"Actually, she's still alive."
Tue Mar 3, 2015 16:47

"The Patrol officers managed to talk her down and convince her to surrender. She's in DMSE&R right now helping them test out who knows what." Benoît idly stirred his soup with his spoon. "Come to think of it... DMSE&R's only source of Suvians is actually DIA: it looks like agents prefer to execute their quarry instead of taking them alive. I don't know. I understand wanting to completely purge every last trace of canon pollutant from the world but being the judge, jury, and executioner? I can't do that. Personally, I don't think anybody should do it... But then things would never get done around here, right?"

The DIA officer sipped his soup. "Bleh. Too much salt. And who's this Rayner guy you mentioned? Is it angel boy over there? I didn't catch his name." He pointed at Cupid with his spoon.

  • "I guess it was just that one mission..."SkarmorySilver, Tue Mar 3 15:44
    "...into that one horrifying MLP fic involving a homicidal replacement of Big Mac. Again, Rayner was the one who was there and not me, but yeah. I guess that experience alone must've been truly... more
    • "Actually, she's still alive." — SeaTurtle, Tue Mar 3 16:47
      • "Actually, no..."SkarmorySilver, Tue Mar 3 22:43
        "I only just met him - I've known Ripper much longer myself." He motioned his beaked head towards the Deinonychus sitting nearby. "The angel's name is Cupid, by the way. As for Rayner, he's a... more
        • "And more importantly, is it anime-verse or game -verse? I imagine that the former must have a lot more visitors than the latter. Though I have to admit that keeping a dragon in a Poké Ball isn't... more
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