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Rina and Alex whirled at the shout.
Fri Feb 20, 2015 18:35

Alex's eyes were huge. "Holy crap, is that a changeling?!"

"Yep," Rina said grimly, reaching for her crowbar. "If she thinks she can come in here like this... Well, she's got another think coming." She got up and hurried over, grabbing the changeling's shoulder. "Hey, lady, whaddaya think you're doing? If you have a fight to pick with Marvin, take it outside."

  • Printworthy started to object.World-Jumper, Fri Feb 20 14:49
    "I am sorry if you misinterpreted me. I merely wished to know how the flying lessons went, nothing more--" "YOU!" Printworthy turned, to see... Rainbow Dash? Who was storming towards Marvin, yelling... more
    • Rina and Alex whirled at the shout. — Iximaz, Fri Feb 20 18:35
      • ((Whoah! Not just yet!))World-Jumper, Sat Feb 21 06:18
        ((I mean, thank you for continuing this, and I will use those exact lines of dialogue when I write the interlude, just not yet. I will send you the doc this weekend, possibly Monday, to add your... more
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