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(Isn't it firemagic's turn?)
Sun Jan 25, 2015 13:52

Regardless, Rashida gave the pelt a wide berth. "Keep it, Falchion. If you use it as a rug, though, I will be very disappointed."
The Skarmory shrugged. "Don't worry, Rosie. I see it as more like comforter, personally."
"Or a nest lining, maybe," added Sarah.

(It's been a while since we've picked up on this, but we've only got two more contestants to go. I wonder if we can we finish this already before the month is over?)

  • Re: Dangit...firemagic, Sat Jan 17 21:20
    Narav twitched his ears in the direction of the Falchion/Skarmory/Rashida group. "Well, it's certainly not contaminated or anything," he noted, turning towards them. "I am quite careful. Only... more
    • (Isn't it firemagic's turn?) — SkarmorySilver, Sun Jan 25 13:52
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