"I know of DnD," said Fire Flash...
Sat Feb 21, 2015 22:07

"but I don't know anything about it. Sorry dude, you're gonna have to look elsewhere."

"Agent Vance. Out of sheer curiosity do you exercise? asked Taldaris. "I think that your musculature and complexion might benefit from vigorous exercise. Do you run? Swim? Lift weights?"

  • "Puppies are baby dogs."Voyd, Sat Feb 21 14:25
    "Anyway, have either of you heard of Dungeons and Dragons? I don't play DnD specifically, but I am looking for people willing to play Pathfinder, which is greatly similar."
    • "I know of DnD," said Fire Flash... — SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 21 22:07
      • "Uh..."Voyd, Sat Feb 21 22:26
        "I'm gonna have to go with D, none of the above. I had a pretty sedentary lifestyle before joining the PPC. I dance sometimes when nobody's around, but that hardly counts." Valon rolled his shoulder... more
        • Valon grinned widely.Voyd, Sun Feb 22 12:01
          "Is there a stage? Because I'm not a good fighter or socialite, but I am good at one thing: performance. Maybe I could sing?" He started singing to himself again; he had a soothing baritone. "I hear... more
          • ((Sorry about the delay.))SeaTurtle, Sun Feb 22 13:00
            ((Homework is piling up on my end and I've been fairly inconsistent with my replies. Sorry!)) - - - " If I recall correctly, the Department of Operations has a choir that's open to all PPC agents, "... more
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