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Sat Feb 21, 2015 11:58

“I think I heard about it? Well, at least isn’t a continuum where a children’s card game holds undue importance, or a ‘verse where the government is purposefully sabotaged from within in order to make it less efficient,” Des said. He gave Dom’s cup of tea a critical glance. “I have no idea why put sugar in their tea. It’s like putting sugar in beer.”

  • Dom poured himself another cup as well. "I'll try to look up the report later." He added some sugar to his tea, and said: "Well, I'm currently specialised in the first three seasons of MLP, and,... more
    • "Huh." — Desdendelle, Sat Feb 21 11:58
      • "Well, it's actually pretty good..."domirossi, Sat Feb 21 14:02
        "I mean, once you get over the whole 'dating birds' thing. Which is surprisingly easy. Never thought I'd cry for a dove." The spy, following Des's stare, looked at his tea. "I'd like to agree with... more
        • "Oversteeped...?"Desdendelle, Sat Feb 21 14:44
          The Floater raised an eyebrow. “Ask them to put the leaves on a separate plate or something next time. That’s what I do because gods know you can’t expect a pubbie to know how to make tea.” “And, you ... more
          • Dom shrugged.domirossi, Sun Feb 22 11:42
            "Yeah, of course, it wasn't that surprising... But still weird."
            • "Well, "weird" is the norm here."Desdendelle, Sun Feb 22 14:01
              “I mean,” Des said, “look around. I can see a MLP-verse pony, a bunch of later-gen Pokémon, is that a Protoss? A scorpion person, some kind of angel, dinosaurs, and oh Gods of Tea and Radiator is... more
              • "I think it is..."domirossi, Sun Feb 22 14:33
                "I'm not really familiar with the continuum, though. The few things I know are from looking it up on Wikipedia when that one private space company named their landing barge... I think it was 'Just... more
                • "Go read the books sometime."Desdendelle, Sun Feb 22 16:12
                  “I assure you,” Des said after taking a sip, “you will not regret. Aside from maybe Consider Phlebas . And, yes, the Culture’s ships have some very nice names indeed. “All Through With This Niceness... more
                  • "I guess I should start with the second one? It's 'The Player of Games', right?" "And my personal favourite name is... Hold on." Dom took out his smartphone, typed something, waited for a while ("I... more
                    • Des smiled.Desdendelle, Mon Feb 23 08:46
                      “The good old Mistake Not,” he said. “Another good one is Experiencing a Significant Gravitas Shortfall. Hm, that might make an amusing title for a mission report…” Des rubbed his goatee, then... more
                      • "Oh, yeah, I love the gravitas jokes."domirossi, Tue Feb 24 09:36
                        Dom looked down at his now half-empty cup of tea. "I think I should get something to eat... It feels like it's been days since my last meal. What would you suggest?"
                        • "Hm, food?"Desdendelle, Tue Feb 24 11:05
                          Des scratched his goatee. “The pastas they serve here are A-OK. The salads are appetising if you’re in a bunny-rabbit mood.” He started tapping the table absentmindedly. Tap-taptaptap, tap-taptaptap, ... more
                          • "Okay..."domirossi, Tue Feb 24 15:17
                            Dom hailed a waiter. "Uh, excuse me... I'd like a plate of pesto pasta, please." "... Pesto pasta. Pesto pasta. Pesto pasta. Pasto pes-- Gaaah, almost broke my record." He then said to Des: "Uh...... more
                            • Des looked at the waiter.Desdendelle, Tue Feb 24 18:44
                              “I’d like a steak — regular cow, please, nothing odd — medium, with puree and garlic butter. Add to that a pitcher of lemonade,” he said. The waiter nodded, wrote their order on a piece of paper, and ... more
                              • "Honestly? Neither do I."domirossi, Tue Feb 24 18:53
                                "How long does it usually take for orders to arrive here? Maybe we could find something to do in the meantime..."
