"Well, 'fun' is subjective..."
Mon Feb 23, 2015 19:15

Benoît sighed. "Like I said, we busted a Shaymin cloning op in the Courtyard earlier today. A group of agents went into one of the Pokémon films and took DNA samples from a load of Shaymin. They then dug a big underground hideout in some remote location of the Courtyard and got their hands on some cloning equipment." The DIA officer rubbed his eyes. "These guys had made about a hundred artificially bred Legendaries and were trying to pass them off as another species of Pokémon minis-- yours for twelve easy under-the-table payments. We got wind of the entire affair when one of our Patrol Division officers came into the office a few days ago with his new 'pet' in his arms. An investigation was launched, the seller stopped for questioning, and a search party formed to find the clone lab." Benoît took a sip of his ale. "Meryem-- my partner-- my 'mons, and I are assigned the Courtyard beat so we started our search there. We found the place all right-- but the breeders had booby-trapped nearly all the entrances. Long story short: I fell into a bear trap, all hell broke loose, Maxwell went nuts with his Thunder Wave, two of the ten smugglers got away but we managed to shut down the lab and secured of all the cloned Legendaries. Not bad for a day's work."

Benoît took another sip of his drink. "Yeah, so that's my story. How about you? Got any good ones?"

  • "And yeah, that sourpuss is my partner, unfortunately. I don't know the specifics myself, but I did meet a friend of hers a while ago, and he was one of the witnesses. From what he told me, she... more
    • "Well, 'fun' is subjective..." — SeaTurtle, Mon Feb 23 19:15
      • "Sounds painful," Falchion replied.SkarmorySilver, Tue Feb 24 18:11
        "I mean, getting caught in a trap and being forced to watch all of that. At least there aren't gonna be any more cloned Shaymins, right?... right?..." Deciding he had nothing better to do, he flagged ... more
        • "Baby T-Rexes...?"SeaTurtle, Tue Feb 24 21:57
          "And you missioned a badfic with eleven crossed continua?" Benoît could only stare blankly at the table in disbelief. "I'm so happy I signed up for DIA. I don't think I could ever bring myself to... more
          • "I'm pretty sure it's already been archived."SkarmorySilver, Tue Mar 3 02:02
            "The Hyacinth will probably know about what happened to it, so you might want to ask her instead." Falchion clicked his sharp beak, wondering if he should've ordered a diet soda along with his meal.... more
            • "Oh, man. Shape-shifters are the worst."SeaTurtle, Tue Mar 3 15:07
              "Just last week there was this Potterverse metamorph-something Sue that fell into HQ and tried to infiltrate DMS thinking she could dismantle it from the inside. Granted, she didn't make it very far... more
              • "I guess it was just that one mission..."SkarmorySilver, Tue Mar 3 15:44
                "...into that one horrifying MLP fic involving a homicidal replacement of Big Mac. Again, Rayner was the one who was there and not me, but yeah. I guess that experience alone must've been truly... more
                • "Actually, she's still alive."SeaTurtle, Tue Mar 3 16:47
                  "The Patrol officers managed to talk her down and convince her to surrender. She's in DMSE&R right now helping them test out who knows what." Benoît idly stirred his soup with his spoon. "Come to... more
                  • "Actually, no..."SkarmorySilver, Tue Mar 3 22:43
                    "I only just met him - I've known Ripper much longer myself." He motioned his beaked head towards the Deinonychus sitting nearby. "The angel's name is Cupid, by the way. As for Rayner, he's a... more
                    • "And more importantly, is it anime-verse or game -verse? I imagine that the former must have a lot more visitors than the latter. Though I have to admit that keeping a dragon in a Poké Ball isn't... more
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