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The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!
Fri Jan 2, 2015 11:19

A/N: Happy [belated] New Year, everyone! I thought I'd start a thing, so here it is!

The post with the rules and all of the listed gifts can be found here, and the spreadsheet I will be using to keep tally, including the order of play, can be found here.


"Do I really have to be the host for this game?" Rashida growled, having swept the last bit of dirt away from the now spotless RC. "I don't even celebrate New Year's..."
"Oh come on, Rose! It'll be fun!" Sarah hedged. "We even invited that DMS team you told us about once! You know, the one with... Rayner, right?"
"You did what?!"
"I actually met Rayner just after my second mission," Falchion reminded them. "He's actually a pretty nice guy, though a bit of a hard-ass at times. You don't have to get so upset about this."
"I completely understand his reasons to doubt me, Falchion," Rashida replied. "But has he learned anything at all?! He sent a Ra-forsaken Author Wraith to the Sunflower's office almost as soon as he was out from Medical, for Mafdet's sake!"
"Funny you should mention that - she's coming too," said Sarah. "I really wanted to meet her after what Falchion told me, so..."
Rashida gave her such a murderous glare that she instantly shut up.
"B-but... E.V.L. got her glitter extracted! She shouldn't be too much of a problem," Falchion insisted. "Besides, we were the ones picked to host the Gift Exchange this year, and you can't just turn someone down in front of everyone! It'll look unfair!"
"I know," the Sphinx agent growled, straightening her whiskers. "But if she tries anything stupid, there will be trouble. Anyway, let's just get this event over with. There should be... eighteen guests. This will take a while."
"Eighteen guests?!" Sarah almost shouted.
"To be fair," her adopted brother pointed out, "this is a fairly big RC..."


"Welcome to all of you!" Rashida announced once all the guests had filed in, exchanged greetings, and took their seats around the huge pile of wrapped presents on the coffee table. "It is my displeasure to host the annual PPC New Year's Gift Exchange. I take it all of you brought gifts?"
Falchion sprang up suddenly. "Guh! J-just a sec, Rosie... I totally forgot!..."
Rashida facepawed while her avian partner grabbed some random tinfoil and rushed off to the closet. A moment later, he'd come back with what looked like a large ball of foil, which he quickly added to the pile.
"I can't believe I'm doing this," the Sphinx fumed silently before continuing. "Anyway, the rules for this Gift Exchange are as follows: You will have all received a random number upon your arrival. That number indicates the order in which you will play. An agent in play can either pick a gift from the pile, or steal one from another agent who's chosen previously. A gift can be stolen up to twice before it is locked to a particular user. You must not know your gifts prior to opening them, you cannot choose your own gift, blah blah blah..."
She raised her feathery tail like a starting flag. "Anyway, worst of luck to all of you. Now, let the games... BEGIN!"

