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Agent Ashley Glocker
Ohhhh... my frakin' head...
Thu Nov 27, 2014 11:09

What the loopty-loop happened last night? I woke up this mornin' and there was a pizza pinned to my wall, so there's that, and I think I went around in all black because I'm still wearing my funeral suit, and I wrote a farewell and last will and testament for my liver.

... Where the hell am I anyway? This isn't Japan.

  • Texts From Last Night, PPC Edition!JulyFlame, Fri Nov 21 22:17
    To set the mood. Taking unabashed 'inspiration' from a fairly popular RP meme on Dreamwidth, let's give Texts From Last Night in RP form a shot with the PPC. How do you join in? It's simple! Pick a... more
    • Ohhhh... my frakin' head... — Agent Ashley Glocker, Thu Nov 27 11:09
      • Ah, hello.Marianne Delacroix, DoI, Thu Nov 27 17:04
        I still can't figure out how you managed to get my number, but that is beside the point. You appear to be new to HQ, yes? If you want, I can come over and show you around-- and take you to Personnel... more
        • Well, I guess?Agent Ashley Glocker, Thu Nov 27 19:30
          Beats me, I dunno what this thing I'm holding is, but it seems to be sending messages and I'm getting them back so hey, that's cool. Still wish I could find my phone. Anyway I'm in room 20XX.
          • Oh, you're the new next door neighbour!Marianne Delacroix, DoI, Thu Nov 27 22:04
            Wonderful! Come to think of it, Tomoko was complaining about a banging noise last night; your pizza-nailed-to-the-wall seems to be the explanation. Don't move, I'll be right over with a housewarming... more
            • Alright.Agent Ashley Glocker, Thu Nov 27 22:53
              Ashley trotted back and forth across the room, crossing his arms behind his back and shaking his head lightly as he tried to clear out the cobwebs in his head... and in his room. It looked like it... more
              • ((Apologies for the delay.))SeaTurtle, Sat Nov 29 22:47
                ((Real life and all of that jazz.)) - - - Marianne and Gaspard sized up their interlocutor. After a quick study of the confused-looking bleary-eyed man in front of them, the senior agent took... more
                • ((No worries~))Agent Ashley Glocker, Sat Nov 29 23:58
                  Ashley blinks and takes the biscuit tin. "Uh... thanks." He says as Marianne continues, idly opening the tin and taking out one of the cookies as he listens, and slowly eats one as the elder woman... more
                  • "We'll need you to get to Personnel, then."SeaTurtle, Sun Nov 30 12:19
                    "Follow me," said Marainne as she turned on her heels and walked down the Generic Grey hallway at an unusually brisk pace for an 85-year-old. Gaspard followed suit, calling to Ashley. "Come along and ... more
                    • "I think I lost my phone before that..."Anonymous, Mon Dec 1 03:00
                      Ashley taps his chin, quickly setting the tin of cookies aside as he quickly falls in with Gaspard and Marainne, easily keeping the brisk pace. "I think I remember this 'armory' you're talking about. ... more
                      • "Departments? Certainly, sir."SeaTurtle, Mon Dec 1 21:59
                        Gaspard cleared his throat. "There are three types of departments in this place: action, infrastructure, or security. Action departments are the ones that venture into the multiverse to fix problems. ... more
                        • "What in the world did I get myself into?"Agent Ashley Glocker, Tue Dec 2 03:44
                          Ash shakes his head, chuckling. "Well, at the very least, I find it pretty amusing that I end up here. Figures it would be after years of -wanting- for something like this to happen, and then when I... more
                          • ((Aaaargh, sorry.))SeaTurtle, Thu Dec 4 21:59
                            ((Exam season is upon us over here, so sorry if my posts are far and few in between.)) "Yes, actual flowers," confirmed Marianne. "Or more specifically, Flowers , note the capital F. They're mostly... more
                            • "Hmmm.. what's D-Ops Again?"Agent Ashley Glocker, Fri Dec 5 01:03
                              Ash rubs his chin, humming lightly. "I was security forces when I was in the Navy. I started in Aviation, and spent a good stint as a life-support equipment maintainer, before becoming a MA and... more
                              • "I have one final piece of advice for you," she said. "When you approach the Marquis for a job, be sure to mention if you intend to return to World One-- Earth, that is. If you say 'yes', they will... more
                                • "That is absolutely not ominous at all."Agent Ashley Glocker, Tue Dec 9 06:37
                                  Ash deadpans, looking at the note before giving Marianne a grin. "Thank you for giving me the nickle-tour ma'am. I'll certainly step in to visit at some point." He smiles, giving her a gentle, though ... more
              • Edit-Agent Ashley Glocker, Thu Nov 27 22:55
                ((Whoops, my bad...)) EDIT: The funeral suit had been beyond salvaging and smelled -horrible, and had quickly been discarded to the other side of the room as Ash walked around in his silk boxer... more
    • So, IAgent Vania Tolluk, DF, Sun Nov 23 00:29
      awoke with 47 plastic lawn flamingos in my bed and on surrounding floor. explanation?