                                • A Smoke Knight and a mage walk into the bar...firemagic, Thu Feb 26 23:27
                                  ((Sorry if it's not ok to jump in here...)) Lana and Ari wandered into Rudi's. "So, you've been holding up OK?" the older Agent asked. Ari shrugged. "Well enough." Lana peered at the blonde girl.... more
                                  • "Oh, hello there!"Desdendelle, Fri Feb 27 06:32
                                    “Haven’t seen you in quite a while,” Des said, rising from his seat and politely inclining his head. “How have you been?” He looked around. “Oh, right, introductions. Ari, meet Dom Irossi, from... more
                                    • "Uh, hi..."domirossi, Fri Feb 27 10:25
                                      Dom got up and made a step towards the newcomers, but he suddenly stopped, seeming a little bit uncomfortable. "So. Uh. Yeah, Des made the introductions here... Uh..."
                                    • Re: "Oh, hello there!"firemagic, Fri Feb 27 09:11
                                      "I've been OK, I think? I got to go back on missions again, finally." Ari shrugged. Lana offered her hand to shake. "Lana Kohler, DMS. I actually recruited Ari a while back. And you?"
                                      • Des shook the offered hand.Desdendelle, Fri Feb 27 10:04
                                        “Desdendelle, from Floaters,” he said. “Went on a mission with Ari, among others.” Des waved in the general direction of the table. “Come, do take a seat. I’m sure Dom won’t mind. Right?”
                                        • "... Yeah, sure, no problem!"domirossi, Fri Feb 27 10:29
                                          Dom smiled at the two agents. "At least, we'll have more conversation topics... Because it was getting kinda awkward here."
                                          • Des looked over Ari's shoulder.Desdendelle, Sat Feb 28 17:42
                                            “Hey, Dom, there’s a saying where I come from,” he said. “‘Don’t open your mouth lest the Devil is listening.’ See this guy?” He pointed at a man wearing a longcoat not unlike his own — aside from... more
                                          • Re: "... Yeah, sure, no problem!"firemagic, Fri Feb 27 18:34
                                            Lana smiled. "So, where are you two from? No, wait, let me guess... Some kind of French area, and... Hm. Mediterranean sea area? Levant region?" She frowned at Des. Ari sighed and sat down. "So, did... more
                                            • "Yeah, we did."Desdendelle, Fri Feb 27 18:53
                                              Des shrugged. “We can always signal another waiter, though.” He sat down again and peered curiously at Lana. “Levant? Ah, you mean the Middle East. Well, yes and no. I don’t come from World One, but... more
                                              • ... Dom said in what was definitely a French accent. "And legally. And almost-but-not-quite-culturally. Uh, yeah, I'm currently French, i guess." "So, uh... What about you? Where do you come from?"
                                              • Ari grinnedfiremagic, Fri Feb 27 18:57
                                                "Lana's from steampunk Germany. Have you ever been to that region?" she asked the older Agent. Lana looked abashed. "OK, 1, it's 'gaslamp fantasy.' Two, uh," she laughed sheepishly. "One of my... more
                                                • Dom looked confused for a moment.domirossi, Fri Feb 27 19:08
                                                  I guess it was to be expected, since Lana had answered his question at the exact same time he asked it. "Sorry... Uh, no, thank you. Uh, no, wait. Gaaaaaaah. Nevermind."
                                                  • Re: Dom looked confused for a moment.firemagic, Fri Feb 27 19:14
                                                    Ari looked mildly confused back at Dom, before shrugging. "Anyhow! So, Intelligence? I had to do a stint there recently. I was 'too physically incapable' of going on missions or something." She made... more
                                                    • Des shuddered.Desdendelle, Fri Feb 27 19:39
                                                      “Guys, can you please not bring that mission up? Pretty please with a puppyface?” He grimaced. “I still have nightmares. Brr.” The agent drew his coat closer and shuddered again. His hands were... more
                                                      • "So. How was that time in Intelligence?", he asked Ari. "I guess it must have been pretty boring for an agent."
                                                        • ((Woops.))Desdendelle, Sat Feb 28 17:52
                                                          ((I posted a reply to an earlier post by mistake. Oops.))
                                                          • "Well... Actually, I think I have to go."domirossi, Thu Mar 26 12:54
                                                            Dom yawned. "I'm sorry, but I'm feeling really tired right now. I should probably have at least some hours of sleep this week," he said with a faint smile. "Too bad for the pasta..." "Anyway. That... more
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