((I don't know, why IS Maxwell laughing?))
Sun Feb 22, 2015 15:57

Zeb put his paws over his eyes.

((If you were wondering, this is what he's thinking right now.))

  • Owen rubbed his face with his paws.SeaTurtle, Sun Feb 22 15:45
    "Oy vey. I don't know if I should laugh, cry, or do both. So the Rookie does know what we're talking about. Okay. So, Zeb, as I was saying: you can theoretically explain this to Maxwell, right?" "No, ... more
    • ((I don't know, why IS Maxwell laughing?)) — Iximaz, Sun Feb 22 15:57
      • Maxwell looked from...SeaTurtle, Sun Feb 22 16:10
        ...Buck's bleary stare, to Victoria pinching what was ostensibly her nose under her hair, to Owen caught in a hysterical laughing fit, to Zeb covering his face in shame. The Jolteon mouthed Buck's... more
        • Zeb swallowed as the realization hit that his only hopes of coming out of this with any sort of dignity left were now gone. He looked down at Maxwell. "N-not much," he said, smiling awkwardly.... more
          • Maxwell shrugged.SeaTurtle, Sun Feb 22 16:20
            "Well, y'know. The usual. Looks like the other three had a fight over something. What exactly did you have to explain to me?" - - - ((Don't fail me, Zeb.))
            • "They wanted me to tell you where eggs come from!" he blurted. Very loudly. Across the room, Rina spat out her hot chocolate. " What? " she yelped. "They mean Pokemon eggs, right?" Alex yelled,... more
              • ((There's a lack of Benoît here.))SeaTurtle, Sun Feb 22 16:55
                Benoît briefly excused himself from his conversation with Falchion and turned around to see the source of the commotion. He saw an absence of three members of his team, a puzzled Jolteon, and a... more
                • Zeb's ears flattened with embarrassment.Iximaz, Sun Feb 22 17:04
                  "M-Maxwell," he began, fumbling with his words, "would you... um... wouldyougoforawalkwithme?" ~~~
                  • "Sure!" chirped Maxwell.SeaTurtle, Sun Feb 22 17:45
                    "So, where d'you wanna go? The hallways? No-- too boring. Courtyard? No-- I just worked there. It's boring. Ooh! I know! We could try to find the pool! Race you to the exit! Threetwoonego!" And with... more
                    • Zeb swallowed nervously and followed Maxwell out of Rudi's. He had to look behind him several times to reassure himself nobody was watching. Well, nobody aside from Benoît and Rina. "Maxwell, please... more
                      • "Right. Uh..."SeaTurtle, Sun Feb 22 18:04
                        Maxwell was a little distracted by a flicker of movement that may or may not have been the heads of a Gardevoir, a Lucario, and a Skiddo ducking around a corner but he focused on the question as he... more
                        • Zeb glanced at the wall; his eyes narrowedAnonymous, Sun Feb 22 18:14
                          when he saw the yellow-outlined figured behind it. He forced himself to ignore them. "Yes, that sort of thing," he said. "I'm from Sinnoh, and my favorite Poffins are sweet. I've recently become... more
                          • "Nope. I don't really read stuff."SeaTurtle, Sun Feb 22 18:42
                            "I work all day in the Courtyard and most of my time off is either training exercises or eating. Besides, words without pictures are boring, don't you think?" Maxwell took a look at the RC numbers... more
                            • Zeb nodded at the wall. "Your friends are watching us. No idea why." That last part was a blatant lie, but how on Earth was he supposed to explain why the other Pokémon were following them? He looked ... more
                              • "What, Owen and the gang?"SeaTurtle, Sun Feb 22 19:07
                                "Hah! Classic Owen. He's paranoid but in a good way: if I ate a Poké puff every time he correctly predicted a trap or where a bad guy was I'd be fat! Nah, he's just looking out for me but I can... more
                                • ((You guys are giving me ideas.))Desdendelle, Sun Feb 22 19:22
                                  ((Do you mind if I drop a certain inebriated someone in in a fitting moment?))
                                • Zeb smiled. "I'd like that."Iximaz, Sun Feb 22 19:19
                                  They walked in a companionable silence for what felt like several minutes. At least, Zeb hoped it was companionable to Maxwell. Really, he was just trying to think of something to say. "So," he... more
                                  • “What.”Desdendelle, Sun Feb 22 19:54
                                    Someone — wearing a brown longcoat over a formal black suit — towered over the two Pokémon. He was holding a rectangular, vaguely orange bottle in one hand; they could probably read its label... more
