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RE: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!
Fri Jan 9, 2015 08:53

"That's a mini-Missingno," Chris commented. "Its name is cyndaquil, we 'adopted' it in our first mission, and as far as I know it doesn't eat."

cyndaquil laughed mockingly. "Hello, Glitter-girl, rainbow-boy!" It promptly phased through the thick book hanging from E.V.L.'s left ankle and reappeared on Rayner's back.

"Oh, yeah, and it has a rotten sense of humor," he said. "Have fun!"

  • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!SkarmorySilver, Thu Jan 8 11:49
    "I thought the crowbar was from me!" Sarah piped up indignantly. "We'll, my mom, technically, but still!" E.V.L. ignored her complaint as she stood up and stalked towards the pile. After a few... more
    • RE: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange! — eatpraylove, Fri Jan 9 08:53
      • (Isn't it firemagic's turn?)SkarmorySilver, Sat Jan 10 11:17
        Rayner facepalmed. "I should've known," he laughed. "I've run into some of those during some of my previous missions, but I've never actually kept one. I thought they were just too much trouble. Oh,... more
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