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"Nice to meet you."
Sun Nov 23, 2014 01:00

Jenni looked into the crowd where Gerry had indicated. Yup, she'd recognize the backs of those two heads anywhere. She could see that Nume was holding a large bag of popcorn in what was apparently a self-restraint exercise for his partner. As she watched, Ilraen leaned toward the bag, as if drawn by some invisible string, and when his hand got too close, Nume slapped it. Not hard enough to make a loud noise, but enough to startle Ilraen into remembering himself.

The nurse grinned. "Yep. Supernumerary and Ilraen, DIC. If you're gonna make a pass at either of them, I won't stop you, but I feel obligated to warn you it won't work and will amuse me."

  • "That'd be me."Gerry, Sun Nov 23 00:44
    At this point she'd been part of BM longer than she had been an assassin, but she had still hung out with her former partner and friends in DMS after the forced transfer to hear talk about the people ... more
    • "Nice to meet you." — Neshomeh, Sun Nov 23 01:00
      • Gerry grinned back.JulyFlame, Sun Nov 23 01:14
        "I'm not expecting it to work." She's actually pretty sure the taller man's probably not gay- Gerry just put it that way to hopefully make Denny choke on his coffee or whatever he's drinking to stay... more
        • Jenni chuckled.Neshomeh, Sun Nov 23 14:36
          "Now, that, I can guarantee. So, what's the plan? Wait until the movie's over, or sneak up while they can't escape?" It did occur to her that Gerry might be up to no good and therefore she shouldn't... more
          • "Catch 'em by surprise."JulyFlame, Sun Nov 23 20:08
            "You know if he likes anything besides bleepka or is he a teetotaler sort?" While it was more aggressive, she wasn't going to give them an opportunity to leave- especially Supernumerary. "And what's... more
            • "Oh, he's an Andalite."Neshomeh, Sun Nov 23 22:40
              "Long story short, he doesn't normally have a mouth, so he can get a little overexcited about food. Believe it or not, he's handling himself very well, relatively." She smiled fondly in Ilraen's... more
              • "That explains it."JulyFlame, Mon Dec 1 10:43
                Gerry shrugged. "Sometimes you just can't tell, with some people." There was strange, and then there was strange, especially with the PPC. Andalite definitely went a long way with explaining things.... more
                • Jenni thought a moment.Neshomeh, Wed Dec 3 11:47
                  "Hmm... Well, he's a Trekkie. Work that in somehow and you may escape with only a light coating of sar-plasm. Other than that, all I can say is good luck. Oh, and don't mention me. If he finds out I... more
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