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Agent Ashley Glocker
Thu Nov 27, 2014 19:22

^Yeah, sorry, it's been a weird week. I finally got my real phone back after... things and happenings. We'll talk about it later. Where's your partner anyway?^

Ashley sends the text with a firm nod before putting the phone in his pocket, rolling his neck side to side as he trots through HQ, making his way to 1313 from his room, 20XX.

This place, the people in it, he didn't particularly understand it yet, and he was trying to learn, especially after he mentioned idly 'that he was prior military' and they snatched him up for 'field work'. whatever that was...

The human huffs out a breath and idly moves one of his bangs out of his face as he picks up the pace a little as he spies the door to 1313. Probably would be best to not let whomever this was die anyway.

  • oh thank godHarris Frost, DoI, Thu Nov 27 16:09
    it feels like days since i sent that text whoever you are come quick to rc 1313 and get me out of this thing bring a big pair of scissors or something i have no idea what colour this thing is i just... more
    • Weird. — Agent Ashley Glocker, Thu Nov 27 19:22
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