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Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!
Sun Jan 4, 2015 00:18

Cepha looked over at the geth. "Ah! Amara made that. She knits a lot of stuff." The Puella Magi pointed at the white scarf she was wearing. "She was working on this when we first met. Though I don't think that her knitting has any magic powers in it." She gave a questioning look to Amara, who shrugged.

"Well, I do not know if it has any particular magical abilities. It is probably inherently magical, if that's quantifiable."

  • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!SeaTurtle, Sat Jan 3 21:55
    ((Hey, Skarmory. Just a heads-up: I done goofed and accidentally attributed the Grandine rifle to Des in one of my replies. Make sure to change it to the Lancer!)) - - - - - As Amara puzzled over the ... more
    • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange! — firemagic, Sun Jan 4 00:18
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