                                    • "Sir?"Iximaz, Sun Feb 22 19:57
                                      Zeb was momentarily startled by the man's seemingly sudden appearance. "Can we help you?"
                                      • As soon as Maxwell saw the agent...SeaTurtle, Sun Feb 22 20:40
                                        ...the DIA officer stood up straighter and held his head high in the air. "Good evening, agent!" he said in a cheery voice. "No, you're not seeing things. I'm Maxwell, this is my... more
                                        • "Deputy?"Iximaz, Sun Feb 22 20:43
                                          Zeb said, not sure whether to be amused or annoyed. ((Take it away, Des!))
                                          • The man blinked.Desdendelle, Mon Feb 23 07:52
                                            He crouched until his face was level with Maxwell’s. “Isn’t that a human physician?” He took another swig, then shrugged. “I’m looking for my no-good partner. Have you seen him? Coat like mine, only... more
                                            • "Partner? No, sir!"SeaTurtle, Mon Feb 23 08:29
                                              Maxwell wanted to point out the difference between "physicist" and "physician" to the stranger but decided that this wasn't a good time to discuss semantics. "I'm afraid I'm not too good at tracking... more
                                              • The man removed his hood.Desdendelle, Tue Feb 24 03:49
                                                Even though he was smiling a silly smile — it seems he was really drunk — his face still looked rather haughty. “I am the Librarian. Department of Floaters. My partner calls himself Desdendelle.” He... more
                                                • "The... Librarian?"Iximaz, Tue Feb 24 06:45
                                                  "You're the one who shouted at me when I went to the Canon Library?" Zeb asked, taking a few steps back. "Wait, no, your scent is different." His ears flattened. "Sorry for the mistake. Is your name... more
                                                  • The Librarian rolled his eyes.Desdendelle, Tue Feb 24 07:08
                                                    “Do I look to you like the sort of person to sit in a library?” he wondered. He sat down on the Generic Surface floor — not before dusting it, of course. He shrugged. “‘Librarian’ is a pseudonym.... more
                                                    • Then he thought better of it. "My partner talks a lot about this Doctor character," he said, latching on to the subject. "I think she's a bit smitten with him. What's he like?" ((Oh, Zeb, you're so... more
                                                      • The Librarian shrugged.Desdendelle, Tue Feb 24 08:02
                                                        “I have no — hic! — idea.” He took another swig, then stoppered the now-empty bottle and shoved it into one of his coat’s voluminous pockets. “I never met him — he is a bit younger than me, and I... more
                                                        • Maxwell's ears perked up...SeaTurtle, Tue Feb 24 09:51
                                                          ...when the Librarian introduced himself. This guy was the Librarian. Librarian. Department of Floaters. Time Lord. Also a member of the Continuity Council of Gallifrey-in-Exile. This was a very... more
                                                          • The Librarian rolled his eyes again.Desdendelle, Tue Feb 24 10:37
                                                            “Oh? You have a way to navigate this accursed maze?” the Librarian asked doubtfully. “This is much more important than my partner. Do tell me.” It didn't quite sound like the Time Lord was asking.
                                                            • Maxwell turned around towards Rudi's again and started walking, lecturing over his shoulder. "First, you got your three dimensions. You also got time, and consciousness, and another one I can't... more
                                                              • Zeb glanced at the Librarian.Iximaz, Tue Feb 24 15:07
                                                                "Are you understanding any of this?" he asked over Maxwell's chatter. ((I feel like my posts are ridiculously short.))
                                                                • The Librarian smiled.Desdendelle, Tue Feb 24 18:47
                                                                  “Of course I understand. What do I look like, a human?” the Time Lord asked. “Do continue, Maxwell. The concept is interesting enough, though you do some somewhat unfamiliar with it. Do you perchance ... more
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