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Agent Gremlin, DBS
What, you think I'd kiss and tell?
Mon Nov 24, 2014 10:08

You're right. I totally would.

I'm pretty sure you've met her before. She picked me up a few times after those AHAIRQL games we had back in 2012. You remember, right? Or were you too concussed to focus properly. I vaguely recall you calling me by your dragon's name after that one match in the basement of the Musee des Univers Perdus.

Wait. Did you? I might have been a little concussed too.

((OOC: I'm still thinking how canon-friendly/non-canon I want to make this bit, thus the vagueness.))

  • Haha, killer.Gall Knutson, DMS, Sun Nov 23 21:34
    So who's the lucky biped getting a taste of your Unrelenting Force?
    • What, you think I'd kiss and tell? — Agent Gremlin, DBS, Mon Nov 24 10:08
      • The one with the huge melons?Gall Knutson, DMS, Mon Nov 24 12:57
        Or wait, do you mean the other one, whatsherface? I didn't know you guys hooked up! I probably was concussed. Wouldn't be the first time, or the last. Ugh, I can't stand that you're beating me at... more
        • There was a chick with huge melons?Agent Gremlin, DBS, Mon Nov 24 15:50
          I really was concussed. No memory of her whatsoever. No, I'm talking about my partner. The skinny one with blue hair and a big coat. We started going "officially" round near the end of last year.... more
          • Yup.Gall Knutson, DMS, Tue Nov 25 09:59
            I think she might've been a townie. I'm not into boobs, but sometimes you just can't help but notice, ya know? Hang on, it's starting to come back to me now. There was definitely drinking going on.... more
            • Deal.PoorCynic, Wed Nov 26 16:11
              Meet you at Rudi's in fifteen. Bring money this time. ((Agreed on both points. I'm not sure whether being around these two while they drink would be hilarious or slightly terrifying. Or maybe both.... more
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