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Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!
Fri Jan 2, 2015 20:19

E.V.L. huffed apathetically at Riaa. "Oh, you got the amulet? That was from my first mission with this rainbow-haired meathead right here," she said, lightly poking Rayner in the cheek with her tail. He scowled and pushed the tail away.
"The Sue of the MLP fic we tackled that time received an amulet from Twilight Sparkle to contain the magic of the four alicorn princesses," he explained. "We restored the magic once we tore her like, oh, twenty new assholes or something. So we figured we'd keep the necklace as a souvenir. Well, at least until now, anyway!"
Falchion and Ami looked at each other, their faces sharing identical expressions of considerable discomfort.

  • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!firemagic, Fri Jan 2 18:57
    Tera looked at the crowbar. " Doubt I'll be able to copy that trick. " Lana grinned. "Ah, that one's mine. Got it off an ATLA fic, if I remember right." Narav considered the gameboard before moving... more
    • "Ooh, the tactical vest. Good choice."SeaTurtle, Fri Jan 2 21:05
      The Guardsman shifted in his seat, looking at Lana. "As long as you make sure the ceramic plates are intact and that you're wearing the thing properly, this should stop all but the biggest chinks of... more
    • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange! — SkarmorySilver, Fri Jan 2 20:19
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