    • And with that...SkarmorySilver, Thu Feb 19 13:06
      "Was that the last one?" asked Falchion. Rashida checked the list. "Yes, actually, I believe it was the last one. So yes, thank you for attending. Now, run along back to your RCs. I'm tired..."... more
    • "Oh, I'm the last one," Ami noted.eatpraylove, Wed Feb 11 14:17
      She was far too nice to steal someone else's gift (and most of them looked kind of weird anyway), so she levitated the final package over to her. She untied the bright yellow ribbon and draped it... more
      • Re: "Oh, I'm the last one," Ami noted.firemagic, Sun Feb 15 22:00
        Tera peered over. "Hm, that's odd. Those are Schrodinger's Cookies - they're either chocolate or not chocolate. But once you take a bite, the waveform collapses... And I don't even know how oatmeal... more
        • The Guardsman huffed.SeaTurtle, Mon Feb 16 20:02
          "Oh, please," he muttered under his breath. "The entire point of the so-called "Schrödinger's cat" paradox is to prove that the entire concept of a system being in two conflicting states at once is... more
    • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!firemagic, Fri Feb 6 17:06
      Fiorano stood up and walked over to the pile, where only two presents were left. She closed her eyes and grabbed randomly. She picked up a thin package, and, after tearing it open, held out a bar of... more
    • Oooh, shiny!SkarmorySilver, Wed Jan 14 19:20
      Rashida nudged Falchion with her wing. "Your turn, you stupid bird..." "Huh? Oh, right!" The Skarmory stood up, strutting towards the pile, and wondering if he should pick anything. Then he noticed a ... more
      • "But..."Iximaz, Fri Jan 16 13:27
        Tina watched sadly as Randa reluctantly handed over the watch. No sooner had Falchion accepted it than Rina stood up. "Stealing back! That makes it locked to us now, right?"
        • Dangit...SkarmorySilver, Fri Jan 16 13:49
          Falchion shrugged and gave the watch back to the other agents. "If you really want it THAT badly, well..." "That item is now locked and cannot be stolen again," said Rashida. "That's the second time... more
          • Re: Dangit...firemagic, Sat Jan 17 21:20
            Narav twitched his ears in the direction of the Falchion/Skarmory/Rashida group. "Well, it's certainly not contaminated or anything," he noted, turning towards them. "I am quite careful. Only... more
            • (Isn't it firemagic's turn?)SkarmorySilver, Sun Jan 25 13:52
              Regardless, Rashida gave the pelt a wide berth. "Keep it, Falchion. If you use it as a rug, though, I will be very disappointed." The Skarmory shrugged. "Don't worry, Rosie. I see it as more like... more
        • (Oh bugger, mini-Agent alert! >_> ) (nm)Iximaz, Fri Jan 16 13:28
    • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!SeaTurtle, Mon Jan 12 18:34
      " Keelah , what is that thing?" grumbled Naya as she fumbled with the underside of her helmet. "Hang on a second, I just have to..." The quarian pushed a button and twisted a valve under her helmet's ... more
      • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!firemagic, Tue Jan 13 14:13
        Cepha smiled brightly as Naya got the rifle. "That rifle is from Madoka Magica Online! It's a cute little browser game, you get a magical girl and can get weapons and clothes and stuff. That's one of ... more
    • RE: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!eatpraylove, Mon Jan 12 08:50
      Ami, Chris, and Miguel edged away from Ari and the mini-Boulder. "Is there a way to politely tell someone their present's making you nauseous?" Miguel whispered. "Probably not," Ami whispered back.... more
    • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!firemagic, Sun Jan 11 16:38
      Cepha glared at Des. "Well, how exactly is Amara supposed to know that? There's no label on the box or anything! And anyways -" Fiorano coughed. "Uh, not to interrupt, but it's your turn." Cepha made ... more
      • Ohhhhh snap...SkarmorySilver, Mon Jan 12 12:55
        Upon seeing the unicorn horn, Rayner broke out into a grin. "That horn came from a replacement of King Sombra. I broke it off him myself!" His partner nudged him irritably, upon which he added,... more
    • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!SkarmorySilver, Thu Jan 8 11:49
      "I thought the crowbar was from me!" Sarah piped up indignantly. "We'll, my mom, technically, but still!" E.V.L. ignored her complaint as she stood up and stalked towards the pile. After a few... more
      • RE: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!eatpraylove, Fri Jan 9 08:53
        "That's a mini-Missingno," Chris commented. "Its name is cyndaquil, we 'adopted' it in our first mission, and as far as I know it doesn't eat." cyndaquil laughed mockingly. "Hello, Glitter-girl,... more
        • (Isn't it firemagic's turn?)SkarmorySilver, Sat Jan 10 11:17
          Rayner facepalmed. "I should've known," he laughed. "I've run into some of those during some of my previous missions, but I've never actually kept one. I thought they were just too much trouble. Oh,... more
    • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!Iximaz, Wed Jan 7 06:56
      "Is it out turn now?" Rina asked, standing up. "It is? Okay!" She pointed at Tera. "Crowbar, please!" Randa smacked her lightly on the arm. "Hey now, you can't be wasting our present on yourself,"... more
      • he watched the agents of RC 3-Apple-14 squee over the watch. "Yeah, she skipped me. Did she even memorize the order?" "Well, just get on with it," whispered back Naya. "And stop complaining... more
    • Switcharoo time.SeaTurtle, Tue Jan 6 18:09
      "You, machine. Hand over the scarf." Terabyte, who had been alternating between practicing to tie the scarf around its shoulders and feeling the fabric slide between its digits, froze in mid-motion... more
      • ((Just wanted to say that I LOL'd)) (nm)eatpraylove, Tue Jan 6 21:38
