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"Screw 'em."
Sat Feb 21, 2015 12:58

Taldaris looked down at Fire Flash as she took a sip of soda. She put down her drink and looked back at him. "Yeah, I said it! Screw 'em! Living a life in a hole is pathetic! What is he? A stalli-- man or a mouse? Life won't spoon-feed him until he's old so he should stand up for himself instead!"

The mare turned her green eyes on Valon. "Look mate, I'm only going to say this once so listen up. 'Accidentally offending people' is the single worst excuse I've ever heard in my entire life, ever. News flash: we're surrounded by offensive things. Hell, the PPC is founded on the principle that badfic offends us--"

"More like Suvians pose a threat to the structure of the multiverse as a whole," corrected Taldaris.

"Shut your non-existent cakehole, T. I wasn't talking to you. So, offensive things. Everyone deals with 'em and gets on with their lives. Everyone. No exceptions. So what if you offend someone? As long as it wasn't intentional you apologize and learn from the experience. Yeah, it sucks to mess up and look like an idiot-- but suck it up. And even if they do get mad and try to punch your lights out... you have legs, right? Nobody's stopping you from picking your fights."

"Once again, not how I'd put it," said the protoss, "but still applicable nonetheless."

  • Valon shrugged.Voyd, Sat Feb 21 11:38
    "I mostly read and play games, video or tabletop. As for why I don't usually socialize, I'm a bit paranoid about accidentally offending people. I have a tough time reading people, and this is the... more
    • "Screw 'em." — SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 21 12:58
      • "I suppose..."Voyd, Sat Feb 21 13:16
        "I'm still not too great at socialization. And now I'm thinking of puppies learning to get along. I wonder who that weird ghost in Lumiose City is... are there any ghosts in the PPC?" Valon's brief... more
        • Fire Flash blinked.SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 21 13:46
          "Wait, wha...?" " The Luminose ghost girl is most likely an unimplemented event, " said Taldaris without skipping a beat, " and several ghosts are currently employed by the PPC, yes. Miss Doom/Gloom... more
          • "Puppies are baby dogs."Voyd, Sat Feb 21 14:25
            "Anyway, have either of you heard of Dungeons and Dragons? I don't play DnD specifically, but I am looking for people willing to play Pathfinder, which is greatly similar."
            • "I know of DnD," said Fire Flash...SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 21 22:07
              "but I don't know anything about it. Sorry dude, you're gonna have to look elsewhere." " Agent Vance. Out of sheer curiosity do you exercise? asked Taldaris. " I think that your musculature and... more
              • "Uh..."Voyd, Sat Feb 21 22:26
                "I'm gonna have to go with D, none of the above. I had a pretty sedentary lifestyle before joining the PPC. I dance sometimes when nobody's around, but that hardly counts." Valon rolled his shoulder... more
                • Valon grinned widely.Voyd, Sun Feb 22 12:01
                  "Is there a stage? Because I'm not a good fighter or socialite, but I am good at one thing: performance. Maybe I could sing?" He started singing to himself again; he had a soothing baritone. "I hear... more
                  • ((Sorry about the delay.))SeaTurtle, Sun Feb 22 13:00
                    ((Homework is piling up on my end and I've been fairly inconsistent with my replies. Sorry!)) - - - " If I recall correctly, the Department of Operations has a choir that's open to all PPC agents, "... more
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