Des shuddered.
Fri Feb 27, 2015 19:39

“Guys, can you please not bring that mission up? Pretty please with a puppyface?” He grimaced. “I still have nightmares. Brr.”
The agent drew his coat closer and shuddered again. His hands were shaking and he was paler than before.

  • Re: Dom looked confused for a moment.firemagic, Fri Feb 27 19:14
    Ari looked mildly confused back at Dom, before shrugging. "Anyhow! So, Intelligence? I had to do a stint there recently. I was 'too physically incapable' of going on missions or something." She made... more
    • Des shuddered. — Desdendelle, Fri Feb 27 19:39
      • "So. How was that time in Intelligence?", he asked Ari. "I guess it must have been pretty boring for an agent."
        • ((Woops.))Desdendelle, Sat Feb 28 17:52
          ((I posted a reply to an earlier post by mistake. Oops.))
          • "Well... Actually, I think I have to go."domirossi, Thu Mar 26 12:54
            Dom yawned. "I'm sorry, but I'm feeling really tired right now. I should probably have at least some hours of sleep this week," he said with a faint smile. "Too bad for the pasta..." "Anyway. That... more
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