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Fri Jan 16, 2015 13:27

Tina watched sadly as Randa reluctantly handed over the watch.

No sooner had Falchion accepted it than Rina stood up. "Stealing back! That makes it locked to us now, right?"

  • Oooh, shiny!SkarmorySilver, Wed Jan 14 19:20
    Rashida nudged Falchion with her wing. "Your turn, you stupid bird..." "Huh? Oh, right!" The Skarmory stood up, strutting towards the pile, and wondering if he should pick anything. Then he noticed a ... more
    • "But..." — Iximaz, Fri Jan 16 13:27
      • Dangit...SkarmorySilver, Fri Jan 16 13:49
        Falchion shrugged and gave the watch back to the other agents. "If you really want it THAT badly, well..." "That item is now locked and cannot be stolen again," said Rashida. "That's the second time... more
        • Re: Dangit...firemagic, Sat Jan 17 21:20
          Narav twitched his ears in the direction of the Falchion/Skarmory/Rashida group. "Well, it's certainly not contaminated or anything," he noted, turning towards them. "I am quite careful. Only... more
          • (Isn't it firemagic's turn?)SkarmorySilver, Sun Jan 25 13:52
            Regardless, Rashida gave the pelt a wide berth. "Keep it, Falchion. If you use it as a rug, though, I will be very disappointed." The Skarmory shrugged. "Don't worry, Rosie. I see it as more like... more
      • (Oh bugger, mini-Agent alert! >_> ) (nm)Iximaz, Fri Jan 16 13:28
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