      • Why are you asking me? I swear I didn't do it!Rina Dives, Sun Nov 23 11:34
        How did you get this number? And, uh, is it your birthday? Isn't that what people normally celebrate with lots of plastic flamingos?
        • Oh sorry.Vania Tolluk, DF, Mon Nov 24 00:48
          Thought I was texting my partner. Wasn't in the RC this morning. Just the flamingos. Hopefully partner didn't transmute into forty-seven plastic flamingos in sleep. Do we have any alchemist agents?... more
          • Forty-seven flamingos, huh?Rina Dives, Mon Nov 24 06:54
            Wonder where they came from. Can people actually turn into flamingos here? I could come over and check it out if you want- I don't have a mission scheduled for another couple of hours... I think.
            • Sure, come if you want. It's RC #251. Shouldn't say, "don't have a mission," though. Even in text.
              • "I'll be right over."Iximaz, Mon Nov 24 21:20
                Rina sent the text before shoving her phone in one of her bottomless pockets and slid off her bunk. "I'm going out for a bit," she said to Randa. "Mmkay," Randa said, barely glancing up from her... more
                • Vania opened the door with a quick motion.doctorlit, Tue Nov 25 09:44
                  Her eyes had bags, and her hair wasn't in its usual ponytail, but she still gave Rina a smile. "Hey, there! Wasn't sure you would really come around." She thrust a hand out to Rina. "Pleased to meet... more
                  • "Nice to meetcha, Vania. So..." Rina peered over Vania's shoulder into the RC, her eyebrows rising when she spotted the mass of pink. "Flamingo problem, huh? And your partner's, uh, vanished?" She... more
                    • "Well . . ."doctorlit, Tue Nov 25 21:27
                      "My only real clue is that our activator is gone, too. So . . . Doc apparently—Doc is my partner, by the way—Doc went somewhere, got these 'mingos, brought them back, and then went to a... more
                      • "A few."Iximaz, Wed Nov 26 11:21
                        Rina ran her fingers though her hair. "Possibly something like in the Doctor Who episode Fear Her , where some powerful being drew these flamingos into your room, or at least dumped them here. Or... more
                        • "Um, well, I don't think it's a prank . . ."doctorlit, Fri Nov 28 00:05
                          "See, Doc was, uh, drunk last night. Um, he had had a Butterbeer at Rudi's, and they have almost no alcohol content, but I guess Doc didn't know that and is also a super-lightweight? And the second I ... more
                          • Rina followed Vania into the RC.Iximaz, Fri Nov 28 07:23
                            While Vania checked the console, Rina knelt next to one of the flamingos and turned it over, looking for markings. However, when she moved the flamingo, something inside it rattled. "Vania?" she... more
                            • "Oh, seriously?"doctorlit, Fri Nov 28 08:13
                              Vania leaned out of her chair and pushed a couple of flamingos off the wall they were leaning on. They slid down and hit the floor, making them rattle. "Huh. Well, I guess it's time to recreate... more
                              • "We shall."Iximaz, Fri Nov 28 18:15
                                Rina set the crystal Vania had offered her aside in favor of pulling her crowbar from her belt. She raised it over her head and brought it down on a flamingo's back. The crowbar hit the plastic with... more
                                • While Rina was brutalizing her flamingo . . .doctorlit, Sat Nov 29 08:44
                                  Vania had stabbed the Needler crystal through another. "Blagh, glitter? I didn't expect Sues to be involved. I just thought Doc had gone drunk shoplifting in some tacky thrift store." Vania moved... more
                                  • Rina followed Vania through the portal...Iximaz, Sun Nov 30 10:31
                                    ...and clapped her hands over her mouth to stifle a shriek of excitement. The agents were standing smack in the middle of the cabins at Camp Half-Blood. Rina spun around, taking in the view- and... more
                                    • Vania looked around.doctorlit, Mon Dec 1 13:41
                                      "Don't know this place. Who are the Stoll brothers?"
