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Rina Dives
Why are you asking me? I swear I didn't do it!
Sun Nov 23, 2014 11:34

How did you get this number?

And, uh, is it your birthday? Isn't that what people normally celebrate with lots of plastic flamingos?

  • So, IAgent Vania Tolluk, DF, Sun Nov 23 00:29
    awoke with 47 plastic lawn flamingos in my bed and on surrounding floor. explanation?
    • Why are you asking me? I swear I didn't do it! — Rina Dives, Sun Nov 23 11:34
      • Oh sorry.Vania Tolluk, DF, Mon Nov 24 00:48
        Thought I was texting my partner. Wasn't in the RC this morning. Just the flamingos. Hopefully partner didn't transmute into forty-seven plastic flamingos in sleep. Do we have any alchemist agents?... more
        • Forty-seven flamingos, huh?Rina Dives, Mon Nov 24 06:54
          Wonder where they came from. Can people actually turn into flamingos here? I could come over and check it out if you want- I don't have a mission scheduled for another couple of hours... I think.
          • Sure, come if you want. It's RC #251. Shouldn't say, "don't have a mission," though. Even in text.
            • "I'll be right over."Iximaz, Mon Nov 24 21:20
              Rina sent the text before shoving her phone in one of her bottomless pockets and slid off her bunk. "I'm going out for a bit," she said to Randa. "Mmkay," Randa said, barely glancing up from her... more
              • Vania opened the door with a quick motion.doctorlit, Tue Nov 25 09:44
                Her eyes had bags, and her hair wasn't in its usual ponytail, but she still gave Rina a smile. "Hey, there! Wasn't sure you would really come around." She thrust a hand out to Rina. "Pleased to meet... more
                • "Nice to meetcha, Vania. So..." Rina peered over Vania's shoulder into the RC, her eyebrows rising when she spotted the mass of pink. "Flamingo problem, huh? And your partner's, uh, vanished?" She... more
                  • "Well . . ."doctorlit, Tue Nov 25 21:27
                    "My only real clue is that our activator is gone, too. So . . . Doc apparently—Doc is my partner, by the way—Doc went somewhere, got these 'mingos, brought them back, and then went to a... more
                    • "A few."Iximaz, Wed Nov 26 11:21
                      Rina ran her fingers though her hair. "Possibly something like in the Doctor Who episode Fear Her , where some powerful being drew these flamingos into your room, or at least dumped them here. Or... more
                      • "Um, well, I don't think it's a prank . . ."doctorlit, Fri Nov 28 00:05
                        "See, Doc was, uh, drunk last night. Um, he had had a Butterbeer at Rudi's, and they have almost no alcohol content, but I guess Doc didn't know that and is also a super-lightweight? And the second I ... more
                        • Rina followed Vania into the RC.Iximaz, Fri Nov 28 07:23
                          While Vania checked the console, Rina knelt next to one of the flamingos and turned it over, looking for markings. However, when she moved the flamingo, something inside it rattled. "Vania?" she... more
                          • "Oh, seriously?"doctorlit, Fri Nov 28 08:13
                            Vania leaned out of her chair and pushed a couple of flamingos off the wall they were leaning on. They slid down and hit the floor, making them rattle. "Huh. Well, I guess it's time to recreate... more
                            • "We shall."Iximaz, Fri Nov 28 18:15
                              Rina set the crystal Vania had offered her aside in favor of pulling her crowbar from her belt. She raised it over her head and brought it down on a flamingo's back. The crowbar hit the plastic with... more
                              • While Rina was brutalizing her flamingo . . .doctorlit, Sat Nov 29 08:44
                                Vania had stabbed the Needler crystal through another. "Blagh, glitter? I didn't expect Sues to be involved. I just thought Doc had gone drunk shoplifting in some tacky thrift store." Vania moved... more
                                • Rina followed Vania through the portal...Iximaz, Sun Nov 30 10:31
                                  ...and clapped her hands over her mouth to stifle a shriek of excitement. The agents were standing smack in the middle of the cabins at Camp Half-Blood. Rina spun around, taking in the view- and... more
                                  • Vania looked around.doctorlit, Mon Dec 1 13:41
                                    "Don't know this place. Who are the Stoll brothers?"
                                    • Rina grinned.Iximaz, Mon Dec 1 14:50
                                      "This is the Percy Jackson universe, and the Stoll brothers are children of Hermes. And before you ask, their name was lampshaded in canon." Rina took another moment to drink in the beautiful,... more
