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((Whoah! Not just yet!))
Sat Feb 21, 2015 06:18

((I mean, thank you for continuing this, and I will use those exact lines of dialogue when I write the interlude, just not yet. I will send you the doc this weekend, possibly Monday, to add your lines and reactions.))

((The reason why possibly Monday is because I have quite a bit of schoolwork. Much more then I thought I would. Part of why it took so long for me to respond to things. So, I may be writing more papers then interludes this weekend. I will try to crank it out in between papers.))

  • Rina and Alex whirled at the shout.Iximaz, Fri Feb 20 18:35
    Alex's eyes were huge. "Holy crap, is that a changeling?!" "Yep," Rina said grimly, reaching for her crowbar. "If she thinks she can come in here like this... Well, she's got another think coming."... more
    • ((Whoah! Not just yet!)) — World-Jumper, Sat Feb 21 06:18
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