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"I guess so..."
Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:49

Kala's tail stopped moving. "Valon said that my home continuum is probably the only one where I don't need a disguise, which gives me full access to my normal abilities. It's common for liminals to be stronger than humans, but I also have a paralytic stinger. Not that it would have helped in our last mission, Valon said that the Stu wouldn't have been affected."

She turned her attention to Amris. "Have you ever been in a human disguise? If you have, is walking with two legs difficult? I'm used to having twelve limbs, so I don't know what to expect from being eight short."

  • Navare gave the waving tail a worried look.Desdendelle, Sun Feb 22 04:38
    It wasn't readily apparent, but Amris also readied itself. “Survived a nuclear bomb? Nasty.” Navare rubbed his chin. “Next time, try to drop the Stu into a black hole. This guy sounds a little too... more
    • "I guess so..." — Voyd, Sun Feb 22 10:49
      • “No.”Anonymous, Sun Feb 22 13:58
        “What it means to say is that no, it did not have to assume a humanoid disguise. We were only sent on one mission so far, and the distances involved made disguises irrelevant,” Navare added. “I won’t ... more
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