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Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!
Sat Jan 3, 2015 22:09

From her seat across the table, Naya laughed. "Hey, missy! That right there is probably one of the best rifles in the galaxy," said the quarian, pointing at the Lancer in Des' lap. "It's an automatic, air-cooled turbocharged mass accelerator that makes World One assault rifles look like paintball guns. It collapses into a little box when not in use, it almost never breaks down, it's crammed with stabilizers and recoil reduction systems, and it never runs out of ammunition during battle. It's the perfect rifle."

"Until it overheats," added the Guardsman. "Then the rifle just locks up and refuses to fire until the cooling systems kick in."

Naya sighed. "Yeah. It does overheat, but only after you squeeze out a 50-round burst, which you shouldn't be doing in the first place."

- - - -

((Collapsible firearms! Whee!))

  • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!firemagic, Sat Jan 3 21:34
    Ari got up and walked over to Des and the Librarian's spot. "Hey, you two." She nodded at the package. "So... firearms? Is that a good rifle to have?" she asked with the mild confusion of someone who ... more
    • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange! — SeaTurtle, Sat Jan 3 22:09
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