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Agent Kaatah, DMFF
Until you replied? None
Sat Nov 22, 2014 20:44

Oh, that's where it went. Was wondering y I had a CAD strapped to my arm.

  • Of course I do.Officer Naya'Keegan, DIA SR, Sat Nov 22 18:21
    How many quarians do you know in HQ anyways? You also left your Omni-tool in my dishwasher.
    • Until you replied? None — Agent Kaatah, DMFF, Sat Nov 22 20:44
      • On that noteAgent Ashley Glocker, Thu Nov 27 13:56
        You also left a few tech grenades in my RC. Thanks for that by the way, it cause some serious havoc when I woke up this morning, such as lighting my sheets on fire. Again.
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