      • Re: Switcharoo time.SkarmorySilver, Tue Jan 6 18:57
        "The scarf is now locked to Terabyte!" Rashida declared. "It cannot be stolen anymore." "Alright, Des and Librarian," Sarah said cheekily. "It's your call. Again."
        • Re: Switcharoo time.Desdendelle, Wed Jan 7 06:20
          “Sorry, guys,” Des told Terabyte and his partners while giving the Librarian the evil eye until the Time Lord threw the scarf in the geth's general direction. The Librarian returned to his corner,... more
    • In which the Librarian is a jerk!Desdendelle, Tue Jan 6 16:57
      “Here,” Des said, “catch.” After making sure the safety was on, he nonchalantly threw the rifle to Rayner. He turned to Cepha. “You really can't appreciate it, can't you? First things first, that box ... more
    • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!SkarmorySilver, Sun Jan 4 01:58
      Rayner's mild interest in Miguel and his friends discussing their new present was cut short by his partner poking him again with her tail. "Hey Pony Boy," she muttered in a clearly uninterested tone, ... more
      • ((So...))SeaTurtle, Tue Jan 6 13:33
        ((It's Des' turn now, right? I'm 90% sure of this but I just wanted to check.))
        • Re: ((So...))SkarmorySilver, Tue Jan 6 14:09
          (I sent a reminder to him a half hour ago. He should be getting a response ready soon.)
          • ((Oh, okay.))Iximaz, Tue Jan 6 14:59
            ((I was starting to worry I somehow missed that it was my turn or something. ^_^))
    • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!eatpraylove, Sat Jan 3 22:52
      ((For realsies this time.)) Miguel Correa glanced at the index card labeled "10" in his left hand. "Oh, it's my turn," he noted. "Chris, Ami, do you think I should introduce myself? I don't know... more
    • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!SeaTurtle, Sat Jan 3 21:55
      ((Hey, Skarmory. Just a heads-up: I done goofed and accidentally attributed the Grandine rifle to Des in one of my replies. Make sure to change it to the Lancer!)) - - - - - As Amara puzzled over the ... more
      • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!firemagic, Sun Jan 4 00:18
        Cepha looked over at the geth. "Ah! Amara made that. She knits a lot of stuff." The Puella Magi pointed at the white scarf she was wearing. "She was working on this when we first met. Though I don't... more
    • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!firemagic, Sat Jan 3 20:56
      Cepha poked Amara in the side. The former Witch glanced up from where she had been knitting (what she had been knitting was indeterminable, given that she was using her hair-hands and regular hands... more
    • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!Desdendelle, Sat Jan 3 12:12
      ((I'm going to ignore Eatpraylove's post. Seriously: not cool, dude.)) “Why am I even here?” asked the Librarian. He was sitting in a corner, as far away from everybody else as possible, having... more
    • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchangeeatpraylove, Fri Jan 2 22:03
      Miguel cleared his throat nervously. "Hello, everyone, my name's Miguel..." "Hello, Miguel," half the crowd responded in their best Alcoholics Anonymous voices. "Very funny. Uh, I'm working with... more
      • ((Psst.))SeaTurtle, Fri Jan 2 22:15
        ((You seem to have skipped Des, Amara, and Terabyte's picks. Miguel gets the number 10 pick according to the tally sheet .))
    • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!firemagic, Fri Jan 2 18:57
      Tera looked at the crowbar. " Doubt I'll be able to copy that trick. " Lana grinned. "Ah, that one's mine. Got it off an ATLA fic, if I remember right." Narav considered the gameboard before moving... more
      • "Ooh, the tactical vest. Good choice."SeaTurtle, Fri Jan 2 21:05
        The Guardsman shifted in his seat, looking at Lana. "As long as you make sure the ceramic plates are intact and that you're wearing the thing properly, this should stop all but the biggest chinks of... more
      • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!SkarmorySilver, Fri Jan 2 20:19
        E.V.L. huffed apathetically at Riaa. "Oh, you got the amulet? That was from my first mission with this rainbow-haired meathead right here," she said, lightly poking Rayner in the cheek with her tail. ... more
    • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!SkarmorySilver, Fri Jan 2 15:26
      [A/N: If any of you recognize the gifts belonging to your agents, feel free to respond to the recipients with their reactions!] Sarah burst out laughing. "That crowbar belonged to my mother! I wasn't ... more
    • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!firemagic, Fri Jan 2 13:56
      Agent Theia looked at her number. "Guess I'm going first, then?" She asked. She stood up from where she'd been playing ludus with Agent Narav and prodded Tera. "What?" "You're number 2, aren't you?"... more
      • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!SkarmorySilver, Fri Jan 2 14:28
        Sarah looked at the two of them, a little taken aback. "Oookay... I'm number 3, which means I'm going after you two, but... aren't you supposed to open up your gifts and show what you got to everyone ... more
        • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!firemagic, Fri Jan 2 14:46
          [[OOC: Huh, ok, I thought we were only supposed to find out what was gotten at the end. I guess I'll just pick randomly out of the list on the GDOC?]] Theia looked up. "Oh, right, sorry." She... more
          • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!Iximaz, Fri Jan 2 18:53
            Rina's eyes grew huge when she saw the crowbar; her fingers were already itching to steal it. Randa, meanwhile, nodded at the egg in Theia's hands. "That's from our adopted CAF- a Hedwig replacement... more
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