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Agent Kitty Eden, DMS
I did!
Sat Nov 22, 2014 19:50

I just chose to ignore you.

  • Aha.Agent Librarian, The, Sat Nov 22 11:08
    Serves you right for not listening to your superiors.
    • I did! — Agent Kitty Eden, DMS, Sat Nov 22 19:50
      • Hey!Agent Desdendelle, DF, Sat Nov 22 21:51
        Now he's sulking, and I'm at the receiving end. Thanks a bunch, really. I appreciate that. (For the uninitiated: that was sarcasm.)
        • I aim to please.Agent Kitty Eden, Sat Nov 22 22:57
          Really, don't thank me. I get enough of that every day.
          • [Expletive deleted by the system]Agent Desdendelle, DF, Sat Nov 22 23:15
            My, are we pleasant today. You know that he has that damned Tablet of his in his hands, and that means you're gonna get hacked sooner or later, right?
            • I am indeed pleasant.Agent Kitty Eden, DMS, Sun Nov 23 02:08
              And thanks for the warning. You're talking to the girl who stays up all night on her iPad instead of doing simple tasks like sleeping. I will be prepared!
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