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Ohhhhh snap...
Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:55

Upon seeing the unicorn horn, Rayner broke out into a grin. "That horn came from a replacement of King Sombra. I broke it off him myself!"
His partner nudged him irritably, upon which he added, "Well, my partner helped..."
The mini-Boulder, however, elicited a completely different response. A large number of agents covered their noses too, including Rashida and Sarah. Falchion, meanwhile, had lowered his head to the floor in embarrassment and was carefully backing away.
Rashida grabbed the Skarmory by the neck with her forepaw and pulled him up to her so his beak was inches from her face. "What. Did. You. DO?!"
"I'm so sorry!" he apologized frantically. "It was an accident, I swear! How was I supposed to know that was the stinky one?!"
"How were YOU supposed to know?!" his partner growled. "This, Falchion, is exactly why I don't like coming to your parties!"
"Rosie, please," Sarah added. "You can't just leave everyone hanging! Not after they chose us to host this thing!"
"I said I was sorry!" Falchion pleaded. "I'll try to make it up to you, I promise!"
Rashida looked around at the others, who were no doubt having such a good time. The Sphinx agent sighed bitterly.
"All right, fine. Let's finish this. But if you keep embarrassing me like this, Falchion, we are NEVER hosting anything like this again!"
Falchion obediently sat next to her, regretting his awful choice for a New Year's gift...

  • Re: The PPC New Year's Gift Exchange!firemagic, Sun Jan 11 16:38
    Cepha glared at Des. "Well, how exactly is Amara supposed to know that? There's no label on the box or anything! And anyways -" Fiorano coughed. "Uh, not to interrupt, but it's your turn." Cepha made ... more
    • Ohhhhh snap... — SkarmorySilver, Mon Jan 12 12:55
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