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"I think I lost my phone before that..."
Mon Dec 1, 2014 03:00

Ashley taps his chin, quickly setting the tin of cookies aside as he quickly falls in with Gaspard and Marainne, easily keeping the brisk pace.

"I think I remember this 'armory' you're talking about. There was some pretty weird stuff in there, for sure, but when I mentioned my missing phone they just handed me this and said something about filling out paperwork later." He says, walking alongside, idly stretching his arms.

"I'm sure I'll find it later." He says, glancing around at his surroundings. "Jeeze, might as well be back on the Carrier... gray gray gray and surprise! More gray." The retired sailor chuckles.

"So, tell me a little more about this place. Or rather, the... departments, you called them?"

  • "We'll need you to get to Personnel, then."SeaTurtle, Sun Nov 30 12:19
    "Follow me," said Marainne as she turned on her heels and walked down the Generic Grey hallway at an unusually brisk pace for an 85-year-old. Gaspard followed suit, calling to Ashley. "Come along and ... more
    • "I think I lost my phone before that..." — Anonymous, Mon Dec 1 03:00
      • "Departments? Certainly, sir."SeaTurtle, Mon Dec 1 21:59
        Gaspard cleared his throat. "There are three types of departments in this place: action, infrastructure, or security. Action departments are the ones that venture into the multiverse to fix problems. ... more
        • "What in the world did I get myself into?"Agent Ashley Glocker, Tue Dec 2 03:44
          Ash shakes his head, chuckling. "Well, at the very least, I find it pretty amusing that I end up here. Figures it would be after years of -wanting- for something like this to happen, and then when I... more
          • ((Aaaargh, sorry.))SeaTurtle, Thu Dec 4 21:59
            ((Exam season is upon us over here, so sorry if my posts are far and few in between.)) "Yes, actual flowers," confirmed Marianne. "Or more specifically, Flowers , note the capital F. They're mostly... more
            • "Hmmm.. what's D-Ops Again?"Agent Ashley Glocker, Fri Dec 5 01:03
              Ash rubs his chin, humming lightly. "I was security forces when I was in the Navy. I started in Aviation, and spent a good stint as a life-support equipment maintainer, before becoming a MA and... more
              • "I have one final piece of advice for you," she said. "When you approach the Marquis for a job, be sure to mention if you intend to return to World One-- Earth, that is. If you say 'yes', they will... more
                • "That is absolutely not ominous at all."Agent Ashley Glocker, Tue Dec 9 06:37
                  Ash deadpans, looking at the note before giving Marianne a grin. "Thank you for giving me the nickle-tour ma'am. I'll certainly step in to visit at some point." He smiles, giving her a gentle, though ... more
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