The Librarian shrugged.
Tue Feb 24, 2015 08:02

“I have no — hic! — idea.” He took another swig, then stoppered the now-empty bottle and shoved it into one of his coat’s voluminous pockets. “I never met him — he is a bit younger than me, and I never had any reason to fraternize with him even in the Academy.”
He looked a lot more sober than he was a moment before, and he had a dangerous glint in his eyes. “Why are you asking?”

  • Then he thought better of it. "My partner talks a lot about this Doctor character," he said, latching on to the subject. "I think she's a bit smitten with him. What's he like?" ((Oh, Zeb, you're so... more
    • The Librarian shrugged. — Desdendelle, Tue Feb 24 08:02
      • Maxwell's ears perked up...SeaTurtle, Tue Feb 24 09:51
        ...when the Librarian introduced himself. This guy was the Librarian. Librarian. Department of Floaters. Time Lord. Also a member of the Continuity Council of Gallifrey-in-Exile. This was a very... more
        • The Librarian rolled his eyes again.Desdendelle, Tue Feb 24 10:37
          “Oh? You have a way to navigate this accursed maze?” the Librarian asked doubtfully. “This is much more important than my partner. Do tell me.” It didn't quite sound like the Time Lord was asking.
          • Maxwell turned around towards Rudi's again and started walking, lecturing over his shoulder. "First, you got your three dimensions. You also got time, and consciousness, and another one I can't... more
            • Zeb glanced at the Librarian.Iximaz, Tue Feb 24 15:07
              "Are you understanding any of this?" he asked over Maxwell's chatter. ((I feel like my posts are ridiculously short.))
              • The Librarian smiled.Desdendelle, Tue Feb 24 18:47
                “Of course I understand. What do I look like, a human?” the Time Lord asked. “Do continue, Maxwell. The concept is interesting enough, though you do some somewhat unfamiliar with it. Do you perchance ... more
                • Maxwell rounded the corner, Time Lord in tow.SeaTurtle, Tue Feb 24 21:50
                  "Oh, Ben and the rest of us were shown a map of HQ during our tour of DIA central. We got the explanation from Doctor... er... Doctor..." The Jolteon's face scrunched up, deep in thought. "He had a... more
                  • "Well, that's specific,"Iximaz, Tue Feb 24 22:39
                    muttered Zeb in a rare fit of sarcasm. More loudly, he said, "How come it's just the DIA agents who get maps of this place?" ((Because reasons, Zeb. Don't you know anything?))
                    • "Because reasons, Zeb!"SeaTurtle, Wed Feb 25 16:04
                      "Besides, you Action Department people are all about what's going on outisde HQ. DIA and DES-- well, we kinda need to know out way 'round this place." The Jolteon checked the RC numbers going by.... more
                      • "So there is a map, huh?"Desdendelle, Wed Feb 25 17:22
                        “I should get the data somewhere. I wonder how would Tablet interface with it…?” the Librarian obviously didn’t notice he was thinking out loud; he was more inebriated than he thought. “Those... more
                        • "Hah! Good luck."SeaTurtle, Wed Feb 25 18:52
                          "That the map exists is pretty common knowledge in the PPC-- but actually knowing how it's shown to you..." Maxwell smiled. "The only way for anyone to see it is to become part of the DIA. Sorry sir, ... more
                          • “Then I might have to do just that.”Desdendelle, Fri Feb 27 06:36
                            The Librarian shrugged. “Such limitations did not stop me in my quest before and they will not start to do so now.” A pause. “That is the establishment you were speaking of, Maxwell, is it not?”... more
                            • "Yep, that's the place."SeaTurtle, Fri Feb 27 20:01
                              "Just go in and take a look around. The last time I saw him was at a table." The Jolteon added as an afterthought: "Oh, and if you're thinking of joining DIA... it's a commitment. You're not gonna... more
                              • The Librarian raised his eyebrow.Desdendelle, Sat Feb 28 09:12
                                He didn’t say anything; let Maxwell think what he will. He entered Rudi’s and took a look around, then exited the pub again. “He is here,” he informed the two Pokémon. “I must add that his table... more
                                • "You should meet them!"SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 28 15:09
                                  "Making friends is fun!" said Maxwell, nodding his head sagely. "Just look at me and my buddy Zeb over here. When I woke up this morning, I had no idea that I'd find someone cool to hang with! Right, ... more
                                  • Zeb suppressed a groan.Iximaz, Sat Feb 28 15:39
                                    Maxwell seemed to be inadvertently doing everything to keep Zeb from being able to just have a nice conversation with him. But he couldn't say so without appearing rude. "Erm, yes, you could come... more
                                    • "I did not know there was a pool here."Desdendelle, Sat Feb 28 17:27
                                      The Librarian looked from Zeb to Maxwell, an amused glint in his eyes. “I shall go and join my partner. There are some questions that need to be asked.” Waving cheerfully, he entered the pub and made ... more
                                      • Zeb breathed a sigh of relief.Iximaz, Sat Feb 28 19:21
                                        Thank you, he thought after the Librarian. He turned to Maxwell, grinning broadly. "So... shall we go find that pool?" ((Awesome! Thanks! And that reminds me, my upcoming Time Lord agent is probably... more
                                        • ((But of course.))Desdendelle, Sat Feb 28 20:36
                                          ((I'm always up for co-writes, assuming writer's block doesn't hold me in its evil clutches. It seems that interludes are less affected by it, however.))
