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"I think she skipped me," muttered the Guardsman...
Wed Jan 7, 2015 16:18 he watched the agents of RC 3-Apple-14 squee over the watch. "Yeah, she skipped me. Did she even memorize the order?"

"Well, just get on with it," whispered back Naya. "And stop complaining about everything to me. Just do something about it for goodness' sake."

The Guardsman stood up and approached the table. One packet-- a long, rectangular box-- stood out of the pile, but another-- a simple envelope-- caught the ex-soldier's attention. The picked it up and returned to his place. Once settled, he slid a finger down the side of the envelope and pulled out a photograph.

"Oh, lovely." The Gallifreyan man showed the photo to his partners. "See this? The Polaroid, capital 'P'. It's an item that, when its carrier is near death, generates an impenetrable shield for seven seconds. This is definitely going to be useful in a pinch."

"From what continuum does the Polaroid originate?" asked Terabyte.

"Eh, The Binding of Isaac, if I remember correctly," replied the Guardsman. "I just got the game recently. Awesome stuff, if a little difficult."

Naya leaned in close, looking at the photo. "I didn't know that there were Pokémon in that video game. Is it a crossover?"

"No, wha..." said the Guardsman, turning the photo over and taking a good look at it. "Oh. Never mind," he said, carefully putting the photo in his coat's pocket.

  • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!Iximaz, Wed Jan 7 06:56
    "Is it out turn now?" Rina asked, standing up. "It is? Okay!" She pointed at Tera. "Crowbar, please!" Randa smacked her lightly on the arm. "Hey now, you can't be wasting our present on yourself,"... more
    • "I think she skipped me," muttered the Guardsman... — SeaTurtle, Wed Jan 7 16:18
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