"So you're a pony?"
Thu Feb 19, 2015 15:32

Alex cut in, his eyes shining. "Are you from Ponyville? Have you ever met Pinkie Pie? What about magic? Can you do magic? That would be so cool OW!"

Rina had kicked him under the table again. Alex shot her a dirty look.

((Eh, foofoo said to go ahead. Whatever. More playtime for me!

Also, changeling whaaaat?))

  • Printworthy sighed in relief.World-Jumper, Thu Feb 19 15:24
    "Well, that's good to hear. Given the nature of our ocupation... Well, you can never be sure. Hopefully, she finds Bad Slash more suitable to her." He nodded. "Marvin is just fine. He just wants to... more
    • "So you're a pony?" — Iximaz, Thu Feb 19 15:32
      • Printworthy laughed.World-Jumper, Thu Feb 19 15:46
        "Relax, Rina. There's nothing wrong with being curious. I would be happy to answer his questions." He turned towards Alex. "To your questions; yes, I am indeed Equestrian, however, I am not from... more
        • "Sweet."Iximaz, Thu Feb 19 15:59
          Alex grinned and took a sip of his hot chocolate. "Sounds like you've had some cool adventures." "Oi, what am I, chopped liver?" Rina protested. "You don't count, you've already told me your... more
          • "More then you know."World-Jumper, Thu Feb 19 16:22
            Printworthy took a sip from his cider. "Back when I was living in Equestia, I was the author of the Daring Do adventure seres. Ah, I see you have heard of it. Yes, well, back then, I had the... more
            • Rina choked into her mug.Iximaz, Thu Feb 19 16:30
              "Wh-what do you mean?" she stammered. "I mean, um, yeah, I told him about our mission together." Alex glanced from Rina to Printworthy. "I get the feeling you didn't tell me everything..." Rina... more
              • Printworthy shrugged.World-Jumper, Thu Feb 19 18:04
                "Oh, I am sure she shared all of the important details with you. Although, that does remind me." He turned back towards Rina. "As I recall, you and Marvin did organize a meeting later on. Tell me,... more
                • Alex turned to look at his sister,Iximaz, Thu Feb 19 18:40
                  who had buried her face in her arms. "Sabrina? Have you beenó?" "No!" Rina yelled. She paused, realizing her shout had been rather loud. "We were pegasi, okay? He was showing me how to fly." "I'm so... more
                  • Printworthy started to object.World-Jumper, Fri Feb 20 14:49
                    "I am sorry if you misinterpreted me. I merely wished to know how the flying lessons went, nothing more--" "YOU!" Printworthy turned, to see... Rainbow Dash? Who was storming towards Marvin, yelling... more
                    • Rina and Alex whirled at the shout.Iximaz, Fri Feb 20 18:35
                      Alex's eyes were huge. "Holy crap, is that a changeling?!" "Yep," Rina said grimly, reaching for her crowbar. "If she thinks she can come in here like this... Well, she's got another think coming."... more
                      • ((Whoah! Not just yet!))World-Jumper, Sat Feb 21 06:18
                        ((I mean, thank you for continuing this, and I will use those exact lines of dialogue when I write the interlude, just not yet. I will send you the doc this weekend, possibly Monday, to add your... more
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