Fire Flash blinked.
Sat Feb 21, 2015 13:46

"Wait, wha...?"

"The Luminose ghost girl is most likely an unimplemented event," said Taldaris without skipping a beat, "and several ghosts are currently employed by the PPC, yes. Miss Doom/Gloom is a perfect example of this." The protoss then leaned forward a bit. "And what are 'puppies'? It's not something I'm familiar with."

"Luna's stars. You're hopeless," grumbled Fire Flash.

  • "I suppose..."Voyd, Sat Feb 21 13:16
    "I'm still not too great at socialization. And now I'm thinking of puppies learning to get along. I wonder who that weird ghost in Lumiose City is... are there any ghosts in the PPC?" Valon's brief... more
    • Fire Flash blinked. — SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 21 13:46
      • "Puppies are baby dogs."Voyd, Sat Feb 21 14:25
        "Anyway, have either of you heard of Dungeons and Dragons? I don't play DnD specifically, but I am looking for people willing to play Pathfinder, which is greatly similar."
        • "I know of DnD," said Fire Flash...SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 21 22:07
          "but I don't know anything about it. Sorry dude, you're gonna have to look elsewhere." " Agent Vance. Out of sheer curiosity do you exercise? asked Taldaris. " I think that your musculature and... more
          • "Uh..."Voyd, Sat Feb 21 22:26
            "I'm gonna have to go with D, none of the above. I had a pretty sedentary lifestyle before joining the PPC. I dance sometimes when nobody's around, but that hardly counts." Valon rolled his shoulder... more
            • Valon grinned widely.Voyd, Sun Feb 22 12:01
              "Is there a stage? Because I'm not a good fighter or socialite, but I am good at one thing: performance. Maybe I could sing?" He started singing to himself again; he had a soothing baritone. "I hear... more
              • ((Sorry about the delay.))SeaTurtle, Sun Feb 22 13:00
                ((Homework is piling up on my end and I've been fairly inconsistent with my replies. Sorry!)) - - - " If I recall correctly, the Department of Operations has a choir that's open to all PPC agents, "... more
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