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Re: Switcharoo time.
Wed Jan 7, 2015 06:20

“Sorry, guys,” Des told Terabyte and his partners while giving the Librarian the evil eye until the Time Lord threw the scarf in the geth's general direction.
The Librarian returned to his corner, while Des looked around. He settled on picking a small, oblong package from the pile. Taking the silk wrapping off, he found a couple of throwing knives.
“Aren't those beautiful,” he said.

  • Re: Switcharoo time.SkarmorySilver, Tue Jan 6 18:57
    "The scarf is now locked to Terabyte!" Rashida declared. "It cannot be stolen anymore." "Alright, Des and Librarian," Sarah said cheekily. "It's your call. Again."
    • Re: Switcharoo time. — Desdendelle, Wed Jan 7 06:20
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