympathies for that initial mission of yours. I read the report and I must say I am glad Cyba and I didn't have to tackle that one. I couldn't help but notice one thing,... more
      • Also, more agents!hermione of vulcan, Thu Mar 21 16:46
        These will be recruits from my third mission, but hey, I might as well get some character practice. Name: Tani Age: Unspecified Species: Romulan/Tribble (more on that later) Home Continuum: Star Trek ... more
      • New, less awkwardly personal questions!Neshomeh, Thu Mar 21 11:27
        1.5.2. What is your favorite food? Are there any specific foods you find disgusting or refuse to eat? What is your favorite color? What is your favorite weather? What is your least... more
        • ResponseTanya Verde, Fri Mar 22 14:10
          Favorite food: It used to be chocolate, but since my last mission I've needed regular doses of Bleeprin to stop the memories. So lots of Bleepolate products. I'm the one behind that effort to expand... more
      • Questions for both.Neshomeh, Wed Mar 20 17:48
        Flipping to a random page in the D&D Character Questionnaire, we have, from page 10: 2.1.1. Who are your parents? What are their names? Did they raise you? If not, who did? What did your... more
        • ((This isn't the best question, but okay))Tanya Verde, Wed Mar 20 20:35
          ((Seeing as these agents are self-inserts, this requires me to think about my parents in the context of the PPC. Hm…)) Well, I don't like giving out personal information online, but I will say this... more
    • World-Jumper's agent's mailboxWorld-Jumper, Tue Mar 19 16:04
      Send questions for Marvin and Printworthy [All Purpose My Little Pony division] and even Jumper [Department of Floaters, currently not in PPC, though for the sake of this game, go ahead]
      • Question for the APD agentsSeaTurtle, Wed Mar 20 02:09
        Describe your partner in three words!
        • Well, let's see here...Marvin and Printworhy, Wed Mar 20 23:06
          Marvin: Sorry about our author's misunderstanding of your question. Printworthy: Though honestly, how he managed to get confused baffles me. It was a rather strait forward question really. Marvin:... more
        • Ack!World-Jumper, Wed Mar 20 10:45
          Sorry about that. Here are Marvin and Printworthy's bios I used for permission, that should be enough to work off of. Marvin Home Continuum: World One Physical Description: 5’7” Caucasian male with... more
          • Er, a bit of a misunderstanding here.SeaTurtle, Wed Mar 20 12:15
            The question asked to your agents was: "describe your partner in three words." The answer is to come from their perspective.
    • Ok...firemagic, Tue Mar 19 16:02
      We have: * Ari (RC 97, Implausible Crossovers) * Tera (RC 97, Implausible Crossovers) * Theia (RC 97, Implausible Crossovers) * Narav (RC 8888, Mary Sues) * Lana (RC 8888, Mary Sues) * Amara Coris... more
      • Questions!Sergio Turbo, Tue Mar 19 16:31
        To Ari and Fiorano: Do you actually consider yourselves to be each other's sister? To Theia: What do you think about Madokami? To Amara: 1) Do you still use firearms? 2) What are your opinions about... more
    • Phobos's Agents' mailboxPhobos, Tue Mar 19 15:15
      With subsections for: Barid Brightbeard Voltarmi Durotar and Kur'nak Agent? Phobos Decima They are ready and willing to answer your fan/hate mail. -Phobos
      • To Durotar and Kur'nak:World-Jumper, Tue Mar 19 16:13
        What are the strangest packages you have had to send, and where did they go?
        • Strange PackagesDurotar, Tue Mar 19 16:43
          Believe it or not, most of the packages we get are fairly standard contraband. We get a lot of chocolate and coffee. However, we do get some things that are less ordinary. Flames are always "fun" to... more
    • SeaTurtle's Agents' mailboxSeaTurtle, Tue Mar 19 14:48
      Here you can send questions to: *Gaspard De Grasse [Department of Intelligence] *Marianne Delacroix [Department of Intelligence] *Fire Flash [Department of Internal Affairs]
      • Question for GaspardHerrWozzeck, Tue Mar 19 21:29
        Xanthus Garkaran: So... whatever happened to that StarCraft/Mass Effect crossover that you and Herr talked about?
        • Agent De GrasseSeaTurtle, Tue Mar 19 22:29
          Agent Garkaran, Well, there's a funny story behind that. See, I was slated to team up with someone who knows Mass Effect a year ago to investigate a fic, but that sort of slipped into limbo after my... more
      • Question for Agents De Grasse & Delacroix.Huinesoron, Tue Mar 19 16:00
        (Because I'm feeling mischievous) Dear Agents, Is it true what they say about the Sub Rosa? Because really? Really??? Yours (but not like that), A Concerned Citizen
        • Agents Delacroix and De GrasseSeaTurtle, Tue Mar 19 16:18
          Dear Concerned: If you are referring to yesterday's Great Tribble Invasion of the Cafeteria, rest assured that even if the agent in question was shouting "The Sub Rosa's going to kill me", this had... more
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