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"Right. These next coordinates are weird-looking."
Tue Dec 2, 2014 01:53

Vania opened the portal, and stepped into . . .

"Whoa. Ow. Colors." She shielded her eyes against a pink- and red-brick road that led to a town and castle, all in bright, bright colors.

"This is . . ." Vania suddenly grabbed at her forehead. "Familiar?" She moved down the road a bit towards a big, golden sign.

Population: 11 619 117 souls and counting.

Vania stared for a moment, then grabbed at her head again. "Oh! This was where that music thing happened. They made a movie about it, I think."

  • Rina grinned.Iximaz, Mon Dec 1 14:50
    "This is the Percy Jackson universe, and the Stoll brothers are children of Hermes. And before you ask, their name was lampshaded in canon." Rina took another moment to drink in the beautiful,... more
    • "Right. These next coordinates are weird-looking." — doctorlit, Tue Dec 2 01:53
      • "What. Is this."Iximaz, Tue Dec 2 12:15
        Rina was overwhelmed by the swirl of color. "Seriously, what is this place?"
        • "This here is Sparklee."doctorlit, Tue Dec 2 13:45
          "It's, like, a legit Sue colony. A long while ago , some Sues started doing experiments in that castle over there that wound up sucking agents out of HQ. We mounted a rescue mission and stopped the... more
          • That made sense.Iximaz, Tue Dec 2 20:58
            Wherever Rina was able to look without her eyes aching, there was glitter. In fact, she and Vania had landed in a pile of the stuff and their feet and legs were now caked with sparkle. "Yech. I'd... more
            • Vania looked at her feet and shuddered.doctorlit, Wed Dec 3 12:05
              "Yes, let's," she said, kicking away some of the glitter. As Vania had predicted, the next portal led straight back to grey HQ. They found themselves in a fairly large room with a large number of... more
              • Rina cocked her head.Iximaz, Thu Dec 4 20:03
                Sure enough, she could hear lapping water, though it was very faint. She glanced at Vania. "You don't think that could be the rumored pool, do you?" ((Pshyeah, right.))
                • Vania considered.doctorlit, Fri Dec 5 00:15
                  "Well, the Lounge's geography has always been a little wonky, but I feel like someone would have found the pool by now if it had been in the lounge all along." She began stepping around the profusion ... more
                  • After a lot of tugging and pulling, the two agents finally managed to haul Doc's sodden form into the Lounge. Rina bent over, breathing hard. "Man... Doc, you weigh... a ton..."
                    • Doc stayed limp, but otherwisedoctorlit, Fri Dec 5 12:13
                      allowed himself to be dragged backwards, then upwards, into the Lounge. "Doc, what were you thinking, sitting in water that cold? What was that, Siberia?" "New York," Doc said quietly. He dropped the ... more
                      • Rina sighed and reached into her pockets.Iximaz, Fri Dec 5 14:14
                        After dumping the complete works of Rowling, Riordan and Flanagan on the floor next to Vania, she finally found her neuralyzer at the bottom of her pockets. "Sorry, my partner tends to use hers... more
                        • Re: Rina sighed and reached into her pockets.doctorlit, Fri Dec 5 15:54
                          Doc's eyes had slowly grown wider and wider as he watched Rina cover the floor in books. Now, he reached out for them. "Preeeeeciooouuus." Vania whapped his hands. "Bad Doc! Not your Precious!" Then, ... more
                          • Rina nodded.Iximaz, Fri Dec 5 21:41
                            She crammed the books back in her pockets and lowered herself through the portal, the neuralyzer clamped between her teeth. "I haf m' RA in m' pcket," she mumbled around the neuralyzer. "Meet you 'n... more
                            • "Sounds good," Vania called.doctorlit, Sat Dec 6 00:42
                              "Who's that?" Doc said, his teeth chattering. "Did you introduce a new character without me?" Vania rolled her eyes. "That's Rina. You can talk to her later. Right now, we need to get you out of... more
                              • ((She already put the books back))Iximaz, Sat Dec 6 11:49
                                Rina would have grinned at Doc's comment if it weren't for gear of dropping the neuralyzer in the frigid waters below. This is gonna suck , she thought to herself, and let go. Luckily, a girl falling ... more
                                • Vania had been watching Doc sleep when Rina arrived. Doc was in a bed, covered in heated blankets and quilts. Vania turned when she heard the water. She stared in surprise as Rina stood up, then... more
                                  • "N-no, I'm f-fine," Rina stammered.Iximaz, Sun Dec 7 11:54
                                    "I've h-had worse." She slapped away the hands of one of the nurses who tried to remove her jacket. "V-Vania, what h-happened with D-Doc? Is he o-okay?"
                                    • Vania sighed. "Yeah, he'll be fine."doctorlit, Mon Dec 8 00:57
                                      "They don't think he was in the water too long, because he was still in the early stages of hypothermia. They're getting him warmed back up. He got some frostbite around his toes, but they have some... more
                                      • Rina looked down at Vania's handIximaz, Mon Dec 8 07:25
                                        and then down at herself; she was shivering violently and dripping seawater everywhere. "Oh, f-fine," she chattered, shrugging out of her sodden coat and allowing the nurse to wrap her in a hot... more
                                        • "Naw, he'll be out for a while."doctorlit, Mon Dec 8 10:13
                                          "But I'll be sure he knows once he wakes up. "It has been fun. I'm sure we'll see each other around. The Flowers will probably, coincidentally assign us a mission together, now that we've met! "And,... more
                                          • Rina grinned. "And hey, I should bring my p-partner along. If we ever end up working together, it might be n-nice to have everyone already acquainted. Plus I still haven't really m-met Doc, have I?"... more
                                            • "That's true!"doctorlit, Tue Dec 9 13:33
                                              "Just try to keep the books inside your pockets around him. Doc tends to get the Gollum eyes around those. "All, right, go get warmed up, Mrs. Shivers! We can have a no-frostbite meet-up later."... more
                                              • ((That was fun!))Iximaz, Tue Dec 9 15:16
                                                ((Are we going to make this into an interlude or something? Because that would be really neat. And actually, not knowing where we were going made it fun for me. :P ))
                                                • ((I was hoping to make it an interlude.doctorlit, Tue Dec 9 18:40
                                                  And have already planned out where it happens in my timeline. <_< ))
                                                  • ((Heh, so do I! *shameless*Iximaz, Tue Dec 9 20:48
                                                    Anyway, I can look at GoogleDocs from my phone, but I can't access the computer to comment properly on stuff... Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon, but until then, do you think you could start... more
                                                    • ((Oh, ouch!doctorlit, Tue Dec 9 21:42
                                                      Sorry about that. I'll have time to put it together tomorrow, I think. Feel better!))
                                                        • Sorry, didn't have as much time as I thought.doctorlit, Wed Dec 10 14:50
                                                          But I made a start: Hopefully, I can get more done later.
                                                          • Looking good!Iximaz, Wed Dec 10 15:27
                                                            And yeah, we'd probably want to put the text times closer together, too. :3 Oh man, I can't wait to see this finished! I've been getting better, though really slowly. Hopefully I'll be back to normal ... more
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