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Christianne Shieh, DMS
Okay, new plan.
Sat Nov 22, 2014 02:25

Get drunk, eat breadsticks. It's going to be great.

  • A TextAgent Kitty Eden, DMS, Fri Nov 21 23:13
    On Saturday 11th of November, Kitty wrote... ... alright, if I email the police department asking for my mug shot do you think they will email it to me?
    • Okay, new plan. — Christianne Shieh, DMS, Sat Nov 22 02:25
      • Oh, boy...Agent Kitty Eden, DMS, Sat Nov 22 04:02
        ...I hope we come out of this alive. And with clean prison records.
        • "Local woman assaults strangers with Luxury's toys"Christianne Shieh, DMS, Sat Nov 22 10:50
          is a headline I never want to be about me.
          • Oops...Agent Kitty Eden, DMS, Sat Nov 22 23:01
            ...I guess that means we'll have to break into the news office tonight and melt all the hard drives. Are you coming with me?
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