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"I see," said Marianne as she rounded a corner.
Mon Dec 8, 2014 21:50

"I have one final piece of advice for you," she said. "When you approach the Marquis for a job, be sure to mention if you intend to return to World One-- Earth, that is. If you say 'yes', they will probably suspend your aging like they did with me, my daughter, her husband, and my grandson and timestamp your arrival so that you can retire to your proper place and time on Earth. Otherwise..." she made a vague hand gesture. "I guess you'll be staying here for a while."

"And on the subject of World One-- please keep in touch with your relatives if you intend to stay here, Mr. Glocker," added Gaspard. "It's so much nicer for them to know where you are and who you work for."

The trio stopped in front of a large door marked with a brass plate reading "DEPARTMENT OF PERSONNEL" and a torn sticky note underneath that added "the marquis is a huge --". Marianne turned to face Ashley.

"Well, here we are young man. You go on ahead without us-- this is your business after all. We'll head on back to our Response Centre and enjoy the rest of your downtime. If ever you need help or need to speak to someone, just head next door to RC 22. I'll be there." The grandmother offered her hand to the sailor. "Welcome to the Protectors of the Plot Continuum, Mr. Glocker. Good hunting."

  • "Hmmm.. what's D-Ops Again?"Agent Ashley Glocker, Fri Dec 5 01:03
    Ash rubs his chin, humming lightly. "I was security forces when I was in the Navy. I started in Aviation, and spent a good stint as a life-support equipment maintainer, before becoming a MA and... more
    • "I see," said Marianne as she rounded a corner. — SeaTurtle, Mon Dec 8 21:50
      • "That is absolutely not ominous at all."Agent Ashley Glocker, Tue Dec 9 06:37
        Ash deadpans, looking at the note before giving Marianne a grin. "Thank you for giving me the nickle-tour ma'am. I'll certainly step in to visit at some point." He smiles, giving her a gentle, though ... more
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