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Agent Ashley Glocker
Your shoe
Thu Nov 27, 2014 11:25

You have yet to return my iPod, so until I get it back, your shoe remains active hostage there pal.

I'll send along a pic next text. You have seven hours to reply.

  • On the bright side, nobody died!Agent Kat [hastily redacted last name], DMS, Sat Nov 22 18:18
    Please bring me back my left shoe. I have a mission as soon as the console decides I'm bluffing.
    • Your shoe — Agent Ashley Glocker, Thu Nov 27 11:25
      • ...that sure is my shoeAgent Kat, Fri Nov 28 01:56
        How in the world did it get over there? ...and, uh, what's your iPod look like?
        • It's the 5s from 2014.Agent Ashley Glocker, Fri Nov 28 02:34
          Silver and Black, has a gear with a crossed quill and pipe-wrench etched into the back. Screen is in perfect condition. Room 20XX. Or I could come to your room to pick it up, whatever, not picky. I... more
          • Ohhhhh hey I know I saw that.Agent Kat, Sun Nov 30 12:01
            Dunno how I wound up with it, but could probably do you a trade. Think you could find ours? RC Phi. Don't really wanna wander the halls with one shoe. ...wait, hang on, is it a phone or an iPod?
            • Phone.Agent Ashley Glocker, Mon Dec 1 03:14
              The Armory gave me a RA when I asked if they had my phone... And I'm pretty sure I could find it. RC Phi?
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