                                        • "Of course. Right this way!"SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 28 20:23
                                          Maxwell started walking down the hallway, humming a little tune to himself. He continued for a while and turned to the Luxray beside him. "Say, Zeb... Can I ask you a personal question? OK, not sure... more
                                          • "Uh..."Iximaz, Sat Feb 28 20:43
                                            Zeb swallowed, his heart hammering in his chest. "Y-yes?" ((I've sent a test email!))
                                            • "All righty then."SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 28 21:13
                                              Maxwell stopped walking and looked at Zeb in the eyes. "Okay. So. Well, let's not beat around the bush: you're a really nice-looking dude. I mean, look at that posture! That mane! Those eyes! You're... more
                                              • Zeb thought his heart might burst.Iximaz, Sat Feb 28 21:25
                                                "N-no, not at all!" he said, stepping a little closer to Maxwell. "Go on." ((Ah, that would explain why I was getting error messages.))
                                                • "You don't mind? Here goes."SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 28 21:32
                                                  "So. As I was saying, you're a pretty handsome 'mon. Probably a very gentlemanly guy as well. Right. Now, how do I put this..." Maxwell cleared his throat. "D'you know where I can find a nice lady... more
                                                  • "O-oh..."Iximaz, Sat Feb 28 21:42
                                                    Zeb's heart was no longer bursting; it had just shattered into a million pieces. He wanted to go back to his RC and curl up in bed and mentally berate himself for being so stupid as to get his hopes... more
                                                    • "What, going back already?"SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 28 21:58
                                                      "Aww, that sucks. Oh well. Lead on, man." Maxwell happily fell into step beside Zeb. "And thanks for your advice. I'll be sure to follow up on that. Oh yeah, one last thing: what's up with your face? ... more
                                                      • "Or something," Zeb muttered.Iximaz, Sat Feb 28 22:10
                                                        He felt his tail droop, dragging on the ground behind him. Just my luck, he thought. Like blowing up wasn't bad enough on its own... He sighed heavily. "It's nothing, Maxwell," he said gloomily.... more
                                                        • "Wanna tell me about it?"SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 28 22:27
                                                          "It's what friends do, right? Be there for each other? 'Cause if there's anything I can do to help, I'll do it! And that's a promise!"
                                                          • "Not... not particularly..."Iximaz, Sat Feb 28 22:31
                                                            "I don't think there's really anything you can do." Zeb peered through the walls. "Rudi's is just around this corner," he said, half-relieved and half... he didn't know what.
                                                            • The two Pokémon rounded the corner...SeaTurtle, Sun Mar 1 09:34
                                                              ...and nearly walked into a small stampede of DIA agents running down the hallway. As a protoss and a Earth pony barrelled past Maxwell, a woman wearing a grey tunic over black pants and a... more
                                                              • Then he turned and went back into Rudi's, slowly making his way back to Rina's and Alex's table. He sat down and let his head hit the table with a thunk . "What's wrong, Zeb?" Rina asked, alarmed. "I ... more
                                                                • ((Oh snap.))SeaTurtle, Sun Mar 1 10:51
                                                                  ((It appears that I've accidentally become Feelsman, inducer of feels. Although I have to admit this sort of situation never happened to me. This is... odd . Also, what did you think I was talking... more
                                    • ((Maxwell: the blocker of good times.))SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 28 15:47
                                      ((Oh, man. Speaking of Maxwell, I have something completely diabolical in store for Zeb. More on that later. On a completely unrelated note, I think that there's not enough unrequited love in the... more
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