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Agent Bulldog, DOI
Am I still in the Matrix?
Sat Nov 22, 2014 20:00

I was pretty sure I got out of there with Frost and his ridiculous puppet.

And rookie: Google was a piece of software, not a person. Even then, I seriously doubt a search algorithm has a sex in the first place.

  • Last time I checked-Agent Kay Eden, DMS, Sat Nov 22 19:53
    -you were trapped in the internet. Just asking, is it nice in there? And can you possibly solve the question of, 'is Google male or female?'
    • Am I still in the Matrix? — Agent Bulldog, DOI, Sat Nov 22 20:00
      • No, you're definitely in there.Agent Kay Eden, DMS, Sat Nov 22 20:06
        I can see you through Windows. ((Okay, that was a horrible, horrible pun. I should probably shut up now.))
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