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(Isn't it firemagic's turn?)
Sat Jan 10, 2015 11:17

Rayner facepalmed. "I should've known," he laughed. "I've run into some of those during some of my previous missions, but I've never actually kept one. I thought they were just too much trouble. Oh, well..."
"This one looks right up my alley, though," E.V.L. smiled, holding up the tip of her tail for the mini to perch on. "I can now say that I have a friend to bother my partner with."
"Yeah," Rayner chuckled. "I guess you... Hey!"

(Cepha's next in order btw. Earth to firemagic, do you copy?)

  • RE: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!eatpraylove, Fri Jan 9 08:53
    "That's a mini-Missingno," Chris commented. "Its name is cyndaquil, we 'adopted' it in our first mission, and as far as I know it doesn't eat." cyndaquil laughed mockingly. "Hello, Glitter-girl,... more
    • (Isn't it firemagic's turn?) — SkarmorySilver, Sat Jan 10 11:17
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