Valon was right, unfortunately.
Thu Feb 19, 2015 14:23

The glowing ball flashed white for a moment, then changed colour to brown tinged with blue. “I am not a glowing ball!” it screeched. “I am a Value 1.0 Drone, you freak of nature!”
Navare, who shielded his eyes from the flash with his arm, sighed. “Amris, calm down. Kala, wasn’t it? That wasn’t very polite. It might be bloodthirsty, sardonic and annoying, but Amris is a person. Not a Shoot Barret.”

  • Re: A Mage and a Drone enter a bar.Voyd, Thu Feb 19 14:02
    "The gypsy girl with eight legs, two pincers and a tail like a wrecking ball? Yyyep, that's my partner, Kala Jeng." The girtablilu in question was quite irritated, as chairs typically aren't made... more
    • Valon was right, unfortunately. — Desdendelle, Thu Feb 19 14:23
      • Re: Valon was right, unfortunately.Voyd, Thu Feb 19 14:57
        Kala's foul mood returned with a vengeance. "Freak of nature? I am a girtablilu, a scorpion woman with the blood of ancient Sumer, I-" Her tirade was cut short by a swift introduction of her skull to ... more
        • Re: Valon was right, unfortunately.Desdendelle, Thu Feb 19 16:35
          “Both of you — cut it.” Navare’s voice brooked no argument even as he shot a confused look at Valon’s back. “You, Kala — apologise. Amris is not a ball of light. Amris — you too. That was impolite,... more
          • "Sigh..."Voyd, Thu Feb 19 16:44
            "Alright, I'm sorry. I know I have anger management issues, I got kicked out of three homes because of it. I just don't like being reminded that this..." She tapped her legs, clicked her pincers a... more
            • People can be reasonable!Desdendelle, Thu Feb 19 17:14
              Navare shrugged. “I don’t find anything particularly wrong with you. Good soldiers can be found in all sorts of places. Look at me.” “What he means to say,” the Drone added, the fields covering it... more
              • Re: People can be reasonable!Voyd, Thu Feb 19 17:18
                Kala sighed again. "I guess have no choice. Even in our RC, I just kinda drape over the couch." She looked around. "Seriously, where'd Valon run off to? He's six and a half feet tall and pale as... more
                • The Mighty Quest for Epic Tables!Desdendelle, Fri Feb 20 06:19
                  “I could try to fashion a chair out of mana for you,” Navare said, “but I’m a combat mage, not a Myedoan builder. Amris could not doubt design something but it’s not inclined toward that, either.... more
                  • Re: The Mighty Quest for Epic Tables!Voyd, Fri Feb 20 08:06
                    "Yup. I wonder when he'll notice that he's not the only one there?" She took her "seat" the only way she really could: allowing all of her legs to give out at once. "So anyway, what continuum are you ... more
                    • Re: The Mighty Quest for Epic Tables!Desdendelle, Fri Feb 20 09:37
                      “I’m from the Culture ,” Amris noted. It settled on the table, its fields turning rainbow-coloured. “‘Communicating by effector’...? Who is it communicating with…?” wondered Navare. “But I forget... more
                      • Re: The Mighty Quest for Epic Tables!Voyd, Fri Feb 20 10:45
                        "Never heard of The Culture. I have heard of Nanoha, but when I asked Valon about it, he said he'd never seen it. Anyway, I'm from Monster Musume, and Valon says he's from World One." She snapped her ... more
                        • There will be foodDesdendelle, Fri Feb 20 11:01
                          “The Culture are the good guys,” Navare said. “The quintessential soft-as-an-ocean space hippies with a do-gooder attitude. That verse is also so technologically advanced it’s a wonder the Culture,... more
                          • Re: There will be foodVoyd, Fri Feb 20 11:28
                            "It's a bar, so I could get drunk... I'd like some coffee." In response to strange looks, she sighed. "I know I'm a scorpion, but according to Monster Musume lore, girtablilu are a subspecies of... more
                            • Excited Title! Two-Part Name!Desdendelle, Fri Feb 20 12:38
                              “You have scented water? Yes? Good. A bottle for me, please,” said Navare. The waiter nodded, scribbled the order on a piece of paper, and went back to the kitchen. “It would not surprise me,” the... more
                              • Re: Excited Title! Two-Part Name!Voyd, Sat Feb 21 10:49
                                "I can guess. A lot of liminals from my world have traits of animals they resemble. The author does a lot of biology research for the manga, and it's very accurate. Did you know, for instance, that... more
                                • Navare chuckled.Desdendelle, Sat Feb 21 12:09
                                  “Do I look like a biologist to you?” he asked, amused. “I’m a soldier. I know how to perforate Stus with magic bullets, not how different species taste things.” He looked at his partner, who was... more
                                  • "That would be marvelous."Voyd, Sat Feb 21 22:44
                                    "Considering the Stu that Valon and I had to get rid of, help would be greatly appreciated. Apparently, he was a replacement of the main character from a game called Prototype. I got bored and... more
                                    • Navare gave the waving tail a worried look.Desdendelle, Sun Feb 22 04:38
                                      It wasn't readily apparent, but Amris also readied itself. “Survived a nuclear bomb? Nasty.” Navare rubbed his chin. “Next time, try to drop the Stu into a black hole. This guy sounds a little too... more
                                      • "I guess so..."Voyd, Sun Feb 22 10:49
                                        Kala's tail stopped moving. "Valon said that my home continuum is probably the only one where I don't need a disguise, which gives me full access to my normal abilities. It's common for liminals to... more
                                        • “No.”Anonymous, Sun Feb 22 13:58
                                          “What it means to say is that no, it did not have to assume a humanoid disguise. We were only sent on one mission so far, and the distances involved made disguises irrelevant,” Navare added. “I won’t ... more
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