                                      • Rina grinned.Iximaz, Mon Dec 1 14:50
                                        "This is the Percy Jackson universe, and the Stoll brothers are children of Hermes. And before you ask, their name was lampshaded in canon." Rina took another moment to drink in the beautiful,... more
                                        • Vania opened the portal, and stepped into . . . "Whoa. Ow. Colors." She shielded her eyes against a pink- and red-brick road that led to a town and castle, all in bright, bright colors. "This is . .... more
                                          • "What. Is this."Iximaz, Tue Dec 2 12:15
                                            Rina was overwhelmed by the swirl of color. "Seriously, what is this place?"
                                            • "This here is Sparklee."doctorlit, Tue Dec 2 13:45
                                              "It's, like, a legit Sue colony. A long while ago , some Sues started doing experiments in that castle over there that wound up sucking agents out of HQ. We mounted a rescue mission and stopped the... more
                                              • That made sense.Iximaz, Tue Dec 2 20:58
                                                Wherever Rina was able to look without her eyes aching, there was glitter. In fact, she and Vania had landed in a pile of the stuff and their feet and legs were now caked with sparkle. "Yech. I'd... more
                                                • Vania looked at her feet and shuddered.doctorlit, Wed Dec 3 12:05
                                                  "Yes, let's," she said, kicking away some of the glitter. As Vania had predicted, the next portal led straight back to grey HQ. They found themselves in a fairly large room with a large number of... more
                                                  • Rina cocked her head.Iximaz, Thu Dec 4 20:03
                                                    Sure enough, she could hear lapping water, though it was very faint. She glanced at Vania. "You don't think that could be the rumored pool, do you?" ((Pshyeah, right.))
                                                    • Vania considered.doctorlit, Fri Dec 5 00:15
                                                      "Well, the Lounge's geography has always been a little wonky, but I feel like someone would have found the pool by now if it had been in the lounge all along." She began stepping around the profusion ... more
                                                      • After a lot of tugging and pulling, the two agents finally managed to haul Doc's sodden form into the Lounge. Rina bent over, breathing hard. "Man... Doc, you weigh... a ton..."
                                                        • Doc stayed limp, but otherwisedoctorlit, Fri Dec 5 12:13
                                                          allowed himself to be dragged backwards, then upwards, into the Lounge. "Doc, what were you thinking, sitting in water that cold? What was that, Siberia?" "New York," Doc said quietly. He dropped the ... more
                                                          • Rina sighed and reached into her pockets.Iximaz, Fri Dec 5 14:14
                                                            After dumping the complete works of Rowling, Riordan and Flanagan on the floor next to Vania, she finally found her neuralyzer at the bottom of her pockets. "Sorry, my partner tends to use hers... more
                                                            • Re: Rina sighed and reached into her pockets.doctorlit, Fri Dec 5 15:54
                                                              Doc's eyes had slowly grown wider and wider as he watched Rina cover the floor in books. Now, he reached out for them. "Preeeeeciooouuus." Vania whapped his hands. "Bad Doc! Not your Precious!" Then, ... more
                                                              • Rina nodded.Iximaz, Fri Dec 5 21:41
                                                                She crammed the books back in her pockets and lowered herself through the portal, the neuralyzer clamped between her teeth. "I haf m' RA in m' pcket," she mumbled around the neuralyzer. "Meet you 'n... more
                                                                • "Sounds good," Vania called.doctorlit, Sat Dec 6 00:42
                                                                  "Who's that?" Doc said, his teeth chattering. "Did you introduce a new character without me?" Vania rolled her eyes. "That's Rina. You can talk to her later. Right now, we need to get you out of... more
    • Re: Texts From Last Night, PPC Edition!Gerry, BM, Sat Nov 22 22:10
      I'm gonna go for the gay guy. The ginger is freaking me out.
