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Re: "Oh, I'm the last one," Ami noted.
Sun Feb 15, 2015 22:00

Tera peered over. "Hm, that's odd. Those are Schrodinger's Cookies - they're either chocolate or not chocolate. But once you take a bite, the waveform collapses... And I don't even know how oatmeal raisin got in there. Perhaps I messed up the recipe somewhere?"

  • "Oh, I'm the last one," Ami noted.eatpraylove, Wed Feb 11 14:17
    She was far too nice to steal someone else's gift (and most of them looked kind of weird anyway), so she levitated the final package over to her. She untied the bright yellow ribbon and draped it... more
    • Re: "Oh, I'm the last one," Ami noted. — firemagic, Sun Feb 15 22:00
      • The Guardsman huffed.SeaTurtle, Mon Feb 16 20:02
        "Oh, please," he muttered under his breath. "The entire point of the so-called "Schrödinger's cat" paradox is to prove that the entire concept of a system being in two conflicting states at once is... more
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