                                      • Vania opened the portal, and stepped into . . . "Whoa. Ow. Colors." She shielded her eyes against a pink- and red-brick road that led to a town and castle, all in bright, bright colors. "This is . .... more
                                        • "What. Is this."Iximaz, Tue Dec 2 12:15
                                          Rina was overwhelmed by the swirl of color. "Seriously, what is this place?"
                                          • "This here is Sparklee."doctorlit, Tue Dec 2 13:45
                                            "It's, like, a legit Sue colony. A long while ago , some Sues started doing experiments in that castle over there that wound up sucking agents out of HQ. We mounted a rescue mission and stopped the... more
                                            • That made sense.Iximaz, Tue Dec 2 20:58
                                              Wherever Rina was able to look without her eyes aching, there was glitter. In fact, she and Vania had landed in a pile of the stuff and their feet and legs were now caked with sparkle. "Yech. I'd... more
                                              • Vania looked at her feet and shuddered.doctorlit, Wed Dec 3 12:05
                                                "Yes, let's," she said, kicking away some of the glitter. As Vania had predicted, the next portal led straight back to grey HQ. They found themselves in a fairly large room with a large number of... more
                                                • Rina cocked her head.Iximaz, Thu Dec 4 20:03
                                                  Sure enough, she could hear lapping water, though it was very faint. She glanced at Vania. "You don't think that could be the rumored pool, do you?" ((Pshyeah, right.))
                                                  • Vania considered.doctorlit, Fri Dec 5 00:15
                                                    "Well, the Lounge's geography has always been a little wonky, but I feel like someone would have found the pool by now if it had been in the lounge all along." She began stepping around the profusion ... more
                                                    • After a lot of tugging and pulling, the two agents finally managed to haul Doc's sodden form into the Lounge. Rina bent over, breathing hard. "Man... Doc, you weigh... a ton..."
                                                      • Doc stayed limp, but otherwisedoctorlit, Fri Dec 5 12:13
                                                        allowed himself to be dragged backwards, then upwards, into the Lounge. "Doc, what were you thinking, sitting in water that cold? What was that, Siberia?" "New York," Doc said quietly. He dropped the ... more
                                                        • Rina sighed and reached into her pockets.Iximaz, Fri Dec 5 14:14
                                                          After dumping the complete works of Rowling, Riordan and Flanagan on the floor next to Vania, she finally found her neuralyzer at the bottom of her pockets. "Sorry, my partner tends to use hers... more
                                                          • Re: Rina sighed and reached into her pockets.doctorlit, Fri Dec 5 15:54
                                                            Doc's eyes had slowly grown wider and wider as he watched Rina cover the floor in books. Now, he reached out for them. "Preeeeeciooouuus." Vania whapped his hands. "Bad Doc! Not your Precious!" Then, ... more
                                                            • Rina nodded.Iximaz, Fri Dec 5 21:41
                                                              She crammed the books back in her pockets and lowered herself through the portal, the neuralyzer clamped between her teeth. "I haf m' RA in m' pcket," she mumbled around the neuralyzer. "Meet you 'n... more
                                                              • "Sounds good," Vania called.doctorlit, Sat Dec 6 00:42
                                                                "Who's that?" Doc said, his teeth chattering. "Did you introduce a new character without me?" Vania rolled her eyes. "That's Rina. You can talk to her later. Right now, we need to get you out of... more
                                                                • ((She already put the books back))Iximaz, Sat Dec 6 11:49
                                                                  Rina would have grinned at Doc's comment if it weren't for gear of dropping the neuralyzer in the frigid waters below. This is gonna suck , she thought to herself, and let go. Luckily, a girl falling ... more
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