      • What?Jennifer Robinson, FicPsych, Sat Nov 22 22:24
        If you're talking about who I think you're talking about, I gotta see this. Don't move, I'll be right there.
        • Who?Gerry, BM, Sat Nov 22 22:27
          The weirdo ginger or the gay bloke?
          • Where?Jennifer Robinson, FicPsych, Sat Nov 22 22:44
            The Lounge, right? And it's both of them together. Otherwise none of this makes sense and I'm going to be really embarrassed. By the way, have we actually met?
            • Yeah.Gerry, BM, Sat Nov 22 22:48
              Wait, this isn't Denny? Who is this?
              • Oops.Jennifer Robinson, FicPsych, Sat Nov 22 23:03
                Jenni Robinson, FicPsych. I guess I can see how the two could be confused. I'd butt out, but those guys are my friends and I'm here now, so yeah. Don't worry, I'll stay out of the way. :)
                • And now, switching to ~in-person~Gerry, Sat Nov 22 23:32
                  Gerry looked up the moment she received the reply; it'd figure it wasn't Denny who got the message. He wouldn't have taken it nearly as well, which was part of the point. She and Colt sometimes liked ... more
                  • True to her word, she was trying not to be noticed as she looked for Nume and Ilraen. She wasn't entirely sure why anyone would peg Nume as "the gay guy," unless it was something about his personal... more
                    • "That'd be me."Gerry, Sun Nov 23 00:44
                      At this point she'd been part of BM longer than she had been an assassin, but she had still hung out with her former partner and friends in DMS after the forced transfer to hear talk about the people ... more
                      • "Nice to meet you."Neshomeh, Sun Nov 23 01:00
                        Jenni looked into the crowd where Gerry had indicated. Yup, she'd recognize the backs of those two heads anywhere. She could see that Nume was holding a large bag of popcorn in what was apparently a... more
                        • Gerry grinned back.JulyFlame, Sun Nov 23 01:14
                          "I'm not expecting it to work." She's actually pretty sure the taller man's probably not gay- Gerry just put it that way to hopefully make Denny choke on his coffee or whatever he's drinking to stay... more
                          • Jenni chuckled.Neshomeh, Sun Nov 23 14:36
                            "Now, that, I can guarantee. So, what's the plan? Wait until the movie's over, or sneak up while they can't escape?" It did occur to her that Gerry might be up to no good and therefore she shouldn't... more
                            • "Catch 'em by surprise."JulyFlame, Sun Nov 23 20:08
                              "You know if he likes anything besides bleepka or is he a teetotaler sort?" While it was more aggressive, she wasn't going to give them an opportunity to leave- especially Supernumerary. "And what's... more
                              • "Oh, he's an Andalite."Neshomeh, Sun Nov 23 22:40
                                "Long story short, he doesn't normally have a mouth, so he can get a little overexcited about food. Believe it or not, he's handling himself very well, relatively." She smiled fondly in Ilraen's... more
                                • "That explains it."JulyFlame, Mon Dec 1 10:43
                                  Gerry shrugged. "Sometimes you just can't tell, with some people." There was strange, and then there was strange, especially with the PPC. Andalite definitely went a long way with explaining things.... more
                                  • Jenni thought a moment.Neshomeh, Wed Dec 3 11:47
                                    "Hmm... Well, he's a Trekkie. Work that in somehow and you may escape with only a light coating of sar-plasm. Other than that, all I can say is good luck. Oh, and don't mention me. If he finds out I... more
    • This is a mass text.Agent Bulldog, DOI, Sat Nov 22 19:41
      Does anyone know where I am?
