Re: The Mighty Quest for Epic Tables!
Fri Feb 20, 2015 09:37

“I’m from the Culture,” Amris noted. It settled on the table, its fields turning rainbow-coloured.
“‘Communicating by effector’...? Who is it communicating with…?” wondered Navare. “But I forget myself. I am from the Game Theory Alternate Universe of the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha continuum.”

  • Re: The Mighty Quest for Epic Tables!Voyd, Fri Feb 20 08:06
    "Yup. I wonder when he'll notice that he's not the only one there?" She took her "seat" the only way she really could: allowing all of her legs to give out at once. "So anyway, what continuum are you ... more
    • Re: The Mighty Quest for Epic Tables! — Desdendelle, Fri Feb 20 09:37
      • Re: The Mighty Quest for Epic Tables!Voyd, Fri Feb 20 10:45
        "Never heard of The Culture. I have heard of Nanoha, but when I asked Valon about it, he said he'd never seen it. Anyway, I'm from Monster Musume, and Valon says he's from World One." She snapped her ... more
        • There will be foodDesdendelle, Fri Feb 20 11:01
          “The Culture are the good guys,” Navare said. “The quintessential soft-as-an-ocean space hippies with a do-gooder attitude. That verse is also so technologically advanced it’s a wonder the Culture,... more
          • Re: There will be foodVoyd, Fri Feb 20 11:28
            "It's a bar, so I could get drunk... I'd like some coffee." In response to strange looks, she sighed. "I know I'm a scorpion, but according to Monster Musume lore, girtablilu are a subspecies of... more
            • Excited Title! Two-Part Name!Desdendelle, Fri Feb 20 12:38
              “You have scented water? Yes? Good. A bottle for me, please,” said Navare. The waiter nodded, scribbled the order on a piece of paper, and went back to the kitchen. “It would not surprise me,” the... more
              • Re: Excited Title! Two-Part Name!Voyd, Sat Feb 21 10:49
                "I can guess. A lot of liminals from my world have traits of animals they resemble. The author does a lot of biology research for the manga, and it's very accurate. Did you know, for instance, that... more
                • Navare chuckled.Desdendelle, Sat Feb 21 12:09
                  “Do I look like a biologist to you?” he asked, amused. “I’m a soldier. I know how to perforate Stus with magic bullets, not how different species taste things.” He looked at his partner, who was... more
                  • "That would be marvelous."Voyd, Sat Feb 21 22:44
                    "Considering the Stu that Valon and I had to get rid of, help would be greatly appreciated. Apparently, he was a replacement of the main character from a game called Prototype. I got bored and... more
                    • Navare gave the waving tail a worried look.Desdendelle, Sun Feb 22 04:38
                      It wasn't readily apparent, but Amris also readied itself. “Survived a nuclear bomb? Nasty.” Navare rubbed his chin. “Next time, try to drop the Stu into a black hole. This guy sounds a little too... more
                      • "I guess so..."Voyd, Sun Feb 22 10:49
                        Kala's tail stopped moving. "Valon said that my home continuum is probably the only one where I don't need a disguise, which gives me full access to my normal abilities. It's common for liminals to... more
                        • “No.”Anonymous, Sun Feb 22 13:58
                          “What it means to say is that no, it did not have to assume a humanoid disguise. We were only sent on one mission so far, and the distances involved made disguises irrelevant,” Navare added. “I won’t ... more
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