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Sun Feb 22, 2015 13:00

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"If I recall correctly, the Department of Operations has a choir that's open to all PPC agents," said Taldaris. "Due to short-staffing, they're always a few members short. Perhaps you could audition for a position?"

"Yeah, at least I'd get you out of the RC," said Fire Flash. "I know that the D-Ops choir often sings with the DBS philharmonic. I bet you'd get to know a lot of other music-lovers over there."

  • Valon grinned widely.Voyd, Sun Feb 22 12:01
    "Is there a stage? Because I'm not a good fighter or socialite, but I am good at one thing: performance. Maybe I could sing?" He started singing to himself again; he had a soothing baritone. "I hear... more
    • ((Sorry about the delay.)) — SeaTurtle, Sun Feb 22 13:00
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