      • Last time I checked-Agent Kay Eden, DMS, Sat Nov 22 19:53
        -you were trapped in the internet. Just asking, is it nice in there? And can you possibly solve the question of, 'is Google male or female?'
        • Am I still in the Matrix?Agent Bulldog, DOI, Sat Nov 22 20:00
          I was pretty sure I got out of there with Frost and his ridiculous puppet. And rookie: Google was a piece of software, not a person. Even then, I seriously doubt a search algorithm has a sex in the... more
          • No, you're definitely in there.Agent Kay Eden, DMS, Sat Nov 22 20:06
            I can see you through Windows. ((Okay, that was a horrible, horrible pun. I should probably shut up now.))
    • Is it a little weird...Agent Gremlin, DBS, Sat Nov 22 19:08
      ...that I have a ridiculous urge to have sex while the theme song to the Pirates of the Carrbibbean blares in the background?
        • I don't know any Viking music.Agent Gremlin, DBS, Sun Nov 23 03:36
          Wait. Does the theme from Skyrim count? 'Cause that'd be pretty awesome sex music too.
          • Hmm.Gall Knutson, DMS, Sun Nov 23 14:10
            Apparently this exists? Dunno if it does anything for me, but whatev. Skyrim is awesome and totally counts. The Nords shoulda taken a page out of Berk's book, teamed up with the dragons, and laid... more
            • Gonna go with Skyrim.Agent Gremlin, DBS, Sun Nov 23 20:19
              I'll try to yell "FUS RO DAH" as I climax for maximum effect. It's either gonna be awesome or totally horrible while still being a little awesome at the same time.
              • Haha, killer.Gall Knutson, DMS, Sun Nov 23 21:34
                So who's the lucky biped getting a taste of your Unrelenting Force?
                • What, you think I'd kiss and tell?Agent Gremlin, DBS, Mon Nov 24 10:08
                  You're right. I totally would. I'm pretty sure you've met her before. She picked me up a few times after those AHAIRQL games we had back in 2012. You remember, right? Or were you too concussed to... more
                  • The one with the huge melons?Gall Knutson, DMS, Mon Nov 24 12:57
                    Or wait, do you mean the other one, whatsherface? I didn't know you guys hooked up! I probably was concussed. Wouldn't be the first time, or the last. Ugh, I can't stand that you're beating me at... more
                    • There was a chick with huge melons?Agent Gremlin, DBS, Mon Nov 24 15:50
                      I really was concussed. No memory of her whatsoever. No, I'm talking about my partner. The skinny one with blue hair and a big coat. We started going "officially" round near the end of last year.... more
                      • Yup.Gall Knutson, DMS, Tue Nov 25 09:59
                        I think she might've been a townie. I'm not into boobs, but sometimes you just can't help but notice, ya know? Hang on, it's starting to come back to me now. There was definitely drinking going on.... more
                        • Deal.PoorCynic, Wed Nov 26 16:11
                          Meet you at Rudi's in fifteen. Bring money this time. ((Agreed on both points. I'm not sure whether being around these two while they drink would be hilarious or slightly terrifying. Or maybe both.... more
      • Yes.Agent Desdendelle, DF, Sat Nov 22 21:49
        Most certainly and undoubtedly yes. Yes in capital letters.
        • What, too over the top?Agent Gremlin, DBS, Sun Nov 23 03:43
          Would the Indiana Jones theme be any better?
          • Sorta.Agent Desdendelle, DF, Sun Nov 23 09:58
            The Society for the Appreciation of Composers That are Dead for 264 Years would like to remind you of a certain piece that would better fit the mood. -Attachement included
            • Yeah, that's all right...Agent Gremlin, DBS, Sun Nov 23 20:04
              ...if I wanted to put us both to sleep right in the middle. Classical's got its place, but it's not in the bedroom. Not my bedroom, anyway.
