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Navare gave the waving tail a worried look.
Sun Feb 22, 2015 04:38

It wasn't readily apparent, but Amris also readied itself.
“Survived a nuclear bomb? Nasty.” Navare rubbed his chin. “Next time, try to drop the Stu into a black hole. This guy sounds a little too much like the Sue—” he shuddered and stopped.
“The Sue from the fic you were rescued from, yes,” Amris piped up. “She survived an Arc-en-ciel to the face, no?”
The Drone’s aura fields turned red and it floated upwards a few centimetres. “You should be glad it is your home continuum, Kala Jeng. It makes the kill all the more satisfying.”

  • "That would be marvelous."Voyd, Sat Feb 21 22:44
    "Considering the Stu that Valon and I had to get rid of, help would be greatly appreciated. Apparently, he was a replacement of the main character from a game called Prototype. I got bored and... more
    • Navare gave the waving tail a worried look. — Desdendelle, Sun Feb 22 04:38
      • "I guess so..."Voyd, Sun Feb 22 10:49
        Kala's tail stopped moving. "Valon said that my home continuum is probably the only one where I don't need a disguise, which gives me full access to my normal abilities. It's common for liminals to... more
        • “No.”Anonymous, Sun Feb 22 13:58
          “What it means to say is that no, it did not have to assume a humanoid disguise. We were only sent on one mission so far, and the distances involved made disguises irrelevant,” Navare added. “I won’t ... more
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