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Harris Frost, DoI
oh thank god
Thu Nov 27, 2014 16:09

it feels like days since i sent that text

whoever you are come quick to rc 1313 and get me out of this thing

bring a big pair of scissors or something

i have no idea what colour this thing is i just know that i'm half inside it and i want out

  • Again?Agent Ashley Glocker, Thu Nov 27 14:22
    Is it the urple colored one?
    • oh thank god — Harris Frost, DoI, Thu Nov 27 16:09
      • Weird.Agent Ashley Glocker, Thu Nov 27 19:22
        ^Yeah, sorry, it's been a weird week. I finally got my real phone back after... things and happenings. We'll talk about it later. Where's your partner anyway?^ Ashley sends the text with a firm nod... more
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