              • -Evil Laugh-Agent Desdendelle, DF, Mon Nov 24 01:37
                The Society for the Appreciation of Composers That are Dead for 264 Years would like to turn you into mush, heretic! How dare you not agree that JSB is not perfection itself!
    • On the bright side, nobody died!Agent Kat [hastily redacted last name], DMS, Sat Nov 22 18:18
      Please bring me back my left shoe. I have a mission as soon as the console decides I'm bluffing.
      • Your shoeAgent Ashley Glocker, Thu Nov 27 11:25
        You have yet to return my iPod, so until I get it back, your shoe remains active hostage there pal. I'll send along a pic next text. You have seven hours to reply.
        • ...that sure is my shoeAgent Kat, Fri Nov 28 01:56
          How in the world did it get over there? ...and, uh, what's your iPod look like?
          • It's the 5s from 2014.Agent Ashley Glocker, Fri Nov 28 02:34
            Silver and Black, has a gear with a crossed quill and pipe-wrench etched into the back. Screen is in perfect condition. Room 20XX. Or I could come to your room to pick it up, whatever, not picky. I... more
            • Ohhhhh hey I know I saw that.Agent Kat, Sun Nov 30 12:01
              Dunno how I wound up with it, but could probably do you a trade. Think you could find ours? RC Phi. Don't really wanna wander the halls with one shoe. ...wait, hang on, is it a phone or an iPod?
              • Phone.Agent Ashley Glocker, Mon Dec 1 03:14
                The Armory gave me a RA when I asked if they had my phone... And I'm pretty sure I could find it. RC Phi?
    • Why is it something always happens...Agent Kaatah, DMFF, Sat Nov 22 17:20
      ...Great night, great people but I lost my emergency induction port, woke up this morning and just could not find it. I think I stumbled in2 ur RC last night do you have it?
      • Of course I do.Officer Naya'Keegan, DIA SR, Sat Nov 22 18:21
        How many quarians do you know in HQ anyways? You also left your Omni-tool in my dishwasher.
        • Until you replied? NoneAgent Kaatah, DMFF, Sat Nov 22 20:44
          Oh, that's where it went. Was wondering y I had a CAD strapped to my arm.
          • On that noteAgent Ashley Glocker, Thu Nov 27 13:56
            You also left a few tech grenades in my RC. Thanks for that by the way, it cause some serious havoc when I woke up this morning, such as lighting my sheets on fire. Again.
    • Arceus dmn itAgent Falchion, DF, Sat Nov 22 16:44
      Brb, need 2 replace my sis's lptop for 5th time. Y arn't these dmn keyboards beak-compatibl?!
      • *facepaw*Agent Rashida, DF, Sat Nov 22 16:45
        Because you peck the keys too hard, you clueless tin turkey.
    • That guyAgent Ari, DIC, Sat Nov 22 15:30
      That man is just a bundle of powerful magic and poor judgement.
      • He hates when you call it magic.Agent Gremlin, DBS, Sat Nov 22 19:19
        It's the Force. But yeah, I'm with you 100 percent on the "bad judgement" thing. No one is meant to combine that much alcohol with that much hot sauce.
    • Hey. You.Agent Lana Kohler, DMS, Sat Nov 22 14:45
      Wake up. Eat bread. Find your dignity. Don't be late for work again.
    • Oh deery me!Agent Silver Leonne, Sat Nov 22 10:35
      It's 4:30 AM, and I just walked through a line of 10 deer without freaking them out. I am the campus deer queen.
      • A slight mistake...Agent Zoro DMFF, Sat Nov 22 10:43
        Believe me they were not all deer. It was however a fantastic night.
    • -This field itentionally left blank-Agent Desdendelle, DF, Sat Nov 22 09:16
      He's unconstrained by sanity, physics, or his liver.
