"What, going back already?"
Sat Feb 28, 2015 21:58

"Aww, that sucks. Oh well. Lead on, man." Maxwell happily fell into step beside Zeb. "And thanks for your advice. I'll be sure to follow up on that. Oh yeah, one last thing: what's up with your face? It looks like someone stole your dessert or something."

  • "O-oh..."Iximaz, Sat Feb 28 21:42
    Zeb's heart was no longer bursting; it had just shattered into a million pieces. He wanted to go back to his RC and curl up in bed and mentally berate himself for being so stupid as to get his hopes... more
    • "What, going back already?" — SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 28 21:58
      • "Or something," Zeb muttered.Iximaz, Sat Feb 28 22:10
        He felt his tail droop, dragging on the ground behind him. Just my luck, he thought. Like blowing up wasn't bad enough on its own... He sighed heavily. "It's nothing, Maxwell," he said gloomily.... more
        • "Wanna tell me about it?"SeaTurtle, Sat Feb 28 22:27
          "It's what friends do, right? Be there for each other? 'Cause if there's anything I can do to help, I'll do it! And that's a promise!"
          • "Not... not particularly..."Iximaz, Sat Feb 28 22:31
            "I don't think there's really anything you can do." Zeb peered through the walls. "Rudi's is just around this corner," he said, half-relieved and half... he didn't know what.
            • The two Pokémon rounded the corner...SeaTurtle, Sun Mar 1 09:34
              ...and nearly walked into a small stampede of DIA agents running down the hallway. As a protoss and a Earth pony barrelled past Maxwell, a woman wearing a grey tunic over black pants and a... more
              • Then he turned and went back into Rudi's, slowly making his way back to Rina's and Alex's table. He sat down and let his head hit the table with a thunk . "What's wrong, Zeb?" Rina asked, alarmed. "I ... more
                • ((Oh snap.))SeaTurtle, Sun Mar 1 10:51
                  ((It appears that I've accidentally become Feelsman, inducer of feels. Although I have to admit this sort of situation never happened to me. This is... odd . Also, what did you think I was talking... more
                  • ((Pfft, I don't know.))Iximaz, Sun Mar 1 11:04
                    ((I guess I was expecting Maxwell to just ask for dating advice, not go all 'you're a good looking 'mon, surely you know where to pick up chicks'. ^^; And nah, it's fine, it was a couple of years ago ... more
                    • ((Awesomesauce.))SeaTurtle, Sun Mar 1 11:58
                      ((That reminds me that I have Plans for Gaspard's backstory-- including that time where the only time a girl asked him out in his entire life was actually a dare. Totally not based on a real-life... more
                      • ((I know what that's like.))Iximaz, Sun Mar 1 21:16
                        ((Wanna hear another story about my Trajek childhood? Make yourself comfortable, because this is a long one. I attended a very small school, maybe 30 kids to a grade, from Kindergarten to sixth... more
                        • ((Honestly, in your situation, I would've gone Full Beta and just taken it lying down. I'm not much one for fighting or even provoking situations. Well, you shared a story, I'll tell you some of... more
                          • ((Oh, no, not at all!))Iximaz, Mon Mar 2 06:10
                            ((Oh, there's nothing wrong with a little thread derailment now and then. Sometimes we just need to vent, you know? *offers hugs* At least that's all in the past now, right? {:-) (Also, be very glad... more
                            • ((You guys need hugs.))Desdendelle, Mon Mar 2 13:42
                              ((And tea. Lots and lots of tea. I guess I have sob stories to tell, but they're not really interesting or anything. Standard shy nerd fare. So Internet-tea and Internet-cookies for everyone. Oh, and ... more
                              • ((Thanks for the tea.))SeaTurtle, Mon Mar 2 22:03
                                ((You're a real champ. Yeah, being a shy nerd sucks. Suddenly everyone is making fun of you because you're somehow different, which makes you withdraw from social life, which then leads to them... more
                                • ((That sounds quite familiar, yes.))Desdendelle, Tue Mar 3 03:17
                                  ((In this regard, I'm very lucky we have obligatory conscription here. Being in the army helped me become a lot more sociable, and I met some really good people in the various places I've been in.... more
                              • ((Sure, I'll take a cup of tea.))Iximaz, Mon Mar 2 14:36
                                ((*sends it to her younger self* Thanks, Des. Younger Me would be happy to know that she's got people looking out for her in the future.))
                                • ((Sorry to kinda jump in abruptly here, but I felt I had to say something. Iximaz, reading about the experiences you've had in years past just broke my heart. I know you've told me about these things ... more
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