      • Oh...Agent Kitty Eden, DMS, Sat Nov 22 09:37 you were there too? I didn't see you. But then again, we were a bit busy with the crowbar and the Bleepka, so...
        • ...and then you twoThe Disentangler, DIC, Sat Nov 22 10:48
          ...started interpretive dancing to Mozart.
          • Aha.Agent Librarian, The, Sat Nov 22 11:08
            Serves you right for not listening to your superiors.
            • I did!Agent Kitty Eden, DMS, Sat Nov 22 19:50
              I just chose to ignore you.
              • Hey!Agent Desdendelle, DF, Sat Nov 22 21:51
                Now he's sulking, and I'm at the receiving end. Thanks a bunch, really. I appreciate that. (For the uninitiated: that was sarcasm.)
                • I aim to please.Agent Kitty Eden, Sat Nov 22 22:57
                  Really, don't thank me. I get enough of that every day.
                  • [Expletive deleted by the system]Agent Desdendelle, DF, Sat Nov 22 23:15
                    My, are we pleasant today. You know that he has that damned Tablet of his in his hands, and that means you're gonna get hacked sooner or later, right?
                    • I am indeed pleasant.Agent Kitty Eden, DMS, Sun Nov 23 02:08
                      And thanks for the warning. You're talking to the girl who stays up all night on her iPad instead of doing simple tasks like sleeping. I will be prepared!
    • I should be rewarded with oreosChristianne Shieh, DMS, Sat Nov 22 02:23
      ...for not turning into a raging b*tch.
      • ... Right.Agent Librarian, the, DF, Sat Nov 22 09:17
        I have no idea what you have done, but keeping oneself sane is an obligation, not something to be rewarded.
        • It was the cape.Christianne Shieh, DMS, Sat Nov 22 10:49
          I can't control myself when I wear a cape.
          • Obviously...Agent Librarian, The, DF, Sat Nov 22 11:09
            If this is indeed the case: do not wear a cape.
    • Help meHarris Frost, Fri Nov 21 23:13
      been 45 minues now still stuck head first in giant smuppet doll in my rc all the way up to my waist and i can't move sonia is away with friends and i am alone phone battery is dying this is it this... more
      • Again?Agent Ashley Glocker, Thu Nov 27 14:22
        Is it the urple colored one?
        • oh thank godHarris Frost, DoI, Thu Nov 27 16:09
          it feels like days since i sent that text whoever you are come quick to rc 1313 and get me out of this thing bring a big pair of scissors or something i have no idea what colour this thing is i just... more
          • Weird.Agent Ashley Glocker, Thu Nov 27 19:22
            ^Yeah, sorry, it's been a weird week. I finally got my real phone back after... things and happenings. We'll talk about it later. Where's your partner anyway?^ Ashley sends the text with a firm nod... more
    • A TextAgent Kitty Eden, DMS, Fri Nov 21 23:13
      On Saturday 11th of November, Kitty wrote... ... alright, if I email the police department asking for my mug shot do you think they will email it to me?
      • Okay, new plan.Christianne Shieh, DMS, Sat Nov 22 02:25
        Get drunk, eat breadsticks. It's going to be great.
        • Oh, boy...Agent Kitty Eden, DMS, Sat Nov 22 04:02
          ...I hope we come out of this alive. And with clean prison records.
          • "Local woman assaults strangers with Luxury's toys"Christianne Shieh, DMS, Sat Nov 22 10:50
            is a headline I never want to be about me.
            • Oops...Agent Kitty Eden, DMS, Sat Nov 22 23:01
              ...I guess that means we'll have to break into the news office tonight and melt all the hard drives. Are you coming with me?
    • Question= do you need Permission?KittyEden, Fri Nov 21 23:03
      'Cause I'd completely love to do this (I even found the perfect one for my insane Agent with questionable sanity) but I don't have Permission yet.
      • Could've asked on the main board. ;)JulyFlame, Fri Nov 21 23:10
        The short answer is yes. The long answer is that by default, PPCers even without permission are generally allowed to join in on RPs usually- of course, if you make a muck out of things (which is... more
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